Amazing Facts About Animals, Birds, and Marine Life

amazing facts about animals

Living on this planet and being a part of this ecosystem, we as humans are not aware of a lot of things. The things which make this ecosystem unique and connect us with the rest of the world are mostly unknown to us. In current times, we are so engrossed with social lives that seldom do we find ourselves wandering in nature. Here, we are going deep into our ecosystem to reveal some of the amazing facts about animals. You have probably seen them at the zoo or watched them on television screens. Their existence includes unique facts that make us awe the wonder of the universe.

There are so many things you might be unaware of. In this article, we are going to discuss and reveal the most amazing facts you may not know about animals. Some of these facts will make you emotional due to the common bond between humans and animals. The scientists of California Institute of Technology along with the University of California professors at Los Angeles discovered that the human and animal bond is caused by a fundamental part of our brain called Amygdala. It is an almond-shaped structure situated in the medial temporal lobe of the brain. It is the epicenter of emotions and the emotional learning procedure in humans. In addition to this, Amygdala also helps in the creation of memories. Coming back to the facts, here we have listed some amazing facts about animals.

Amazing facts about animals

These facts might be known or unknown to you, so give it is read to astonish or relate to them because you already know them:

1. Zebra stripes are natural bug repellent

A survey report of 2012 published in the Journal of Experimental biology stated that the black and white stripes in zebras are an evolutionary quality. It is stated that these stripes help the zebras safeguard themselves from harmful bites of horseflies. Comparing zebras with horses, it was noticed that horseflies are less attractive to stripes. On the contrary, horseflies are highly attracted to homogenous white, brown, grey and black colored horses.

2. Sea otters are good at using tools

A 2017 study on sea otters has drawn attention from the latest dolphin’s tool using a phenomenon. The study was published in Biology Letters which states that otters are the ancient users of tools. The use of rocks to break the shell of snails by sea otters is proof of the statement.

3. Slow Loris is the only venomous primate

Everything that looks cute isn’t meant to be harmless. Loris is an example of such animals. Popular Science states that Loris is highly adorable as well as poisonous. They have a gland in the crook of their inner arms which secretes toxins. The bite of a Loris can cause anaphylactic shock and in some cases death to humans.

4. Wild chimpanzees like to drink

It is of great fun when you go out for a couple of drinks with your friends. Just like humans, wild chimps also like to drink. The Royal Society Open Science Journal revealed in a study conducted in the year 2015, that chimpanzees love to drink. They have a fondness towards fermented palm sap which is available in Guinea. Consumption of fermented palm sap leads to a tipsy sensation.

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5. Pigeons can do the math

Out of all the amazing facts about animals, this one is a classic. If you think mathematics is tough, ask a pigeon for help. Yes, pigeons are good at math and this was published in a 2012 Science journal. It has been stated that birds can do the same math which the monkeys can. The study was an experiment where pigeons were asked to compare nine images. All these images had objects of different numbers drawn on them. The experiment concluded with the birds ranking the images in the right order depending on the number of objects in each image.

6. Koalas can sleep for 22 hours a day

If you think, you are a lazy person because you sleep for 10 to 12 hours a day. Yes, you are lazy as adult human needs 8 hours of sleep in a day. Do you know how long does a koala sleep in a day? Well, they sleep for up to 22 hours in a day which means they can sleep almost all day. The Australian Koala Foundation has reported that koalas generally sleep between 18 hours to 22 hours in a day.

7. Octopuses can taste with their arms

The first thing which you need to learn about octopuses is that they have arms and not tentacles. A lot of us think that octopuses have tentacles which is wrong. Now, the fact about octopuses is that they can grab their prey and taste it with their arms. An additional fact about octopuses is that they can move at a speed of 25 miles per hour as well. This information was gathered and verified by the Liberty of Congress. Isn’t it amazing?

8. Frogs can freeze without dying

There are so many amazing facts about animals which when discovered astonishes us. Even after so many years of human civilization, we are still exploring the ecosystem we live in. Even the frogs have amazing facts, do you know it? Well, frogs can survive even after they are frozen at a certain temperature. Yes, frogs don’t freeze to death because they go through the freeze-thaw cycles. This amazing fact was revealed by Kenneth Storey. He is a professor at Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada.

9. A group of ferrets is called a business

How’s your business going? DO you always mind your own business? Do you know that a group of ferrets is called a business? Well, ferrets are not so professional and it has nothing to do with profession. Business is the modern term of busyness. This term is used to define a group of weasel-related mammals.

