8 Motivational Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Spring Cleaning

8 Motivational Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Spring Cleaning

We all know that cleaning is 10% cleaning and the other 90% is being nostalgic. Whenever I see things that hold a lot of meaning and memory – I immediately start fidgeting with it and before I know it, I’ve stopped cleaning.

If you’re strong willed and you don’t reminisce about your past whenever you do a deep dive of your clutter… don’t rub it in.

But if you’re like me – then I got something for you… A challenge. Use a Spring Cleaning Schedule every day for 28 days. Believe me when I say that if you use this to the tee, your home will be spic and span by the end of it.

Here are some other tips and tricks to keep on track with this challenge:

Make It A Game

A fun challenge is always a better challenge. Have fun with it – time yourself, and try to one-up yourself every day. Weigh how much clutter you’re getting rid of in each room and see which one wins and needs more lovin’ in the future months.

Re Feng Shui

Ever wanted to move any of the furniture around in your house because the aura is just… off? This is the perfect time for you to do it! While you dump, you can rearrange AND clean. The best of all worlds.

Make A Checklist

There’s nothing better than a completed checklist to keep you going forward and motivated throughout the 28-day spring cleaning challenge! Compile a checklist for each day so that you can feel accomplished at the end of each day!

Get People To Help You

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Have young kids hanging around the house? Get them to help you with the tedious tasks of moving smaller items around the house. Instead of you being both the brain and the braun – give your muscles a break and be just the brain for the day.

Reward Yourself

At the end of each day/week or however often you want. Give yourself a treat. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s something scrumptious for your belly – but… maybe a brand new throw pillow to brighten up the living room or a nice massage from your significant other.

Listen to Music

Music is a huge factor as to what you feel and how you feel it. Create a playlist full of upbeat music such as “Hey, Mickey” – my personal favorites are always 80s/90s pop music. Life was so carefree back then in the 80s and 90s.

Get Rest

Make sure you get enough rest at the end of the day. If you push yourself one day, who knows if you’ll have enough energy to do your tasks for tomorrow. Be sure to go to bed early enough or sleep long enough for optimal rest!

Stay Healthy

This includes eating healthy and taking your daily vitamins! Don’t let sickness become a speed bump to your goal. Stay on track by keeping healthy!

These are 8 ways to stay motivated during this challenge. Will you be strong enough to not reminisce? Will you be strong enough to finish the 28 days?

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