How to Get Rid of Belly Fat With the Easiest Home Exercises

how to get rid of belly fat

The secret behind losing belly fat is busted. Yes, you might need to toil a tad hard, but trust me it is no rocket science. Everyone has a different set up. The bodies store fat differently. Our lower abdomen has a higher likelihood to collect fats. The reasons could be – genetics, diet, lifestyle or even inflammation. One has to learn patience in the process of burning stomach fat. But, there are certainly a number of ways to optimize the process of shedding flab. We lose by creating a healthy nutrition deficit. One can hardly deny this simple arithmetic equation. Lose belly fat by being a little introspective. Ask yourself if you burn more compared to what you consume? If yes, then it is a total win-win situation. In this blog, let’s address the question – how to get rid of belly fat?

Busting a myth

You must get something out of your head. Stop to treat target areas as they call it. See, this might not be helpful, always. Even your exercise regime may disappoint you that way. Tightening waistline can be challenging at times. You might not see visible results that fast.

So what do you need at this critical juncture? A healthy blend of yoga, crunches and cardio is all you need. These can melt away those awkward deposits. To strengthen your muscles, target to lose visceral fats underlying the skin. Hence, focus should be on generating calorie deficit.

How to generate a healthy calorie deficit?

Keep a track of how much you generally consume. Now, burn out more than that. According to a research, burning nearly 3000 calories a week could cut down a pond of fat deposits in 7 days. But achieving that would require discipline and persistence. Also, set a tangible goal. Burning more fats than usual is also not recommended. You may have side effects too soon.

How to lose stomach fat by exercise?

First, create an environment conducive to exercise. One can very well select a corner of the house to train hard. But, selecting the correct settings is duly important. If you’re a beginner, we suggest you go through some videos. They will motivate you to the core. But, discipline is an inner call. No one but you have to get this done. You may buy a good yoga mat to start with. Also, you may warm up for a while before plunging directly into the game.

Let’s get to know the process of training step by step

Lying leg-raises

This exercise is well-known for targeting one’s lower abs. It also boosts the inner metabolism. Want to know – how to lose belly fat? Just read on.

What to do?

Step 1: Take a deep breath & leave the discomfort behind.

Step 2: Lie down on the yoga mat. Stretch your arms as far as possible.

Step 3: Your palms must remain flat. Any distraction would disrupt the entire process.

Step 4: Carefully lift the feet off your yoga mat.

Step 5: Face up & start to engage in the process. This is the start.

Step 6: Start raising both the legs perpendicular to the body. Now, repeat the entire thing. Do two sets of 10 repetitions.


Your feet should not touch the floor completely. You must not push the hip up while lifting the legs.

how to get rid of belly fat

Leg in & leg out

This exercise is useful for everyone looking to get rid of stomach fat. This targets the entire stomach region. Both upper and lower abs are thoroughly taken care of.

What to do?

Step 1: Sit upright on the yoga mat. Place your arms behind the back.

Step 2: Your palms must lie flat on the mat. This is somewhere you need to be fully careful.

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Step 3: Lift the legs off the mat while leaning back a bit. This is your start position.

Step 4: Now, tuck the legs inside. And, bring the upper body closer to the knees.

Step 5: Lastly, get back to the start again and follow a similar thing of at least 30 repetitions.


Never place your hands far apart behind the back. This may not give you desired results.

Scissor Kicks

Pondering on how to get rid of belly fat? Scissor kicks are just apt for you. Scissor kicks target quads, hamstrings, and one’s entire abdomen.

What to do?

Step 1: Lie down on the yoga mat. Your palms should be under the hips. You cannot bypass this step.

Step 2: Lift the head, your upper back and legs off the mat. This should be the start.

Step 3: Lower the left leg. Without touching your mat, lift it again. Now, lower the right leg.

Step 4: Twelve repetitions complete one full set. Take some time off. Now, you can train again.


Do not do this exercise in a hurried manner. Never hold on to your breath for too long.


This exercise targets both one’s upper and lower abs.

What to do?

Step 1: Relax and lie down on your yoga mat.

Step 2: Flex both your knees. Now place the feet on your yoga mat.

Step 3: Place your palms behind the head to hold it high up. Now, you’re at the start.

Step 4: Try curling up to reach to your knees. This must be done putting pressure on the head.

Step 5: Get back to the start.

Step 6: Inhale while you curl up and also exhale while getting back to the start. Do at least three sets of ten reps.


Never tuck the chin inside. This will disrupt your entire workout session.

Bicycle Crunches

This exercise will answer queries on – how to get rid of belly fat? The exercise targets the abs, quads and hamstrings.

What to do?

Step 1: Lie down and start flexing your knees. Now lift the feet off your yoga mat.

Step 2: Place thumbs on the back of your ears. Hold your head tight and lift it off the surface. This is where you start.

Step 3: Your left leg should be down and straight. Now simultaneously, you need to curl your right leg up.

Step 4: Try touching the left elbow by your other knee.

Step 5: Go back and bring the left leg to a flexed position.

