How Actual Traveling is better than Virtual Travel?

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Will virtual traveling satisfy you like actual traveling? When you see a beautiful picture of the Eiffel Tower on Instagram, it will give you a visual treat, but not mental satisfaction. That is the exact difference between the reel and real life. Experiencing, exploring and discovering are different feelings altogether. You can never feel these if you are looking at travel pictures on Instagram or any other place. There is a huge difference between feeling and seeing something. Reality is much stronger than the virtual.

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Exploring and Discovering makes travel enjoyable and truthful

There is no fun in traveling if you are absent in that place. Pictures and videos can never fulfill your wanderlust. Sitting and searching about places never fulfills travel dreams. Traveling is more than going on a sight-seeing. It is about exploring, discovering and discovering. When you see a new place on your own eyes, it stays in your heart forever. Even when you will get old, you will recollect the places you have explored. Virtual Traveling can never create memories. Checking travel blogs and looking at your clicks have a huge difference. In this particular aspect, virtual reality travel can never beat actual travel.

We keep this love and memory in a photograph

Virtual reality travel can never create memories. Memories are the collections of the best moments of your life which you will cherish throughout your life. Actual traveling creates most of them. It is not possible to stay in your travel destination forever, but the moments become a big part of your memory. Virtual traveling can never make that happen. You can get pictures and videos of that place over the internet. But, the truth of traveling lies in exploring and making memories

Glossy pictures may have an ugly truth in real life

Appearances can be deceptive. Pictures may not show the real truth always. Suppose, you book a hotel or a rented home based on the pictures given on the traveling websites, later you find out that the particular hotel does not match the pictures. It will be a total wastage of effort and time. Not always, pictures reflect the truth. A place shown in a picture may not be as beautiful as it is shown. Pictures reflect what is there but not what is going on. You can feel amazed by seeing the picture. But in the real world, you may not like it. So, it is better not to rely on the pictures.

Perceptions can be different in real life

Everyone has got different perceptions. What others think may not match what you think. This is one of the major drawbacks of virtual traveling. There are many travel bloggers who have uploaded pictures or videos stating their experience and the whereabouts of the place. You may like the place through that video.  But in actual traveling, your perception or viewpoint may differ. Experiences totally depend upon perceptions. Suppose you want to go to a hill station which has got positive reviews. But, on arrival, you may not like it because of the surroundings or neighborhood. Forming opinions through photos and videos may not be truthful always. You can’t really blame the websites or bloggers for doing so. The human mind is unpredictable.

Change in the environment makes actual traveling special and much better

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Why do we travel? So, we can get a much-needed break. But, how can you take a break in the same city? A laptop or PC hardly makes any difference. You travel to a completely different place which means different surrounding and environment. Such change keeps you free from stress, tension, and pressure. You will feel relieved to stay away from your workplace. Every place has something beautiful to offer. From the busiest metropolitan city to the peaceful hill station, every place is beautiful. When you travel to such a place, you keep yourself busy in discovering the beauty of that. However, it is not possible in virtual traveling. You cannot feel the beauty of nature by sitting behind your computer.

Misleading facts can ruin your experience

This particular point can change your perception about the internet in general. The internet does not provide the correct information always. There are facts given on the internet that can mislead people to a great extent. How? Videos or pictures may not tell true facts about that. There are some videos will give you the wrong information. Virtual reality travel will never bridge that gap. You will forever live under such a misconception. So, it is important to verify and know the truth by yourself. 

You can never fulfill your wanderlust through virtual traveling

This point is totally variable. It always keeps the urge to visit a place unrequited. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many other websites upload such pictures which increases your urge to travel. It is not always possible to do so. There are different kinds of travelers- spontaneous travelers or planned travelers. Accordingly, traveling may not be easy for some people. So, virtual reality drives you crazy about traveling. If you do not, then it always remains as an unrequited urge. It is not harmful unless you know how to control it. Actual traveling fulfills your desire of visiting that place.

The detachment of the real and virtual world

Virtual traveling is not restricted to social websites or to computers. It has widened a lot. The introduction of VR’s has changed the virtual traveling experience. It was traveling on another level. It gives a realistic experience of traveling. You can see, hear and feel a place probably. Virtual reality travel has been increasing nowadays. But can virtual reality travel take over actual travel? After the introduction of VR, it can be possible to some extent. You can’t use VR for a week or month continuously. That is where the detachment occurs. The real and virtual world gets separated which ruins the essence of traveling.


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The virtual world is becoming a crucial part of our lives. The majority of people are relying on virtual traveling. This is a true fact that actual traveling can never replace virtual traveling. We can never seek reality in the virtual world in any aspect. There is a TV series by Netflix called “Black Mirror” which shows us the consequences of mixing the real and virtual world. It can never ever replace actual traveling. Actual traveling and visual traveling are two extremes. Both of them are interrelated and coherent. 


The virtual world should not be criticized properly. They have contributed a lot too. Virtual reality travel has succeeded in creating wanderlust and bucket lists. It will make you familiar with a lot of new places. Virtual travel reality will make you familiar to new places which you have never heard of. Actual traveling is incomplete without virtual traveling. You can never make travel plans without the internet. The internet provides you the entire whereabouts of a particular place which eases your traveling plans. 

Many people cannot afford expensive places. It may not be possible for you to go to New York as soon as you see such pictures. The internet can connect people and places they desire to go. They will show everything about the places where you want to go badly. The introduction of VRs has widened the scope of travel. People can feel the place through VRs which is a great scope.

It can be concluded that there must be a proper balance between actual traveling and visual traveling. It is true that actual traveling can never replace visual reality travel. Virtual traveling should not be criticized completely. It enhances and makes actual traveling more efficient. From enhancing travel arrangements to creating a bucket list, virtual traveling does it all. Virtual traveling accelerates actual traveling. So it can be said, it can never be better or replace actual traveling but enhances them. The internet is a place where there is profound information about traveling. You should be careful while using the internet to making a travel plan. You will find different facts and information regarding a place which may or may not be true. Proper research needs to be conducted while you are making those plans.  Never indulge in the virtual travel reality so that you forget the difference between truth and virtual. You need to get smart with the world and travel safe!




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