10. Male horses have more teeth

Have you counted your teeth? Have you ever counted the teeth of a horse or the female counterpart of a horse? Well, for your information, male horses have more teeth than female horses. On one hand, where the female horses have 36 to 40 teeth only, male horses can have up to 42 teeth. VCA Animal Hospital states that it is an offense mechanism in male horses.

11. Sloths take up a month to digest a leaf

The slowest mammal on earth is actually slow in all means. Sloths have a bowel movement only once in 7 days. This, in turn, slows down the entire digestion process and they require a minimum of 30 days to digest one leaf. When compared to normal humans, it takes a day or two to digest food.

12. Cats only meow at humans

You must have seen stray cats roaming around, if not then someone known to you must have a pet cat. Have you ever noticed that cats only meow to humans? Generally, cats meow at humans and their mothers only. You will not see a cat meow to any other cat.

amazing Facts About Animals

13. Reindeer eyes turn blue in the winter

In a research study, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council stated that during winters the color of the eyes of Reindeers changes into blue. This phenomenon is caused due to the change in the level of lights in the surroundings. This, in turn, helps the Reindeers see better as the light reflects in the retina and improve their vision quality.

14. Dolphins have names for one another

Most of us know that dolphins are pretty smart and various studies, researches have also proved it too. But do you know that dolphins have names for other dolphins as well? Isn’t it similar to the way we name our family members, friends and colleagues? A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the US, in the year 2013 stated that bottlenose dolphins have a special kind of whistle for each other.

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15. Dogs have fewer taste buds

Some of us have a tendency of feeding the dog whatever we are eating. It is good up to an extent but do you know that dogs have fewer taste buds when compared to humans? Dogs have only 1700 taste buds compared to 9000 taste buds of humans. This, in turn, affects the ability to differentiate between the types of meat they are consuming. They can only differentiate between meat and non-meat foods.

16. Painted turtles can breathe through their butts

Adapting to the surrounding environment is one of the basic rules of survival. Not all animals are accustomed to this rule. Among so many amazing facts about animals, turtles have a genuinely amazing fact. As painted turtles need to adapt to the frozen ponds, they go through a shortage of oxygen supply. To breathe freely, painted turtles breathe through their butts. This process of breathing through the butts is called cloacal respiration.

17. Snow leopards can’t roar

When it comes to leopards, we all know the family they belong to and the strength they have in their body. Only a few people know that even though the snow leopards belong to the same family, they cannot roar. This is caused due to the underdeveloped vocal cords. They can only make a chuff which is a purr like sound. The frequency of the sound made by cats doesn’t depend on the physicality of the cats but on the habitat. This information was stated in a study published in the 2010 Biological Journal of the Linnean Society of London.

18. Cows have BFF

DO you feel sad when you need to go away from your best friend? Or do you feel depressed when your best friend moves out to another city? Cows feel the same when their best friends are not around. A 2013 study at the University of Northampton by a group of researchers showed that cows experience an increase in heartbeat and stress when drifted apart from their best friends.

amazing Facts About Animals

19. Moths experience love at first scent

You must have heard about love at first sight but have you heard about love at first scent? Well, there are so many amazing facts about animals and here is a unique one. When a male moth catches the scent of a female moth, they can travel miles to reach her. Irrespective of how the female moth looks like or how does she sounds like, male moths run behind the scent. Further, male moths also use the seductive musk of female moths to track down the right companion.

20. The Spur-winged Goose’s Poisonous Diet

Most of us love to munch on various kinds of flesh when we are traveling. This is a good habit but can be harmful if you are planning to munch on some spur-winged goose. Spur-winged goose is the native birds of sub-Saharan Africa and has toxins in their bodies. These toxins are poisonous for humans as the spur-winged goose feeds on blister beetles. This secretes the deadly poison cantharidin.

21. Vampire Bat Saliva Keeps Blood from Clotting

When a vampire bat catches its prey, it doesn’t only bite the prey. In addition to it, they keep the blood flow normally in the prey’s body. This is caused due to the anticoagulant agents present in the saliva of Vampire bats. This anticoagulant agent keeps the blood from clotting.

22. Horned Lizards Squirt Blood from Their Eyes

Last but not least on the list is here. This is a survival technique that helps the horned lizards to escape from their predators.  When horned lizard senses the predator advancing towards them, they squirt a stream of blood from their eyes into the predator’s mouth or body. This, in turn, creates a small window for the horned lizards to escape.

Well, these were some of the amazing facts about animals. If you wish to explore more then you can definitely browse the internet and learn more about such facts. As a part of this ecosystem, we don’t even know what more is there to explore as we have just started. The history of mankind and history before the evolution of humans have a lot left to reveal. In present times, we need to look ahead as well as learn from the past to keep a balance in the ecosystem and learn more about it.

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