3 best organic day and night routine to improve your skin, borns and nails

3 best organic day and night routine to improve your skin, borns and nails

Keeping a clean and perfect one is not easy at all, especially with constant exposure to pollutants from the environment, usually from industry and cars. There are also direct influences such as smoking and alcoholism – which do the evil inside that is revealed on the outside – and the excess of sun exposure, which denotes a dry, dull and aged, stained and stained skin.

Purchased cosmetics are not anything

It is horrible to talk about it, it seems that we enter into an endless paranoia because everything is bad, everything fat or cancer, the air we breathe to the makeup we use. Of course, we can not and should not be paranoid after all mental health leads the body but, without exaggerating, it does give some care, as the evils that the years of industrialization and economic development are causing to the environment are increasingly revealed: water, polluted soil, and air. Pollution is often no longer avoided.

But specifically speaking of cosmetic products purchased, although there are nowadays companies specialized in the production of natural cosmetics, less aggressive to health and the environment, most of them still contain a lot of harmful chemicals. The most worrying of these are so-called endocrine disrupters, which are not only present in cosmeceuticals, but in a number of other products including food. Therefore, we should avoid buying cosmetics with perfume (due to phthalates) and with parabens (they are preservatives) among some other substances:

So let’s go to some tips to do homemade skin cleansing with only natural ingredients. Three organic tips below are good for use at night, giving your skin the chance to absorb its properties. To note, they are also useful for nail health.

1. Rub Cucumber and Turmeric

The cucumber is excellent to help you have clean and perfect skin, as it has astringent and hydrant properties, as well as various nutrients. To make good use of this home remedy, cut cucumber slices about 1 cm and rub carefully over the skin of the face. Leave the application on overnight and wash in the morning with cold water. This process can be done daily before bedtime. Turmeric (or saffron) can help a lot in trying to have a beautiful and rejuvenated skin, this because it has antiseptic properties. Simply mix a tablespoon of turmeric with drops of pineapple juice until a paste has formed. Apply the paste on the face and neck and leave until completely dry, then simply remove and wash the face thoroughly with cold water. This process can be done about 3 times a week and no more than that. To get the benefits of Turmeric with ease you can consume CBD capsules containing turmeric.

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3 best organic day and night routine to improve your skin, borns and nails

2. Spread the Lemon Juice on the face

The citric acid present in lemon is very powerful in whitening the skin. In addition, it has Vitamin C that helps the skin maintain a healthy and refreshed look. To use the benefits of this home remedy, squeeze a lemon into a cup, spread the juice formed on the face and neck. This process should be done only during the night. Then leave the lemon juice on the skin for 10 minutes and then wash very well. This procedure can be done twice a week.

3. Use CBD products

To rejuvenate the largest organ in the human body and delay the arrival of wrinkles such as crow’s feet, cannabidiol oil can be an accomplice! Unlike THC, which is a psychoactive product that is present in marijuana and provides excitement and euphoria, the CBD does not carry any euphoria, that is, no psychoactive effects.

Reducing oxidative stress

The discovery of the benefits offered by CBD products is found through research and vaccines that prevent acne: Studies show that CBD has high antioxidant power and in the United States, oil has been widely used for products including skin. CBD contains highly antioxidant substances, which will eliminate free radicals on the skin and reduce oxidative stress in place by reducing these free radicals. This will make the skin rejuvenate.

CBD can replace vitamin C

With the act of whitening, anti-acne and enlightening, vitamin C is not produced by the body, so it must be put through food or with cream and can be exchanged with cannabidiol. This can be used in combination with or even as a substitute for vitamin C and resveratrol, which are powerful antioxidants. CBD creams manage to have greater antioxidant power than the other two. Its use in the skin has a connection with this high antioxidant power. It will disinfect the skin, causing the skin to enter a slower aging rhythm.

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Benefits for nails

This element can also be used on nails and also hair, bringing benefits similar to those offered on the skin. Hair comes from the hair follicle which is the structure of the skin. They age with daily aggression that stimulates the body to produce some free radicals that will cause aging. The CBD will reduce free radicals in the hair and also nails, producing higher quality hair fibers and nails.

Hopefully, this article can add to your insight about skin and nail health.

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