How much does Silestone cost installed?

How much does Silestone cost installed?

Silestone worktops are a great choice for kitchens that demand lots of attention. Being the hardest and highly durable material, Silestone is an amazing pick. However, Silestone worktops prices are steep and are quoted differently at various stores. While you need to spend for buying the worktops, the installation charges are extra that adds to the budget.

Cost of Silestone and installation- An overview

You are definitely eager to know the cost of this sophisticated, engineered material. However, before you raise your eyebrows to the hefty figures, check out the factors that influence the cost. The average price range is $80 per square foot, but this range may vary from shop to shop. Therefore, it is suggestible to know the cost factors in order to ensure that you are paying the right price.

  • Thickness- If the material is thicker than a ¾ inch; there is more material into it that perks up the price. A piece of Silestone slab of a ¾ inch is best supported by plywood, but the cost shoots up to $4 per square foot.
  • Grade- Depending upon the grade and quality of Silestone, the price range differs. For instance, the grittiness and smoothness define the price that usually ranges from $47 to $72 per square foot. You should know that the most costly Silestone grades are Sierra Madre, Chrome and Black Dragon.
  • Corners- Is it rounded or is it edgy? The corners of the material put weights on Silestone cost. It is because rounded corners need effort and extra work which enhance the price.
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Now that you are aware of the Silestone worktop cost, know the average prices that will give you the confidence to prepare a workable budget.

Average Silestone price

This usually ranges from $50 to $100 on an average per square foot. You will be happy to know this is the average quartz price, such as Zodiaq and Cambria counters. There are extra costs involved, which means if you prefer a backsplash for the kitchen, this will add up to the price. Also, the estimate depends upon intricate details, such as joining the seams, making the cutouts of the sink and fabricating the edges. When purchasing, get a documented warranty or written guarantee in place so that everything is in writing and nothing goes amiss in times of emergency.

Finding an installer is the tricky part. Any professional person who knows the job will be willing to finish it for you but the rate charged may turn up an alarming figure. Do not just pick anyone you feel right based on your intuition and their assurance. Carry out thorough research on the internet. Read the websites and about the professional installer of different companies, their experiences in this arena and their services. Ask for quotes from the local fabricators and compare them to settle for the lowest bid without having to compromise with the quality of service.

Remember, the installation charges are invariably high if you do not do your research properly. To get a fair bid, talk to friends or relatives who have Silestone worktops installed at their homes. Getting the job rightfully should be your prime motive.

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