Pros and Cons of Telemedicine

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This is the time where everybody is talking about telemedicine and its features. Covid-19 has made us practice many new things that have become a norm now. Uses of telemedicine services are one of the new normal.

The common approach of seeing the doctor through one to one consultation and get the proper check-up done has been reduced to a major extent. People avoid going out and visiting the hospital unless they have the symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Surveys confirm the business of telemedicine has reached extraordinary heights in these challenging times. There is always traffic on the reliable and famous medical forums that offer online consultation via chat, audio/calls, or video conferencing.

The services are available 24 by 7. You can connect with a doctor even in the midnight or at any time when you face a sudden pain or any unhealthy sign that is painful.

In this post, we are going to discuss some pros and cons of telemedicine services, so you could better decide to consult the doctor online during the medical issue.


Save your traveling time and money: 

You are facing some unhealthy signs for a couple of days. If you decide to go out and consult to a doctor, it would require you to plan some time to visit the hospital and pay the traveling fare and doctor’s consultation charge.

Now, thought about telemedicine. You need to have a smartphone or laptop and a good internet connection. Search for the best health experts and connect. Discuss your symptoms, and the doctor would advise you with the appropriate medication and physical tests if needed.

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Increases patient’s engagement: 

In the hospital, you notice, one expert is assigned with several patients. Also, the doctor has limited time to work. There, you might not get the proper time to express everything properly to the doctor.

In the online consultation, the doctor is all years to listen to you. Through chat, you could communicate all the uneasy feelings. Meaning, telemedicine service made the patient more engage with the doctor, and the doctor could recommend the best meditation after listening to all the symptoms.


Completely virtual experience: 

There are several people who are still struggling to use the telemedicine service. For them, it is hard to get convinced that the received online consultation is worth believing.

Also, the doctor from the other side is talking on the basis of your symptoms. There is no physical examination has been done, which performed by the doctor in the face to face consultation.

People who are not a technology lover, or struggle to work with several software also avoid using the teleconsultation service.

Bottom line: 

The above-mentioned pros and cons give a small picture of the horizon of telemedicine. Why do some people prefer online consultation services? What are the limitations of this technology-oriented service?

Things are improving with time. Video consultation with the doctor is quite popular and helpful to recover from many skin diseases, as the doctor can see understand the symptoms properly.

So, do not refrain from using this service. These are times when we need to take care of our health in the best possible manner. So, together we can help the nation to overcome these tough times.

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