What are Online Gaming Threats? How to Prevent Yourself from Those Threats?

Online gaming is becoming more and more popular nowadays. People are buying expensive mobile phones and laptops just for playing online games. Teens and even a large number of youth spend many hours on gaming per day! The graphics, audio, video chat facilities are providing an interesting platform to kill time. Everyone can play games according to his/her preferences. There are about 12 kinds of online gaming; MMO, simulations, adventure, RTS, Puzzle, Action, Stealth Shooter, Combat, FPS, Sports, RPG, and educational. Online gaming addiction can be really bad. Along with addiction, there are also other harmful threats of online gaming such as:

  • Fake downloads

For hardcore gamers, nothing is better than playing their favorite game for free. Hackers use this strategy and spread harmful malware into your device. Hackers design malicious code and name them under your favorite game with a free download link. You just click on the link and along with the dodgy download; various malware gets into your device which can steal your data. The hacker can also access your device remotely.

  • Social scams

While playing MMO; you don’t know the person you are playing with. Many cybercriminals use social tricks for stealing your personal information or asks you for money. They become your friends via these games and invite you for some kind of malicious downloads which can get you into the heavy loss.

  • Phishing attacks

While playing games; hackers can send you phishing emails and pop-ups such as free bonus points, new gadgets, etc. Just one click on the wrong pop-up and your device can get compromised.

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Tips for keeping yourself safe on online gaming:

  • Avoid using SNSs for signing-up 

Most of the games offer sign-up and Login with Facebook options for registration. People usually prefer registering with SNS. But this is not safe at all! Hacker can get into your social media account from your game and can steal your personal data.

  • Always keep your game and gaming device updated

Online games regularly provide an update with new interesting features. Along with feature updates, there are security updates also. These updates help to prevent newer viruses, Trojans, etc from entering in your device and game. You should also update your OS instantly when any new update arrives. 

  • Never reveal your identity

With increasing technology, gaming features are providing real-time features such as instant messaging, voice chat and even video chat! These features make online gaming more interesting. But if we see from the eye of security then these features are totally unsafe. These features can reveal you’re true identity. You should avoid voice chat or voice chat on a gaming platform. While instant messaging; you can use an avatar as your profile photo. 

  • Install an antivirus

Installing a good antivirus can prevent various threats from entering in your device. Activate Norton with product key can provide security from all kind of unauthorized access, hackers, Trojans, malware from entering in your device. The gaming mode of antivirus program provides you a safe platform for playing games without any kind of disturbance such as annoying pop-ups. You can silently play the game and your antivirus will run on background for providing you safety.

  • Never share your gaming credentials
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Sharing gaming credentials is very common nowadays. People share their ids asking them for crossing the levels, killing the opponent, etc. But this is a very harmful practice. 

Online gaming is fun if you play it with security measures. Don’t get into any threat and kill your time and enemy by playing your favorite MMO.

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