How to Express Your Feelings with Beautiful Love Quotes

Beautiful Love Quotes

Love is a complex concept that combines several types of emotions and feelings, such as affection, warmth, protectiveness, and respect for another person. All of these feelings identify with unique sentiments, beliefs, and behavior. Love can happen to anyone at any time. Love is also beyond just a romantic relationship. It can be felt for animals, food, God, and parents too. Even more, you may fall in love with abstract feelings such as freedom, liberty, or confidence. Whatever the case might be, beautiful love quotes are the best way to express your feelings and emotions.

While we say, love can be in any form and can be for living or abstract things too, our most favorite topic is, of course, romance. It brings out the true essence of love. Romance or love has been one of the most discussed topics of poets, philosophers, and writers.

Moreover, various people have put forward their thoughts and definitions of love. As a result, there has been a lot of arguments and controversies about which one is the best. The best way to stay in peace is to choose the one definition that you can find relevant.

In most cases, we conclude that love is a mixture of active and affectionate feelings. However, some people feel the most beautiful love quotes are much beyond just that.

The Day of love

Have you heard of Valentine’s Day? Of course, you have because all of us know it is that special day in the year on which we celebrate love. Not just love, Valentine’s Day is also a special occasion to tell your parents, friends, and other loved ones how much they mean to you.

On February 14 every year, people share beautiful love quotes, pictures, and messages to express their feelings for their loved ones. The couple also likes to spend a romantic day in each other’s company to celebrate the Day of love in the most extraordinary way.

History of Valentine’s Day

We all know the purpose of the Day, but most of us are still unaware of the history of Valentine’s Day or why we celebrate love, especially on this Day. The Day of love is named after a 3rd Century Roman Catholic priest by the name of Saint Valentine. There are a lot of stories about this saint, and all of these have now become legends that we keep hearing today.

When Saint Valentine lived, there was a rage of Romans converting to Christianity. Moreover, the ruling Emperor Claudius II created a strict lawbook for Christians and since he was a pagan himself.

Also, he restricted marriage for the Roman soldiers, because according to him, they would lose dedication towards their Nation once they get married. Now, St. Valentine went against the law and got soldiers married in private Christian ceremonies. Therefore, he showed the world the value and strength of love.

When the act of St. Valentine became famous, he was imprisoned. However, he did not stop even in prison and kept helping his fellow inmates. The twist in the tale came when he cured the jailor’s daughter of her blindness, and later a love letter was found with her. St. Valentine wrote it, and that got him executed on February 14, 270.

How did it become popular?

How do we get to know about the value of this Day, or was it always that people shared beautiful love quotes on this Day? No, it was not like this forever, and the world had to wait for more than 200 years to celebrate the Day of love.

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After that, the death day of St. Valentine was internationally proclaimed as the St. Valentine’s Day. Even then, people did not associate with any romantic cause at all. It was merely a day of feasting and merriment of the saints and priests, according to the Catholic Saint’s Calendar.

Later, during the middle centuries, a famous poet by the name of Chaucer first linked the purpose of Valentine’s Day romantically. It was the begin of the era when people started expressing their love and feelings for people in courtly love. However, no one wanted to express their love or affection in public and so it was all secretly done.

The whole concept became a popular custom in Europe and with the increase of the popularity, it resulted in the creation of a High Court of Love. It is where all-female judges used to hear cases of love only on February 14 every year.

The good part is that the trials were nothing serious because the whole court concept was an excuse to gather and celebrate love. Lovers readout poetries and played games with their partners on this Day.

Modern Day celebrations

Later, the tradition of sending messages and beautiful love quotes started as a part of Valentine’s Day. Lover’s also exchanged greetings cards that were specially made for the special person. Sometimes, they were handmade to show the amount of effort that you have put in for the special person.

The quotes inside the card would mostly define love or what makes your partner finds more special in you. such cards were mostly decorated with cupid sketches, ribbons, hearts, lace, and flowers. The old pictures and ideas are still in use when we think about how to go about a Valentine’s Day card.

Valentine’s Day is now celebrated in countries all over the world and every Nation celebrates it differently. In some countries, Valentine’s Day is not at all limited to just wishing your partner.

The day includes a celebration with your parents, children, friends, and people who are close to you. however, if you count the number of countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day, most of them do it to celebrate romance.

