The Right POS System for Your Auto Repair Shop is More Important Than Ever

The expectations customers have for service transactions are changing. It is now more important than ever before for auto repair shops to implement up-to-date merchant solutions. From processing new and more secure payment methods to integrating more operational functions and rolling out unique promotional and loyalty programs, find out more about what to look for in a next-generation POS system for auto repair shop.

Exceed Customer Expectations

A growing number of customers prefer to pay for services with the most convenient methods. Whether a customer presents a card with a chip or a near field communication payment method, an auto shop with any Clover POS platform is prepared to accept and securely process every payment. Any system from the smart device peripheral Clover Go to the portable Flex or the countertop Station ships ready to accept cards with EMV chips or magnetic stripes as well as newer near field communication payments.

Every Clover system complies with the most current PCI standards for secure payment processing. Cardholder and other payment data is processed securely to help to protect auto repair shops in the event of a security breach. It is even possible to connect a locking cash drawer to Clover hardware. The ease and safety of completing transactions with this POS technology can surpass customer expectations and turn first-time clients into regulars.

Streamline Shop Operations

Next-generation POS systems like the Clover Station come pre-loaded with versatile software that can handle a wide range of operational functions. On the customer-facing side, it is easy to maintain profiles and obtain and securely store contact information for service updates and promotions. Shop owners can also use built-in features to schedule employee shifts, set permissions and even enhance security with fingerprint scanning.

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In addition to the native software built into the Register or Register Lite system software plans, the Clover App Market gives shop owners a choice of hundreds of approved installations, including solutions a shop may already use. Look for the accounting or payment processing programs you trust. Whether you rely on native or third-party applications, it is possible to combine tools for scheduling automotive services, tracking inventory and processing payroll in a single interface for easy access and seamless work flows.

Stand Out Among the Competition

Customer expectations vary when it comes to service and checkout at an auto repair shop. Many shops provide excellent service but still rely on antiquated technology that is difficult to use and slow to load records or process transactions. An auto repair shop with a next-generation POS solution that is user-friendly, accessible to customers and capable of quickly processing a wide variety of payments can make any shop stand out.

These are just a few of the reasons why an auto shop owner should take the initiative to upgrade to a Clover Station or another next-generation POS system. The ability to process all of the payment methods that customers prefer to use, integrate operational systems into a single interface and provide an exceptional customer service experience can help a shop grow and maintain a large customer base.

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