Small Gardens Design Tips to Maximize Your Available Space

Small Gardens Design Tips to Maximize Your Available Space

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It’s nice to have a garden where you can plant flowering shrubs and scented herbs. It may be a little bit challenging to set up the beds or pots, but all of your efforts will surely pay off once you see all of your plants in full bloom.

A lot of people think that gardening is only for homes that have a spacious yard. In truth, even if you have a small space available, you can still enjoy having a beautiful garden. We’re going to lay down our best small garden design tips to help you set things up.

Install a small greenhouse
It’s terribly important to have a greenhouse, most especially if you want to have well-kept plants all year round. You should consider installing a mini greenhouse in your outdoor space. It doesn’t need to be fancy.

In fact, you can look for glass cabinets at your local home improvement stores. You can also build a small greenhouse yourself.  Place your greenhouse in the most sun-drenched area of your property.

Add a trough under your kitchen window
Use the extra space under your kitchen window to install a trough. Make sure to bore holes on the bottom part for water drainage. Fill it up with garden soil and transfer seedlings or cuttings of your favorite herbs. This way you can just reach out the window to pick herbs like thyme, oregano, basil, and chives while you’re cooking.

If you don’t like using herbs in your dishes, you can opt to plant daisies, marigold, periwinkle, and peonies instead. Don’t overcrowd the trough. There should be enough space for each plant. Make it a habit to prune the plants as well.

Install hanging shelves and cabinets on the walls

Using hanging shelves or cabinets is one of the best ways to maximize available space. You can use them to store your gardening tools like pruning sheers and trowels. You can also place your favorite garden decors here. Check the weight of each item you place in the cabinet or shelf. Alternatively, you may need to use wrought iron brackets to support the weight.

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Choose bright and vibrant colors

Light and bright colors tend to make a room look big and spacious. Try using this old-school hack on your garden. Repaint your garden walls with bright colors. You can use white for a minimalist feel. You can also use light shades of yellow, pink and blue if you want a young, playful and trendy vibe.

Consider adding a green wall

You can frequently see green or living walls in commercial spaces. Nowadays, a lot of residential properties, especially those with limited garden space use this type of garden installation as well. It adds a unique and refreshing feel to an ordinary looking wall.

If you want to install your own living wall, you need to consult with your local plant nursery. They will help you select textured plantings that you can grow vertically. You might want to add seasonal flowers or scented plants too. If you’re not sure how to build a living wall, you can consult a seasoned landscape artist to help you.

Grow plants in pots or containers

If you don’t have a lawn that you can dig up for the garden beds, you can always opt to use pots or old plastic containers to grow your plants. Fill your available space in your balcony or roof deck with tiny flowering plants and bushy trees. You can add small garden furnishings like chairs and a coffee table so you can have a nice hangout place in the afternoon.

Create a vertical garden

A vertical garden makes a fine addition to your small home. It will allow you to use up all the available space on the wall or corners of your property. You can install troughs or recycled plastic containers on the walls where you can grow ornamental plants like lilies, daffodils, and sweet pea. You can also repurpose your old ladder into a make-shift shelf where you can place your potted herbs.

Set up a multi-purpose area

Apart from growing a vertical garden or a living wall, you should also consider setting up a small lounge area for your guests in your mini garden. You can entertain them here while they wait for dinner or snacks. You might also like placing a bistro dining set if you love al fresco dining.

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If you’re running low on budget, you can create DIY chairs or tables. Don’t forget to install lighting fixtures like string lights and hanging lights so your multi-purpose garden area stays well-lit even during the night.

Hang a hammock

If the space is too small to make room for additional furnishings, you can just install a hammock. Choose a shaded part of the house for your hammock so you’re protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

Feel free to add in hanging plants around the area or adorable wall decors so you can add a few personal touches. You can stay here during your free time while you strum a guitar or ukulele. It’s the perfect place for your late afternoon naps too!

Install a mirror on the wall

A lot of properties in the city have cramped garden areas. You can trick the eyes of your guests and loved ones by installing a mirror on one of the walls. The mirror will create an illusion that your garden or patio looks big and spacious. It will also help you make the area look brighter because of the reflected lights.

Take note, size doesn’t always matter. Even if you have limited space in your property, you can still have a nice garden. Try the tips and tricks we shared above. These are super easy to follow.

Once you have your garden set up, make sure that you maintain it by removing the weeds, watering the plants and using fertilizer or plant hormones every once in a while. In no time, you can enjoy looking at a bed of flowers and herbs.

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