Ariana Grande Net Worth and Her Musical Journey So Far

ariana grande net worth

Ariana Grande, full name Ariana Grande- Butera entered this world on 26th June 1993 in Boca Raton Florida, United States. Ariana is the daughter of Joan Grande who holds the position of the CEO of Hose-McCann Communications, a company that manufactures communications and safety equipment. Her mother Edward Butera is the owner of a graphic design firm known as Boca Raton. Ariana Grande age is 26 years as of 2019. Ariana Grande net worth has increased over the years.

She is also called Ari, Little Red, and AG by her fans. She is an American actress, singer and also a songwriter. Ariana began performing on stage at a very young age. Ariana Grande is well known for her wide variety of vocal ranges.

Working on her music

Ariana released her debut album in August 2010 which was well-received throughout the world. Subsequently, she hired a coach to strengthen her vocal strength and devoted more and more of her time towards her passion for creating music. Her first musical appearance was in the television series, “Victorious” in the track “Give It Up”. While she was working in Victorious as an actor, she recorded several recordings of herself singing covers of songs sung by Adele, Whitney, and Mariah and uploaded these on YouTube. These covers further improved her standing as an eminent vocalist in the music scene of the United States.

All this helped Ariana land her first music contract by Lipman. Her first single was released in December 2011, “Put Your Hearts Up”. However, Ariana discontinued her journey with Lipman as she did not have any interest in tracks with the bubblegum pop sound in it. She then took a hiatus from the American Music industry and went on to try her hand at new endeavors.

She started working in an Italian animated television named “Winx Club”. In this, she voiced the fairy princess, “Diaspro”. She voiced the princess character for 13 episodes and then she again appeared in Greyson Chance’s music video.

Music and genres

Ariana’s music is more of pop and R&B style with some elements of EDM, hip hop and trap. Most of her music is pop and R&B as she grew up listening to pop and 90s music. “My Everything” was like an extension for her first album where she incorporated EDM and electropop genres.

Grande also cites Whitney and Mariah has her major vocal influences and considers Mariah Carey as her favorite human being. It Gloria Estefan who inspired Ariana to pursue a career in the music industry.  However, Ariana cited that Audrey Hepburn is her style influence during her initial stage but then she lost interest in her style and considered her style a little boring as she progressed through her career. Over time, different individuals from the music industry became her guiding light which helped her become the star she is today.

Ariana drew inspiration from many people in her life. These were her style and music influence but she also drew inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s actresses like Ann- Margret, Nancy Sinatra, and also Marilyn Monroe. She drew inspiration from numerous strong women throughout history and her feminist ideology is clearly visible in her music.


She started her career at a very young age of just 15 while she worked in a Broadway musical. This was in the year 2008 and it was just the start of her stellar career. After doing her part in the Broadway musical she appeared in various other theatre and television roles. She has also voiced in animated television and films.

  • She was widely appreciated for her role in Victorious, a television show. In this show, she played the role of Cat Valentine which made her noticeable and endeared her to the public. Eventually, Ariana grew fond of music and started to set foot on that side of the spectrum.
  • She ended up leaving television shows aside to focus on her music career. This renewed focus on Music led her on to an exciting journey. Since she embarked on her music journey Ariana Grande Net Worth has been increasing.
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When Ariana arrived in Los Angeles for the first time, she knew wanted to record an R&B album. This was the start of the increase in net worth. Even though people were skeptical since she was only 14, Ariana was determined to pursue her goal regardless of what people say.

Taking the career ahead

  • It was 2011 when she entered the music world with the soundtrack Music from Victorious. Then 2 years later i.e., in 2013, she released her first studio album named Truly Yours. This album of hers entered the US Billboard 200.
  • The critics after hearing the album Truly Yours started comparing Ariana with Mariah Carey. This was the much-needed break that she needed and it catapulted her career to newer heights.
  • Soon after this, she released her second album titled ‘My Everything’. This album was a great hit as one of its songs became the number one trending song in the US. This song of hers also came under the top 10 songs in 24 other countries in 2014. Ariana swept away her critics and had a stellar musical journey after this album.
  • In 2016, she gave the Dangerous Woman Tour which was an international affair spanning several countries and it ended up being a thumping success. She also appeared as a guest on the popular TV shows ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘The Tonight Show’ where she displayed her musical prowess and garnered huge praise. After these stints, Ariana became somewhat of a household name.

Ariana Grande has also been experimenting with tones in Sweetener and Thank U, Next which were released in 2018 and 2019. Both these albums were again the number one and several countries and music critics quiet enthusiastically praised her music. She is also on a journey of self-discovery as she experiments with several styles and tries to figure out what works for her.


