Top 3 Signs Of A Blocked Drain


Most of us take our plumbing for granted; often we don’t assume problems will arise from our property in the next 10 years and when we do have an issue you assume it’s the responsibility of the water supplier. This is sometimes true but technically you’re responsible for drains inside your property. Your local sewerage company that are publicly owned are responsible for main street drains. Some sewers are publicly owned some aren’t, and you may be responsible for that.

In case something does happen to your plumbing system for instance a blocked drain. You may need some signs to help you identify what’s going on. Blockages are on the main causes for issues with drains.

Few signs that will help identify a blocked drain include:

1. Drain Slowly

If all your toilets, sinks, and baths all draining slowly this is a definite issue with a blockage. Something is stopping the water to drain properly and can cause other drains to rise. If flushing the toilet causes water to rise in other places of the bathroom, then you’ve got a blocked drain.

2. Smells Bad

Foul smell or unhygienic scent are a big way of knowing there’s a blockage. Tree roots can’t help you as big as other causes for a blocked drain. Because tree roots don’t smell to foul compared too fat and grease. If something is blocked and starting to rot, you can easily identify what it is. That’s not rocket science, that’s common sense.

3. Gurgling Sounds

Gurgling sounds or noises from drains are all dangers of a potential blockage. This is created when the air is trapped in the drains and then waste water displacing it. Warm liquidated fats and gunk gets down the drain then solidify, over time the build-up will sound like gurgling.

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If you need professional drain cleaning services today in Brisbane & Gold Coast give us a call. There’s no stubborn blockage our drainers can’t handle.

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