Step 6: Repeat the same process with the left leg. Practice at least two sets of ten reps.

Take some time off.


Never hurry to complete the reps. Never tuck your chin inside. This will not give you the desired results.

how to get rid of belly fat

Half-seated reverse crunches

Tough but it is known to remove belly fat like none other. The exercise targets the abs and quads.

What to do?

Step 1: Sit upright on your yoga mat.

Step 2: Flex both your knees with your feet placed flat on the mat.

Step 3: Lean back to support the entire body on the elbows. This is the start.

Step 4: Now lift the legs off your yoga mattress. This should be done to bring the knees close to the nose.

Step 5: Slowly get back to the start. Do at least two sets of twenty reps.


Never scrunch the shoulder. Never curve the lower back way too much.

Sit ups

This is the best known exercise to get rid of belly fat. Want to know how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks? Do practice sit-ups at a stretch. Let us tell you that you won’t be disappointed a tad bit.

What to do?

Step 1: Lie down relaxed on your yoga mat.

Step 2: Now it is time to flex your knees. Place the heels on your yoga mat. Engage the core to place hands on the back of the head.

Step 3: It’s now time to lift the head & shoulders off your yoga mat. Try to keep looking at your ceiling. This is your start.

Step 4: Use all your strength to hold your body up. This will bring you to the sitting position.

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Step 5: Now slowly move back to the start. Do at least three sets of ten reps.


It is duly important to understand that sit-ups and crunches are not the same game. Never engage your elbows during a sit-up training session.

Heel Touch

Thinking how to get rid of belly fat? Heel touch is a very fine process that targets upper abs and oblique. Do this to see visible results very fast.

What to do?

Step 1: Lie and relax on the yoga mat. Your legs should remain in a flexed position.

Step 2: The space between the feet should be more than your shoulder width.

Step 3: Keep your hands by the side. Your chin should be up.

Step 4: Keep the shoulder relaxed and engage your core.

Step 5: Bend sideways to touch the right heel by the help of the right hand.

Step 6: Follow the same process with the left side. Do at least a set having twenty reps. Take some time off. Now you can start training again.


Never place the feet close to the hips.

Jack-knife Crunches

This exercise targets your quads, hamstrings, upper and lower abs. do this exercise to learn how to burn belly fat fast!

What to do?

Step 1: Lie straight on a yoga mat. Extend the arms over the head. This should be the start.

Step 2: Your neck and your back must be on the same straight line.

Step 3: Now it is time to bring the upper body into action. And, also lift your feet from the yoga mat.

Step 4: Try very hard to touch the knees with both your hands.

Step 5: Get to the start. Do at least two sets of fifteen repetitions.


Your head should not lie on the yoga mat between the reps.

Russian twist

Want to know how to get rid of belly fat fast? An easy solution lies in Russian twists. This is a very effective exercise that targets your abs and oblique.

What to do?

Step 1: All you need to do is sit on the mat very relaxed. Now it is time to flex both the knees. You will require leaning backward. Join both your palms to bring balance to your body. This should be the start.

Step 2: Twist the upper portion of the body towards the right direction. Do the same thing on the left side.


Never hold your breath back during the sessions of this exercise.


Keen to know – how to get rid of belly fat? Planks are something you cannot afford to ignore. Do planks regularly to get rid of stubborn fats!

What to do?

Step 1: Kneel down.

Step 2: Stretch your arm and rest the entire body on your elbows.

Step 3: Extend the right and left leg alternately.

Step 4: Never forget that your hip, neck and back should lie on the same straight line. Keep the core engaged.

Step 5: Hold on to the posture. Do at least two sets of sixty repetitions.


Don’t droop down your lower back.

Certain lifestyle changes to get rid of belly fat

Besides exercise you must make some lifestyle changes to shed belly fat. Exercise coupled with good living can be the game changer you were looking for. Scroll down to read on how to get rid of belly fat naturally?

Eating right

This is the key to the Pandora’s Box in this case. Eating home cooked meals brings us strength. Never skip the first meal of the day. It keeps you fueled throughout the day.

how to get rid of belly fat

Short sessions of exercise

Now let us bust a myth here. You won’t need hours of exercise to be in the right shape. Short sessions should play the card for you.

Drink water

Stay hydrated. Your training session needs you to remain amply hydrated. Drinking water will also lessen your appetite. So, gulp down some water whenever possible.

No sugary drink

Say no to cola and soda. Also, keep an arm’s distance from those ultra-sugary juices available in the market.

Reduce your sodium intake

Excess sodium leads to water retention. This might make your belly look bloated. So, keep your sodium intake in moderation.

An endnote

Get good sleep every single night. It is utter important for people dealing with weight issues. Every entity needs eight to nine hours of sleep.

Sleep deprivation and excess sleep, both are known to cause trouble.

One’s lifestyle impacts one’s weight. This fact is very certain. Right your habits to gain maximum benefits. Say no to alcoholic drinks, if need be.

So this blog was all about – how to get rid of belly fat. Hope this answers all your queries. Kudos

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