What is the Meaning of Different Types of Kisses?

different types of kisses

A kiss is the best way to express your love and affection towards someone within just seconds. it is an ideal way to communicate with someone you love without using even a single word. The best part is there is no concept of a bad kiss because every kiss with a good intention counts. However different types of kisses have different meanings and also arouse unique reactions. Such reactions are completely different from one another.

A kiss can be from you to your partner or from your best friend to you. it can just be a peck on your cheek or it can be intense and steamy. Again, a mother can also kiss her child to show her love and affection. The same thing can happen oppositely as well. So, the child planting a kiss on his parent’s cheeks is the sweetest feeling ever.

There is no constant or compact definition of a kiss because it is a very elaborate concept. It is much beyond just touching someone physically. Poets have romanticized a kiss like it is an art. Now, this article is just right if you want to master the art of different types of kisses.

Did you know that there is a history behind kissing?

It is true indeed that there is a brief history that you might be interested to know and it is completely associated with kissing. Would you believe that a ‘kiss’ is just as old as a human civilization? Yes, the first kiss happened somewhere billions of years back and there is no definite proof of it too.

The earliest mention of different types of kissing can be found in the Vedas from 1500 BC- 1000 BC. Later, there was also a poem included in the longest epic, Mahabharata that will tell you how kissing was prevalent even during ancient times.

For more information on this topic, you may read about the ancient book by Vatsyayana from the 6th Century. The name of the book was Vatsyayana Kamasutra or simply Kamasutra. If you read the book, you will get an insight into how different the different types of kissing were during that time. Again, in the Roman Empire, there were unique traditions and practices of kissing, out of which some are popular even today.

What is the symbol of kisses?

The oldest and the most traditional symbol or sign for a kiss was a pair of bright, luscious and red lips. Over time a lot of traditional signs and symbols have changed and millennials have a completely different approach to everything. The case of the kissing symbol is also the same.

Presently, the main symbol used for kisses looks like “XOXOXO”. In this symbol, the “X” mainly stands for a hug and the “O” is for a kiss. So, the secret is that now you are aware of the modern symbol of kissing and you will surely not feel awkward if you get a message with a XOXOXO. Just feel the emotion of the sender and understand that he wants hugs and kisses from you.

The Different Types of Kisses

There lived a famous Danish romantic who made a book called “The Kiss and History”. He wrote the book in the earliest 20th Century. You will find detailed information about the different types of kisses and its true history. He wrote the book in his mother tongue, Dutch and later William Frederick Harvey translated it into English.

Nyrop said that several categories further accommodates the different types of kisses. Intentions and feelings differ from time to time. As a result, the meaning of every kiss is completely from the other. The most common feelings such as love, friendship, peace, respect, and affection. Let us now take a look at the details of this-

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1. Kiss of love

Well, every kiss is filled with love, but this one is a little different. It is a kiss on the lips that a lover plants on the lips of his lady love. It symbolizes the bond between the two of them along with respect for each other. You must know this is not one of the most intense kisses. It is just a soft peck on the lips with passion and it looks a little more peaceful than an intense one.

2. Affectionate kiss

Out of all the different types of kisses, an affectionate kiss is the most innocent one. It is because this kiss does not signify any sensual or erotic intension. For example, if you see a baby girl kissing her mother, it is the purest form of love. You can call this as an affectionate kiss and such a kiss can be exchanged between anyone such as a parent and a child, siblings or even close friends.

3. Peaceful kiss

A peaceful kiss is a result of any kind of spiritual and faithful emotions. It is a soft kiss near the cheek, but it will not touch the skin completely. Such peaceful kisses have been a part of Christian tradition for several years now. It is also called the homage kiss or the holy kiss. the other names of the same kiss are the sister and brother kiss in case of Christian women and men respectively.

4. Respectful kiss

A respectful kiss means the one that comes out of feelings of devotion, worship, and respect. The other term used for such a kiss is the Veneration kiss for kings, altars, Gods and Noblemen. The process of a respectful kiss is unique. For this, a person has to first bow down and then kiss the forehead, knees, hands, and feet softly. Now, this tradition is no more present in modern times. However, respectful kisses are still very common. For example, you bend down and kiss your mom on her forehead. Isn’t is a sign of respect and love together? So, the modern form of a respectful kiss is more subtle and does not include kissing the knees or feet.

