Royal Blue Sapphire Price Guide

A royal blue sapphire is a stone of beauty, healing, and protection. But, you need to wear a genuine stone to invoke all these benefits. The authenticity of a precious gemstone depends on four main quality factors called color, clarity, cut, and carat of the stone. Also, other attributes have an influence on the final prices. When investing in stone as precious as royal blue sapphire online, you should gain beforehand information about the price variation and value factors. Here, they are:

Impact of Origin

Believe it or not, the place of origin largely affects the prices of royal blue sapphire. So, a stone from a popular mine in Kashmir, Burma, and Ceylon will get a much higher price than other unpopular destinations. The relevance of origin can’t be overruled when determining the prices.

In terms of royal blue sapphire, Burma (Myanmar) is the most popular origin that produces the finest quality of this gem. Unheated sapphire price per carat is higher for Burmese variety. It may range from $390 to $7795 approximately depending on other quality factors.

Impact of Color

When it comes to color, there’s no doubt that this factor determines the price to a great extent. Since blue sapphire comes in a variety of shades ranging from vivid blue to dark midnight blue, the prices often depend on the intensity, tone, and hue of the stone. Saturation or color consistency also affects the overall appearance.

Hence, you should prefer a deeply saturated royal blue sapphire stone for sale with medium tone and vivid color. Royal blue is a slightly darker shade than cornflower blue sapphires. The prices of royal blue sapphires range from $3100 to $15500 approximately for natural and untreated stones.

Impact of Clarity

Depending on the geological conditions, some inclusions are inherent and acceptable in royal blue sapphire stones. These inclusions may exist as fingerprints, color bands, or microscopic rutile needles. It is rare to find a natural blue sapphire with no visible inclusions.

Such stones can be costly and their prices may be in millions. However, the presence of eye-visible inclusions at unnoticeable location make a stone highly effective but affordable for you.

Royal blue sapphires from Burma have crystal or feather-like inclusions that cause a unique effect on the appearance. These slightly included gemstones in a bright royal blue color command high market value and prices. For astrological purposes, you can invest in eye-clean stones with minimum inclusions.

Impact of Cutting Style

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A faceted stone has inherent brightness and charm. It is because a well-faceted cut conceals the visible inclusions in the stone. With quality being the same, a round or oval stone will get a lower price than a custom-shaped stone. The wastage is minimal for simple shapes and cuts; hence, the lower prices.

The most economical cutting style is non-faceted cabochon cut with a polished dome surface. Remember the way a stone is faceted can affect its overall cost by 10-20%. So, make your selection wisely to find the best quality blue sapphire at a reputed store.

Impact of Treatments

Since royal blue sapphires have inherent inclusions, heat treatment is a common practice to enhance the color and clarity of the stone. The most common trade practice is Beryllium treatment that helps to enhance the color of the stone and its prices as well. However, such stones lose their significance from the astrological perspective.

If you have severe budget constraints, you can choose a lab treated or heated gemstone, though it lacks the astrological prowess that you may expect from a high-quality gem. Always prefer a certified natural stone to gain from its original properties and astrological benefits. You can also ask the seller to provide a gemstone certificate from a leading gem testing lab like IGI, GIA, or GII.

Impact of Carat Weight

Due to their high-density structure, it is rare to find natural royal blue sapphire in larger sizes. The royal blue sapphire price per carat will be high for a big stone unless the quality is altered.

However, when the quality is compromised, a sapphire with a smaller size and good quality will get better prices than a low-quality stone with a bigger size. A stone above 4 carats is typically a collector’s item that fetches much higher prices if the quality is high.

Impact of Rarity

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Some varieties of a gemstone are so rare in existence that they are highly valued. For example, Kashmir blue sapphires are an extinct variety that fetches the highest prices in the gemstone market.

The mining is banned in this region since the early 1990s. So, the Kashmiri Neelam stone available in the market are those extracted years ago. They are limited in quantity and have a higher demand that increases their prices by many folds. Similarly, top quality Burmese royal blue sapphires are rare, and they also get extremely high prices.

Impact of Luster

Under the natural lights, the natural royal blue sapphire displays a surreal glow that makes it alluring. This stone with a good luster is considered the best variety for astrological purposes as well. Hence, it commands a higher value than a dull and pale-colored royal blue stone.

These are the quality factors that affect prices of royal blue sapphire stone. You should consider them deeply before making a purchase. Lay your trust in a reputable gemstone store like that deals in natural and untreated stones for astrological purposes.

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