Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: Natural Fertility Boosters

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: Natural Fertility Boosters

Many young couples yearning to cherish and build a family today are facing disappointments with increasing infertility rates. The desire to bring a new life to the world getting tested with such hardships is painful and can have a toll on mental and physical health. In fact the longer it takes, the more stress adds around it causing the situation to worsen. While several options as a result of technological advancements are very much available there are yet some natural, traditional ways that can be used before resorting to these options or in combination with them. 

Essential oils and Aromatherapies when put under the microscope give us a good understanding of their true capabilities. Apart from helping you relax your muscles and mood during a nice warm bath, they can also help enhance fertility naturally.

How Do they work?

Various essential oils can bring different uses and health benefits. While a few can help reduce inflammation, pain, improve immune system functioning, a few are extremely effective towards improving reproductive health. Everyday stress, obesity, and lifestyle choices have been termed as common reasons behind increasing fertility issues. Hormonal imbalances in the body stand as a barrier to conception and essential oils along with testosterone boosters can be a great way to overcome the same. These aid through their phytohormone properties which are plant hormones that are copies of human hormones such as estrogen or testosterone etc, thus boosting health.

How to use Aromatherapy here?

The vapors of these essential oils can be inhaled that will enter your body through the blood. The vapor can be taken using steam inhalation methods, aromatherapy burner, massages, sprays or bath. The oils get absorbed by the body through the skin by a body massage and enter the bloodstream. This is then taken to the site of maximum benefits in the body where it works it`s miracle. Many of these oils apart from healing physical ailments also work on improving psychological health which in turn acts as a catalyst for improving reproduction chances. 

Oil Blends: Using a mixture of the essential oils with carrier oils such as coconut oil, almond, avocado, olive oil, hazelnut, castor etc, can combine to give great results. They can also bypass problems that might arise due to using certain essential oils directly on the skin. 

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Which oils are most beneficial for fertility?

     1. Lavender oil: This oil can calm your mind and enhance the balance of your endocrine system that will help regulate the menstrual cycle. The stress and unbalanced emotional state can be well handled using this oil. It improves circulation and treats blocked fallopian tubes by increasing vaginal secretion. It is especially beneficial for women when rubbed on the breasts and lower abdomen.

     2. German Chamomile oil: The oil is effective in minimizing inflammation and this relaxes the nerves and reduces depression and anxiety. Women suffering from uterine cysts or fibroids can reap the best benefits of this oil. This oil is not recommended for those who might have a history of miscarriages or to use immediately after ovulation.

     3. Sandalwood oil: This oil can be used by both men and women to balance testosterone levels in the body. This is especially effective for men where it can be used as a natural aphrodisiac. The oil can be included in lotions or colognes and used regularly.

     4. Geranium oil: It can be considered as a tonic for your uterus and ovaries. The oil stimulates the adrenal cortex and helps in balancing hormones in the body. It regulates the functioning of the lymph system and also acts as an antidepressant that will improve both physical and mental health to increase chances of conceiving.

     5. Fennel oil: Tracking ovulation period is hard because of irregular menstrual cycles. This is among the common causes of low fertility. Increasing production of estrogen can help increase chances of getting pregnant and fennel oil can be a great way to do the same.

     6. Clary Sage: The oil has the ability to imitate estrogen in the body and help cope with anxiety, depression, and stress. It helps improve the functioning and health of the uterus and also an effective way of reducing menstrual cramps. Inhaling the oil can improve thyroid hormone levels treating a problem which commonly causes infertility among women. The oil can be used to treat conditions such as PCOS effectively.

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     7. Satureja khuzestanica: This is a middle eastern plant that belongs to the thyme and rosemary family and can be beneficial in increasing testosterone and sperm count in males.

     8. Ylang-Ylang oil: This oil is a good choice for those with low sexual desire or libido which will increase the energy that is necessary to conceive. This oil is also very effective for balancing out hormones in the body.

Points to remember

The best way to ensure the therapy gives the best outcome is to evaluate the underlying problems first. The partners need to get hormone tests to understand where they stand and who will need which oil to derive maximum benefits from the therapy.  This will help focus on the problems rather than resort to a generic solution.

Take couples sessions rather than individual as they bring you closer on an emotional as well as the physical level which will be very effective.

Focus on limbs and the abdomen area that will help you relax and stimulate the reproductive organs.

You can also use aromatherapy to enhance the benefits of any other treatments that you might be taking for infertility.

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