Advantages and Drawbacks of Full-Time Jobs

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Searching for a job is one of the big lifestyle choices you have to make. You have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing your future job, you’ll have to choose the field, industry, company and the crucial part is choosing whether you want to work in a Full-time job or a Part-time job.

The common Full-time workers default work 9-5, 40 hours weekly. it’s considered a Full-time job when the working hours starts from 32 hours to 40 hours a week, anything below that is considered a Part-Time job.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of each?

  • Benefits of Full-Time Job.
  1. Bigger Salaries.

Extra working hours means extra money. You might make more money per hour and it goes the same as a salaried worker, you’ll make more amounts of money overall regardless.

  • Every job position has its own salary rate, depending on many factors like experience years, degree and qualifications.
  • You can check the salary rates paid among different industries by checking Joblang, which offers a various number of job opportunities and mentions the salary rate paid in each job position.
  1. Benefits package.

Employers generally give Full-time employees a benefits package. This benefits package includes health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance as well. Another great benefit of working a Full-time is that the employee will be registered in a retirement plan program as well as paid time off vacation. There are basic benefits, some employers would even give additional benefits and perks, and it depends on the company’s policy and the employer.

  1. More Advancements chances.
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Full-Time employees are seen as more committed employees. Actually, they really are more committed than part-time employees or freelancers that are why promotions and pay raises are more likely to be offered to employees who are available full-time or sometimes over-time employees (who are not being paid for their extra hours spent at work).

  • Drawbacks of Full-Time Job:

Working pretty much all the time means that your life will be pretty stressful, you wouldn’t feel the big amount of stress if you love your job and really passionate about it. Full-time jobs are mostly tiring and lack comfort.

  • If you like enrolling in long working hour’s jobs, you can visit Joblang and apply for a great job position which perfectly fits your qualifications and requirements.
  1. Fixed Schedules (No Flexibility).

You cannot rearrange your work hours when you’re already working all the possible hours you can give. Full-time employees don’t have flexibility when it comes to their work schedules; they usually work from 9-5 and leave afterward.

  • Some companies would change their work hour’s schedules and sometimes they might give some special privileges to certain employees, like working mothers or people with specific disabilities.
  • Most companies are now following the one hour cut for working mothers, if you’re interested, you can visit famous online job websites like and apply online.
  1. No time for Social Life.

Working full-time means to say bitter goodbyes to lunch gatherings. Full-time jobs would make it hard for the employee to catch up with his family, friends and won’t even have enough time for any personal projects. Some employees wouldn’t have any time for social media events or outings, the stress they face all week would only heal by spending the weekend sleeping and do nothing which includes stress or takes a lot of energy.

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Working as a full-timer means good money but in return, you pay another price in a different method of billing. Full-Time Jobs are suitable for people, who are looking for a great career path and seeking great chances of advancements, long term commitments are paid good in return. Other people wouldn’t prefer working in such pressure and stay committed to one company for a long time, freelancers would never survive inside the full-time company’s atmosphere, they would stay poor and free better than captured and rich. Some freelancers can sometimes make more money than the Full-Timers because some of them work more than two jobs, which might actually pay them better and bigger amounts of money. You’re the one responsible for your career path; you can either choose to work as a Full-time or as a Part-Time, it’s in your hands!

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