20 Mind-boggling Swimming Facts You Wish You Knew Earlier

20 Mind-boggling Swimming Facts You Wish You Knew Earlier

Swimming is something that might interests and challenges you at the same time. But behind this amazing sport and recreational activity hides the craziest and funniest facts you would wish you could have shared earlier with your friends!

So, if you want to know these facts, continue reading up until the very last sentence and find out the most interesting thing you’d find!

  1. It’s considered a sport and a recreation at the same time. It’s one of the most convenient sports you could ever know. Even you’re not a professional swimmer, you can still go swimming and vice versa.
  2. You can take swimming lessons as early as two-month-old. Though, some of the studies say that a child is capable to adapt the swimming lessons not until he reaches the age of 4 years old. But nonetheless, the most important thing is the children are being guided and taught properly and accordingly to their age and capability.
  3. It gives your body a glorious chance to exercise and move all along at once – it’s a perfect full body exercise. Swimming definitely lets you move your body from head to toe – it’s a best full body workout plus, it’s less sweaty.
  4. Tortoise shells were used in making the first swimming goggles. I know it’s unbelievable, but that’s true. In the 14th century in Persia, the first documented versions of swimming goggles are made of tortoise shells.
  5. It helps in keeping your lungs and heart healthily active. If you learn swimming and do swimming regularly, there’s a very little chance that you catch such illnesses concerning your lungs and hear.
  6. It highly boosts your breathing. According to what has been said in #5, it keeps your heart and lungs healthy – and that results in learning and being able to perform the proper breathing as well.
  7. If you’re stressed or depressed, go swimming. It’s a good way of escaping from the reality – forget what’s stressing you out and dive into the water.
  8. Swimming is far more effective to losing weight than running or biking. This might create a little confusion in most readers but it’s absolutely and amazingly true. Swimming burns more calories even if the swimmers don’t sweat as much as those who do exercises on land.
  9. Morocco has the largest pool.  Measuring 480 meters (that’s 1,574 in feet) by 75 meters (246 in feet) and is taking up a jaw-dropping 8.9 acres, the Orthlied in Casablanca, Morocco is the largest pool ever to date!
  10. Believe it or not, competitive swimmers are able to flex their toes to the ground. Well, it’s a weird thing but a big round of applause for them.
  11. Having long hair isn’t ideal for swimmers or to the aspiring swimmers as well. It’s simply because hair creates friction in the water that doesn’t help in swimming especially in competitive swimming.
  12. The alarming case of drowning is continuously increasing. It is said that almost 90% of drowning takes place in freshwater.
  13. Swimming is a great help for survival. Well, imagine flood, disturbing case of drowning, and getting stuck in the ocean? Swimming saves the day!
  14. The water soothes the swimmers’ mind and body. It’s a different kind of relaxation yet it’s effective and truly satisfying.
  15. It’s good exercise for body coordination. It helps you do multiple tasks at the same time – breathing, moving your arms and legs together, and getting your focus on fleek.
  16. The longest swim was recorded in 2007 when Martin Strel swam for heart-stopping 66 days in an unbelievable 5,268km length of Amazon River. The extraordinary swimmer was then nicknamed the “Fishman”. This fact also got my brain cells run around my head naughtily.
  17. The crawl is the most famous stroke of all – but the oldest stroke is breaststroke.
  18. Most of the essential swimming equipment is used for protection.
  • Swimming goggles to protect your eyes from the harmful chemicals mixed in the pool water
  • Earplugs to prevent water from getting into your ears that may cause “swimmer’s ear”.
  • Nose clips to also prevent the water from entering your nose.
  • Swimming caps to protect your hair from chlorine and other chemicals
  • Swimwear to protect your skin from getting sunburnt and get too much-soaked chlorine and other chemicals mixed in the water.
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     19. Women were only allowed competing in Olympics, not until 1912. Swimming seems to be invented for men and it’s kind of sad.

     20. Nowadays, custom made caps, and custom swimwear, fortunately, does exist. Yes, and it’s actually cute when you go swimming with both custom made caps and custom swimwear – it’s like you’re the star of the pool.

Well, these are only some of the crazy facts you might want to know earlier than never. If you know more and crazier facts about swimming, feel free to share it with us!


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