Fedex scheduled delivery pending: What it means?

Do not worry when you receive a fedex scheduled delivery pending notice

Federal Express (FedEx) is one of the biggest shipping companies in the world. In the US, it ranked second best, just after UPS. The success story behind this company’s operations is based on their intelligent handling of logistics. This company has gone out of its way to put in efficient measures to ensure that they can trace all the goods while in any of the stages in the shipping process. Therefore, in the event that you receive a FedEx scheduled delivery pending notification, you do not need to worry yourself too much. After all, the measures put in place have led to the company achieving 98% in terms of shipping successes.

One of the measures put in place by the company is the tracking system. Each package usually gets a unique barcode that enables the management to track that particular package at any point in the shipment process. This barcode provides information about the package’s contents, the origin of the package, its destination, and its shipping process.

This barcode always gives the exact information concerning the package in real-time. Whenever the package arrives at a particular FedEx storage point during the shipping process, the barcode undergoes scanning. This information is then updated to the company’s system and even relayed to the customer immediately. Everyone involved is now able to get the exact information about the package at that particular point. They are able to know where the package is from, its current location, and where it is likely to head next.

What Does “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” Mean?

Anybody sending or receiving the package(s) from FedEx is most likely to receive this notification at a point in time. This message is mostly to inform you of the current location of the package. As stated earlier, do not be stressed out as the company’s systems are very efficient.
The status notification, FedEx scheduled delivery pending, means that the company is working very hard to ensure that your package arrives at its destination in the fastest humanly way possible.

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The cause of these delays mostly above the workers’ control. Bad weather is usually the most common cause of these delays. The delivery personnel is always ready to resume transporting your package when weather conditions become favorable.

The management usually works to update this notification to everyone involved so as to reduce any stress customers might have concerning their package. Immediately the package resumes transport, you will receive a notification. You will receive a status message of “Package is Out for Delivery” once the package is in transit. It is advisable that you check these notifications every few hours to be able to get an update on your package.

Package Accepted

This is usually one of the first notifications that you will receive once FedEx has received your package. This status message usually comes when the package completes clearance at the shipping station, FedEx store, or by a FedEx logistics personnel. Most of the time, this notification stays for long until your package has reached the next phase. This is because the barcode can only undergo scanning after the package has arrived at a FedEx storage point along the delivery line.

This notification might be a bit stressful for people who usually like to get an update of their package after a couple of hours. This notification comes when the package passes the verification process at the FedEx offices. Therefore, it has not yet been transported. You are advised to contact the management in case this notification stays like this for 48 to 72 hours. The management will explain to you why your package is still at their warehouse for all this time.

Package in Transit

Solution for fedex scheduled delivery pending

This is the next status message you will receive when your package is ready for transport. The delivery team usually scans the barcodes for all packages meant for transport on a particular day. Then, they usually wait for all the packages ready for travel on that same day to arrive so that they can scan them.

Therefore, this notification does not necessarily mean that your package is in transit physically at the moment. This is because the logistics team needs to ensure that all the packages are there on time before transportation can commence, which usually takes some time.

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Package Out of Delivery

FedEx scheduled delivery should not bother you too much

This is the message that most likely puts smiles on people’s faces. This status notification means that your package has been given the green light and is now in transit. This notification usually comes after the logistics team has verified that all packages meant for transport that day are in check. Loading of the packages on the various trucks or aircraft is the next step.  The logistics team will then dispatch them to their destination (most likely their final destination).

The delivery personnel will then ensure that they bring the package right to your desired destination. They will also ensure that the logistics details are in check. They ensure that you sign upon arrival of the package. This notification usually comes between 7 am to 8 am (your country’s local time). However, they may send this notification even before 7 when they complete loading and dispatch early enough.

How No Scheduled Delivery At This Time Is Different From Fedex Scheduled Delivery Pending

This notification is applicable when FedEx cannot yet estimate when your package is likely to arrive. The management usually tries to ensure that a package is able to go through the logistical chain smoothly before they can dispatch it. Therefore, they usually get in touch with their colleagues at other stops along the delivery line of these packages.

They usually estimate when these packages will arrive based on the historical data. They collect this data from similar packages that have taken these routes. An estimation usually does not factor in other elements such as bad weather or traffic jams. Therefore, they usually add a few hours so as to cover this factor.

The employees are are professionals in their work. They know customer relations and understand the frustrations of customers concerning delay of their package. They are willing to tell the customer the current stage of their package.

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