Beautiful love quotes for Valentine’s Day

Here is a list of beautiful love quotes that you can send to your partner, crush, boyfriend or girlfriend to express your emotions, feelings, and affection towards them.

1. Giving a hint to your crush

Beautiful Love Quotes
Credit: Tiny Positive

Love quotes such as these are smart ways to convey to your crush that you find him to be your special one. Just like the quote says, you have now found the kind of person that you always wanted. A love quote like this will give your crush courage to counter the message if he also shares the same feelings for you. Who knows if this exchange of love quotes might become a plan for the first date for your first date with the Prince Charming.

2. Love quotes to assure your partner

Beautiful Love Quotes
Credit: Pinterest

You are telling your partner through the quote that you are there to support him no matter what. It does not matter when and how you enter someone’s life. What matters is how you love him and commit to your relationship. Tough times are the true test of love and staying strong during these periods tells you if a couple is in true love or not.

The love quote beautifully draws the emotion of assurance from one partner to another. You are assuring your partner that you will always have his back, even in the worst situation.

3. Cute love quotes

Beautiful Love Quotes
Credit: Quotesta

A hug works like medicine when you are feeling sad or upset about something. Moreover, if the hug comes from your boyfriend or husband, you feel a little more special. Cuddling or hugging is like being in your comfort zone.

So, when it is Valentine’s Day and you want to share some beautiful love quotes with your partner, tell them how you feel. The best way to express yourself is by letting them know how much even a small hug means to you. You will be happy to know that nothing pleases your partner more than a little appreciation for the small gestures such as this one.

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4. Tell your partner that he makes you feel comfortable

Beautiful Love Quotes
Credit: Pinterest

After a long and busy day at work, what makes you feel the most comfortable? It is your cozy bed and of course snuggling with your partner in it. The cuddles and hugs make you forget all the stress that you went through all day long.

So, this Valentine’s Day tells your partner that home becomes a more beautiful place with him in it with you. he makes you feel special all the time and so, it is your chance to make him feel wanted and special on this day of love. Beautiful love quotes such as this simply make things easier for you.

5. Meaning of the word ‘LOVE’

Credit: Tumblr

The meaning of the word love changes when you think of it in different situations. Every time your partner makes you feel special, you feel that is exactly the definition of love. How about telling the love of your life that he is all that makes you define love.

In this quote, you can see how nicely, the word is defined through each letter that again means so much more. It is the best way to tell him that you cannot define love beyond him and what all he does for you. Also, tell him that you will love him more with every passing day.

6. Knowing that you have found your soulmate

Credit: We Heart It

What is compatibility according to you? Do you think it is agreeing to every single point? Then you are wrong. Compatibility is knowing the flaws of your partner and still finding them perfect and all that you want. He does not have to match a list of criteria that you made when someone asked you what kind of partner you want.

What we all want is just love, care, and trust in our relationship. So, it is good that you and your soul-mate justifies such beautiful love quotes that describe how little bits of imperfections do not harm at all. rather, what is more, important is the mutual understanding that you have between each other. Also, try to enjoy even the smallest moments in the most special ways so that they remain etched in your heart for a long time.

7. Making your husband feel special

Credit: Quote Reel

If your husband is already your best friend, then you are one of the luckiest women on earth today. A strong marriage is the result of love, care, trust and understanding between the man and his wife. On this special day, surprise your husband by sending him a romantic quote to tell him that he means the world to you.

He will be happy to know how you feel when he tries to cheer you up. Also, he gives you strength and support to face the world in a better way every day. He is, of course, the best friend for life that you have. The picture in the background symbolizes how he holds you on his foot and does not let you fall.

8. When your husband is also your best friend

Credit: Pinterest

Tell your husband that he is the best friend and soul mate that you have. He must know that he is all that you want in life. You can thank him for all the good times that you both spend together every day.

Tell him how good he is as a partner and your life is going to become dull without him being beside you. Try to bring a smile on his face on Valentine’s Day by surprising him with a small gift and a card with such beautiful love quotes inside it.

Final thoughts

Valentine’s Day is indeed far from now but there is certainly no harm in planning for it a little in advance. At least you will have an idea of how you want to surprise your man on the Day of love. Moreover, you now have such beautiful love quotes to make the whole day more special.

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