Awesome Kids’ Garden Projects: Spend More Time with Your Kids

Awesome Kids’ Garden Projects: Spend More Time with Your Kids gardening

Owning a garden is a huge plus for any household, especially if there are children in it. They have a space to run around and play, all the while protected by the fence of the property. However, a backyard is so much more than just a safe environment, since your kids explore the world in it and learn valuable life lessons. A garden is an ideal laboratory for children’s imagination, so you can boost their little brains by engaging in several projects that they will find fun to take part in.

Some of these projects include observing, some are ideal for bonding as you do them together, and some are designed only for the kids. By working on their own, children learn how imagination, creativity, and labor all fit in together to provide tangible results in the form of a birdhouse or a painted fence, for example. If you too think that such garden projects are an ideal “excuse” to spend more time with the children, be sure to read on so as to stock up on ideas.

Indoor garden model

Truth is said, you needn’t leave the house to engage in “gardening.” Just like us humans, dolls and other toys need a garden too, so the child can start by building them their own mock garden. All the material they require can be bought from the local DIY store or the nearest bookshop and the rest can be comprised out of recycled cloth or paper. However, you need to stay with them all the time as this build includes using scissors and glue, which can be harmful to the child if not handled properly. They will learn new techniques and most of all, they will develop the ability to plan, as the garden requires several features, such as benches, trees, shrubs, streams etc. Finally, you won’t have to spend tens of dollars on expensive garden toy sets.

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Recycled birdfeeders

The aforementioned birdhouse might prove to be too complicated to erect for smaller children but a birdfeeder is an ideal garden project. They can be simple in design and made from recyclable materials. You can use a warm glass bottle as a dispenser and an old bowl as the plate off which birds eat seeds you prepare for them. The bottle has to be tilted at just the right angle so it doesn’t dispense too much or too little food, which is a good lesson in physics for the child. The feeder is going to need a base made out of wood that you can carve out and glue together, while your child can paint it. They will learn the importance of teamwork and you are bound to enjoy watching together the birds land on the feeder and enjoy the product of your joint labor.

Awesome Kids’ Garden Projects: Spend More Time with Your Kids girl with flowers

Wacky pots

Planting a seed or a whole plant into the ground is easy enough but what if you wanted to place a plant inside a flower pot? That activity might be more interesting for children as pots could be of the various design, size, and color. Show them that an old jam jar or a tin can be reused as pots and ask them to come up with their own ideas on what can be used as a pot. While you prepare suitable potplants the kids could rummage through the house looking for potential flower pots. Let their imagination run wild, as they will come back with drawers, buckets, egg shells, and who knows what. Unless it is something dangerous, accept as much as possible of their ideas and implant, that is, implement them.

Awesome Kids’ Garden Projects: Spend More Time with Your Kids finger paint

Colorful outlines

A garden would not be a garden without its outer edge and the pathways crisscrossing it. These are usually outlined with bricks or lampposts but who says you can’t be more creative than that. Give your children empty glass bottles or jars and ask them to paint them using the coloring pens they already use at school. These can be placed along the edges and even illuminated at night. Put them over a light source and they will shine in different colors at night, creating a light show in your garden. Your kids could invite their friends over and boast how they made these crazy lights together with their mother and father. Enough to make any parent proud!

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A plant with a nametag

When children look around the garden, they see numerous plant and tress that they think grew from the ground on their own or somebody else planted them. In other words, they cannot relate to the garden flora. That is why they need to possess something of their own in the garden. Buy a tree or a flower that you will give them as a birthday present that they will pleasant themselves in the garden, with our supervision of course. Just like a living animal, the tree could have a nametag with the child’s name written on it so everybody knows to whom it belongs. Children will have to nourish this plant and take responsibility for it.

As you have seen from these garden projects ideas, it is all about cooperation. While working together on a feeder or a flower pot, an unbreakable bond is created between the child and the parent.

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