How To Make Your Home Appliance Last Longer And Work Properly

Home Appliance

Running a household requires paying attention to an array of factors. From making sure there’s always fresh food and that the house is clean, you should also make sure your home appliances are running smoothly. Furthermore, you want the fridge, dishwasher, dryer and every other appliance to work as long as possible and not break down often. For that to work, you’ll need to maintain it properly and make sure they’re clean and ready to help you run the household as best as possible. 

Follow the instructions from the manual

The instruction manual is there to help you figure out what is the best way to use the appliance. However, aside from explaining which program on the dishwasher will wash your dishes best, or which one on the oven is best for making pizza, you’ll have the entire guideline about maintaining the appliance laid out as well. By following the instructions your appliance will last longer and won’t break down as easily. Don’t worry if you’re thrown away the manual or misplaced it. Living in the digital era allows you to simply visit the manufacturer’s website and look up the manual there.

Run the dishwasher regularly

When it comes to the dishwasher, having it always in tip-top shape will require you running it regularly. That way, you’ll prevent any food and other build-ups from settling in. The more food residue is found inside, the more difficult it will be to clean it later. Use vinegar to clean it well. By pouring a few cups of vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher and running on low, your dishwasher will be spotless. Also, you can vinegar to keep the dishwasher’s stainless-steel exterior spotless.

Clean the dishwasher often

Aside from running the dishwasher regularly, you should also keep the inside of the machine clean. If you allow mineral deposits from hard water and leftover food to build up, you’ll end up with clogged or leaky components and odours. To clean out mineral deposits, run an unloaded dishwasher on a cleaning cycle with a bit of baking soda. You’ll also want to wipe down and inspect the plastic gasket around the door. Don’t risk having a break or leak that you haven’t detected in time and end up with an expensive mess in the future. Don’t forget to check for any build-up in the filter. Look at the bottom of the machine because that’s where water drains out. If you’ve noticed any odours, your filter is probably already clogged. That can further lead to drainage problems. 

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Home Appliance

Don’t go overboard with the detergent and clothes

In the case of washing machine and detergent relationship, less is definitely more. Just because you put more detergent than necessary it doesn’t mean you’ll get a stronger scent on your clothes. On the contrary, you may end up with more side-effects than benefits. Namely, more soap-detergent will most likely leave a residue on your laundry. That can only make you run the cycle again and waste all the water and electricity. What’s more, the detergent will also build up in the interior of the machine, which is the perfect recipe for wear and tear. Another important thing to keep in mind involves the number of clothes that your washer can take. If it says you should limit the weight to 5kg, make sure you have that much or a bit less clothing inside. If you exceed the recommended amount of clothes, you risk breaking the machine. Granted, it may not require you buying the new machine, but you’ll definitely need to look for home appliance parts to replace the ones that broke because you didn’t follow the instructions on the manual. 

Wash the washing machine

While the washing machine is there to wash your clothes, sometimes you’ll need to clean the machine itself. That way, your clothes will always stay fresh and smell lovely. Make sure you clean the door, gasket, drum, and dispensers with a solution made of equal parts water and vinegar. Another good fix up includes running a hot-water load with the washer on empty. You can use detergent or vinegar to clean the interior thoroughly. 

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Keep things clear in the dryer

It’s essential you clean out the lint trap on the dryer after every cycle. Furthermore, make sure you keep the vent tubing and the area around the vent cap clear of lint. That will allow the dryer to dry the laundry faster. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about fire or carbon monoxide leaks either because everything will be clean and unclogged. 

Home Appliance

Clean Compressor Coils in Refrigerator and Freezer

With proper maintenance, refrigerators can work seamlessly for 13 years, while freezers typically don’t work longer than 11 or 12 years. Cleaning out the compressor coils every six months will be a must if you want the fridge and freezer to last that long. You’ll find the coils in the back or bottom of your refrigerator and freezer. Unless you clean them twice a year, the coils will fail to eliminate heat from within the appliance. Consequently, the compressor will become hotter because it will take longer for it to remove heat. Inevitably, the appliance will fail to run due to overheating. Aside from regularly cleaning the coils, you should also keep the door’s rubber gaskets squeaky clean. Use warm water and soap to remove food and debris from the gaskets and ensure they remain tightly sealed and germ-free. Not only will this improve the hygiene, but it will also make sure the door is tightly sealed, and the food will remain cold and fresh all the time.

Final thoughts

Keeping your home appliances functional will require discipline and dedication. Make sure you follow the instruction manuals on properly maintain the appliances, first. After that, you can feel free to apply some of our suggestions to your cleaning routines, and you’ll have functional appliances for many years to come. Not only will the appliances work well, but if you maintain them properly, you’ll avoid serious hazards too.

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