Creative Storage Solutions For Two-Car Garages

Do you own a 2 car metal building yet have difficulty storing items? Is your garage floor full of clutter, and there is no place to park even one car? Don’t worry! If you are struggling to find storage space in your garage, plenty of creative methods exist to make the most out of the available space. Let’s discuss them below.

From Cluttered To Coordinated: Creative Storage Ideas For 2 Car Metal Garages

You can’t increase the square footage of your garage, but by effectively managing it, you can reduce all the possible visible noise. Here are some affordable ways to organize. You can DIY or buy, but considering the time and energy it takes, buying will be more efficient.

Overhead Storage Rack

Metal garages are made using structural steel that is 25 times stronger and can bear more load than wood. This enables you to install an overhead rack that can hold seasonal gear, holiday decor items, suitcases, and other items that you don’t reach out for on a regular basis. Instead of lying on the floor, these objects will be overhead, making space for cars to enter and exit smoothly.

Wall Mounted Shelving

You can opt for durable and robust wire shelving. Shelves and baskets are simple to install and affordable units you can buy from local shops or online e-commerce websites. Add a layer of thick plywood over the drywall or bare studs to use the wall for holding storage units. This gives you a smooth and continuous surface to fasten any rack.

Use Vertical Space

When starting to store items, the best approach is to use vertical space. You can store bins vertically, thereby saving floor space. Avoid stacking bins one over the other, as the lower bins may be difficult to access. Prefer a vertical rack that allows you to keep bins separately so you can access any bin without disturbing others.

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Peg Boards | Magnetic Strips

While we are talking about vertical storage, another cost-effective way to store items is by installing a peg board on the wall. Install spacers first, and then mount the pegboard. You can buy a variety of hooks and hangers to insert in the holes. This space can hold tools like stem clippers, pots, spatulas, screwdrivers, etc.

High-quality magnetic boards work by using magnets to hold pieces in place. Opt for a metal-made object that can easily stick to it. Are you looking to invest in a new steel garage? Don’t forget to check out 2 car garage near me online for the most reliable and experienced dealer.

Rolling Carts | Cabinets

You can buy rolling carts from your local shop or Ikea to store small—to medium-sized items such as paint rollers or brushes, nuts and bolts, books, DIY items, shoes, and other stuff. If you have a large number of quality items, opt for space-saving sliding shelves. Add long handles and sort all items in them. To access the items, you can slide shelves to reach stuff behind.

Industrial Shelves

The industrial shelves are made using stainless steel, which is durable and long-lasting. You can store heavy-duty items here without worrying about collapsing. Add wheels to the bottom legs for mobility. A 2 car metal garage is resistant to pests, moldings, fire, and external weather conditions, so it will complement each other well.


Most Americans like spending time in their garage on weekends. If you like spending time in your 2 car metal building, a workbench would be necessary. You can opt for a foldable desk to save space. If you want a heavy-duty metal workbench, install small drawers beneath it and adjust the height so that you can work in a sitting or standing position.

Hooks And Nooks

Sturdy hooks can hold large items such as bicycles, lawn chairs (foldable), and other garden tools and equipment that would otherwise be lying on the floor. If you have a walk-in door in your garage, install hooks behind it to store your rainwear and large hats or caps.

Nooks are the most underrated space in a household. To store small items, you can install triangular shelves and racks in the corner, stacking one over the other.

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Clear Bins And Labels

Whenever possible, opt for a clear storage container and label items to make future access easy. Keep off-season clothing, but be sure it is clean and dry to avoid mold or mildew issues. You can also keep non-inflammable cleaning supplies such as laundry detergent, liquid soap, all-purpose cleaning solutions, etc.

These bins let you organize small items and ensure they are dust-free and easily accessible. For metal garage 2 cars, we suggest you create a separate section for storing car care items. They will all be in one place and easy to find, also you will design your two-car metal garage as per your needs besides the vehicle parking.

Gardening Station

If you don’t want to go through all the stuff to find your regular gardening tools to mend yards, consider creating a storage space dedicated to gardening tools and equipment. Prefer open shelves for working on small projects such as washing tools after use, polishing wooden handles to increase their lives, and sharpening blades.

Since most of these storage solutions use space adjacent to a wall, you still have the remaining floor space to park cars.

Things You Should Not Store In Your 2 Car Metal Garages

  1. Propane tank
  2. Flammable items
  3. Perishable items like packaged food, medicines, etc.
  4. Fridge (unless your garage is temperature-controlled)
  5. Pet food items
  6. Toxic materials that can react to heat or humidity
  7. Oily rags that can cause accidental fire

If you are starting a new construction project, consider getting a custom 2 car garage from your metal builders. Ask about warranties, installation, and recommendations on the type of foundation. To access storage space, consider a walk-in door that opens away from the main street facing your house.

Double The Cars, Double The Storage

So, that’s how you can add storage and park your cars effectively. Your garage may be small, but with a bit of planning, a dash of imagination, and organization, you can turn it into a storage paradise. Declutter your entire household with these ideas. You don’t need to implement all of these necessarily. Pick one that suits your needs.


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