5. Friendly kisses

A way of showing love to a close friend is also by kissing him/her. However, this one does not look intense. Rather, it is a more casual and quicker one. It was always more common among women to greet and kiss peers and friends. The same tradition then became common with guys too. A friendly kiss is when you kiss your friend in the head or the cheeks or the hand. It is generally not on the lips because then it signifies intentions that are not exactly friendly.

different types of kisses

Meaningful kisses of different types

When someone tells you that a kiss does not just mean that the lips and face are involved, he is telling you the fact. If you want to experience the maximum emotions from a kiss, you must be sure that all your organs and your mind are directly or indirectly involved. Involvement is extremely important to feel togetherness. The following is the list of different types of kisses along with their meanings.

6. The first kiss

The first kiss is always the most special because it is exciting and romantic all at the same time. It has a mixed feeling with lots of nervousness, love, and anxiety too. You are always scared of the fact that you will be in an embarrassing situation if it all goes wrong. You will be happy to know that all of it can run smoothly if you know the trick. Pull your partner close to you and look into her eyes constantly. That look of yours is going to evoke emotions and the person is either going to close her eyes or just smile. Both of these are positive gestures and she is ready for that intense smooch that is going to turn super successful.

The first kiss does not necessarily need to be intense. It may just be a simple one to show your fondness towards someone. The more intense one means that there is a bit of sexual desire and affection involved in it.

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7. Morning kiss

Who does not like to wake up to a super-romantic, morning kiss? it is by far the most romantic way to wake your partner up in the morning. It is a simple and soft kiss that will still be extremely affectionate. Also, the same good morning kiss may happen between siblings or a parent-child too. On the contrary, when we are talking about two partners, the kiss comes out of simple admiration for each other. You have to bed down while your partner is still in bed and then kiss him gently on the cheek or forehead. Why not start the day with some adorable moments?

8. Bedtime kiss

The name suggests a kiss that our mothers have always given us when we were little. It is a simple way of showing someone you care. On the other hand, if it is between couples, the intension may vary. Your partner may either be kissing you good-night or it might be an invitation for some hot and romantic time together. In the first case, he will just plant a kiss on your cheeks or forehead and tuck you to bed. While in the second case, he will pull you to the bed along with the blanket and there you both can enjoy the cozy time together.

9. Siblings kiss

A sibling kiss falls under the affectionate category ad it has no special meaning. You can just hug your sister anytime you want and give her a nice kiss on her cheeks. The whole concept of a sister or sibling kiss is completely out of love for each other. It shows how much you both mean to each other. You may also hug and kiss your sister if she is upset about something. It is guaranteed that she will feel cheered up instantly. A hug and a kiss from a loved one, such as a sister, works like a magic medicine if we are not well or in a bad mood.

10. Cousin love

Cousins are as good as your siblings and that bond is evident when you guys are together. They are the closest family that you have. Also, you can give them tight hugs and kiss them whenever you feel like. It is such a sweet and affectionate gesture. The love for cousins symbolizes family bond and togetherness. It is just the same as a sibling kiss and forms an emotional bond between you and your cousin.

11. Kiss on the date

When we are discussing the different types of kisses how can we forget the kiss on your first date? It symbolizes the fact that you are already fond of the person and would love to see him soon again. The kiss on your first date is exciting and filled with a little nervousness. First of all, you are meeting a stranger and you do not know how to tell him that you find him charming. Moreover, there is already a fear of rejection. However, you can relax because you will get enough hints during the date. You just need to understand the hints and take your next step accordingly.

12. Engagement kiss

An engagement between two people does not just mean the exchange of beautiful rings. It means that two people are promising to get into a commitment for life. Engagement is the official and social commencement of a romantic relationship. A kiss on this occasion is what happens naturally out of that overflow of emotions. Most importantly, you both are going to be man and wife soon so why not show the world the value of the event? After kissing, you can hug your partner and feel the togetherness for some more time.

Final thoughts

Now that you have read so much about the different types of kisses and what they mean, you must be confident enough. Just follow your heart and do not let go of any romantic moment that you will be able to cherish for a long time.

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