Ariana has been nominated for 6 Grammy Awards so far. She has also won 3 American Music Awards and 2 MTV Video Music Awards. Apart from this, she has won 97 awards and was also nominated for 301 awards. These awards are a testament to the fact that she is a renowned singer and artist in the music industry.

Despite getting nominated for various awards and also winning a sack full of awards, Ariana became the first solo artist who was able to conquer the top three spots on the Billboard Hot 100. “7 Rings” and “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” helped Grande hold the top spot in the UK. These songs were huge hits across the globe which cemented her position in the music industry.

Ariana Grande Net Worth

As of now, Ariana Grande net worth 2018 is estimated to be between $50 million and $80 million. As Ariana has lots of projects going on, it is expected that Ariana Grande net worth will grow with every release, tour, and endorsement.  Ariana has added endorsements to her career which has to lead a boon in her net income. Her future endeavors are expected to add more and more to her present income as the years go by. She is also in the midst of launching some of her own products which are expected to benefit from her widespread popularity and appeal. The brands that add value to her net income are:

  1. Self-owned perfume collection
  2. Endorsement contract with Reebok
  3. Lipsy, a UK brand
  4. Coachella


Despite being an outstanding pioneer, Ariana is a candid feminist and also a supporter of LGBT rights. AG is known for her bold fashion sense and attire. Ariana also became the most followed woman on Instagram in February 2019. She was mentioned in the list of the most influential people in the world in 2016 and 2019 by the Times. Forbes too ranked Ariana as one of the highest-paid celebrities in 2019. Billboard ended up recognizing AG as the “Woman of the Year” in the year 2018. Ariana Grande Net Worth has also benefitted from her endeavors.

Ariana co-founded the South Florida youth singing group Kids that is made up of kids of the age of ten. This group performed for charitable fundraising events and was able to raise $500000 for charity in 2007 alone. She also taught music and dance to children in South Africa as she was a member of the charitable organization in South Africa.

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Personal Life

During her childhood, Ariana worked with the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre where she performed her first role in ‘Annie’. She also performed in a few musicals during her childhood days which got her familiar with the stage. Around the age of 13, she knew that music was her passion and started focussing on that. However, she did not give up on theatre entirely until much later in her life.

Ariana has many philanthropic endeavors and even participated in ‘Delete Digital Drama’ which was a campaign against online bullying. She even launched a line of lip shades in collaboration with MAC cosmetics which ended up being quite successful. Grande also collaborated with Miley Cyrus for her Happy Hippie Foundation which helps the homeless and LGBT youth. She has been widely appreciated for her efforts in helping the lesser privileged people.

Ariana recorded the song titled ‘Better Days’ in support of the Black Lives Matter movement which is aimed at sensitizing the world towards the issues faced by people of color. She supports the gun control movement and she participated in ‘March for Our Lives’ to show her support for the same. She even donated the proceedings from one of her concerts to support the Planned Parenthood movement which came into existence in the light of the anti-abortion laws being passed in some states. Ariana organized the ‘One Love Manchester’ concert in support of the victims of the Manchester Arena Bombing. All this has affected Ariana Grande Net Worth positively and has been increasing consistently.

Ariana is hypoglycaemic (a condition where there is an abnormal decrease in the sugar level). She also has PTSD or posttraumatic stress disorder followed by anxiety. After her parents were divorced, Ariana started seeing a mental health professional for therapy.

Building A Community

Ariana has her own website that she uses to promote her brand image and her gigs. Her newest singles are listed on the home page itself. Through the website, one can get information about her latest and upcoming events. A Shop section allows anyone to purchase the products she endorses or has launched. This website is a one-stop-shop for any Ariana fan and it is aimed at building a community of her fans. The website is regularly updated with new information about her appearances and endeavors to keep her fans updated about her whereabouts. This website has helped Ariana Grande net worth increase exponentially.

The RIAA has certified her albums as platinum and she has achieved over 40 billion streams. She has widespread popularity on streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. She also has the 10 top 10 debuts on the Billboard Hot 100. Grande has over 35 million subscribers on YouTube and over 160 million subscribers on Instagram. She has a huge following on other social media platforms as well.

Final thoughts

Ariana is a vocal feminist and has often lamented at the amount of Sexism and misogyny that exists in the world. She has been praised by many of her female colleagues for her stand against discrimination. She is immensely popular amongst the millennials of today and they make up most of her fan base.

Ariana’s popularity has soared in the recent past and is only set to increase as other regions of the world apart from the West become familiar with her music. Her unique singing style coupled with witty lyrics call out to the modern generation and has endeared her to the general public. Her monetary worth has seen a significant jump and is only set to increase further as she cements her place as an irreplaceable icon in the music industry. She is not just an artist but she also has a good conscience which is evident through her philanthropic endeavors.

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