What is CBD Oil: 11 Benefits of CBD Oil

11 Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD Oil has gained a lot of popularity over the years, thanks to its many benefits. In fact, you can buy CBD oil almost anywhere these days because it is now legal in all the 50 states. MLM companies, health food stores, and even gas station are now selling trusted CBD across America.

Before we look at the benefits that CBD Oil has to offer, let us first look at what it is. CBD Oil is an extract from the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD itself is a chemical compound found in medical marijuana and it is classified as a Cannabidiol. CBD is used to produce CBD Oil.

CBD oil has quite a number of applications and many people have found that it is useful in treating a variety of conditions. Here are some of the benefits of CBD oil.

Can relieve pain

Marijuana was the go-to ingredient for people looking to treat pain almost three thousand years ago. Recently, researchers discovered that there are components in marijuana, like CBD, that contribute to its pain-relieving properties.

The human body has an endocannabinoid system consisting of neurotransmitters that are responsible for a number of functions including appetite, sleep, and immune response. This system also generates neurotransmitters that bind cannabinoids to receptors in the nervous system.

Research has shown that CBD Oil can help your body reduce pain lingering pain by influencing your endocannabinoid receptors, thereby reducing any inflammation in the body.

Can alleviate depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are quite common mental health problems and they tend to have a lasting effect on your health or well-being. Based on the World Health Organization, anxiety and depression are the largest contributors to disability.

Usually, these two mental issues are treated with the help of pharmaceutical drugs. However, the drugs also have a number of side effects including sexual dysfunction, insomnia, and drowsiness.

CBD Oil is very promising when it comes to the treatment of depression and anxiety. This has prompted those living with depression to opt for CBD Oil because it is a natural approach to dealing with mental issues.

In fact, CBD Oil has been found to be effective in treating issues such as anxiety and insomnia in kids suffering from post-trauma stress.

Can lessen cancer-related illnesses

CBD Oil can help lessen cancer symptoms or the side effects related to the treatment like vomiting, nausea or pain. Sometimes can cause depression though sleep apnea can cause depression too.

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CBD Oil can also help to lessen vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy, which is two of the most common side effects in people who are receiving treatment for cancer. Although there are other medications that can help with these side effects, most are ineffective, which is why some people seek other options like CBD Oil.

Some research studies have shown that CBD Oil has anti-cancer properties. For instance, a study has shown that Concentrated CBD can induce death of cancer cells in women with breast cancer. Another similar study has shown that CBD Oil can inhibit the progression of an aggressive form of breast cancer in mice. However, it should be noted that these are tests on animals; further studies are needed on humans in order to be certain.

Can reduce acne

Acne affects about 9 percent of the entire population. A number of issues including bacteria, genetics, inflammation or excess sebum cause Acne. Based on the latest research, CBD Oil can help reduce Acne because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It can also lower the production of sebum.

A certain study concluded that CBD Oil could prevent sebaceous glands from secreting too much sebum. It can also cause anti-inflammatory actions and even prevent activation of pro-acne agents such as cytokines.

Has neuroprotective characteristics

Research think CBD Oil’s ability to target the endocannabinoid system as well as other signaling systems in the brain can be of benefit to people with various neurological issues.

Actually, one of the most researched aspects of CBD Oil is its ability to treat neurological issues such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. While more research is needed in this area, current research has documented promising data.

Some oral sprays containing THC and CBD Oil have proven effective against muscular spasticity especially in people suffering from multiple sclerosis. In fact, a certain study has found that CBD Oil can reduce seizures in kids suffering from Dravet diseases, which is a complex form of childhood epilepsy, much better than placebos.

Further research has also shown that CBD Oil is effective in a number of other neurological issues. For instance, some studies have shown that CBD Oil can improve sleep and overall quality of life in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Can improve cardiovascular health

Recent findings related to CBD Oil have shown that it has many benefits to your heart and the circulatory system. It can lower your blood pressure. Increased blood pressure can lead to other health issues including metabolic syndrome, stroke or even a heart attack. Research has shown that CBD Oil is a natural remedy for elevated blood pressure.

Researchers believe that CBD’s Anxiety and stress-reducing characteristics make it best suited to treat high blood pressure. Several studies on animals have shown that CBD can reduce cell death and inflammation linked to heart disease, thanks to its stress-reducing and antioxidant characteristics.

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Helps with vomiting and anxiety

If you are feeling extremely sick to the point you are throwing up and feeling nausea, then you need CBD Oil. It is highly beneficial to people who tend to get sick during a long journey or when you go to an amusement park.

It is also beneficial to people who have been diagnosed with cancer and are going through chemotherapy. CBD is known to alleviate nausea much better than most drugs in the market.

Reduced pain-related inflammation

Inflammations are quite common, and they can cause pain as well. If you are dealing with inflammations, and nothing else seems to work, CBD Oil can relieve most of the inflammation. Once you deal with this inflammation, your body will be able to work normally.

In fact, CBD Oil can help you deal with issues such as foot pain. The results are impressive because it clears the problems in a matter of a few days.

Boost the body’s immunity

When the body’s immunity is weak, you can easily contract even the simplest illness like flue on a very regular basis. There are several things you can do to boost your immunity, one of which is using CBD Oil. It will not hurt to build some immunity, particularly if you tend to get sick over during winter.

Can help combat type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes or diabetes in general, can be very uncomfortable. The symptoms are tough to deal with and this can negatively affect your quality of life. Although insulin can help deal with most of these symptoms, making CBD part of your daily regiment will go a long way towards easing your symptoms and your quality of life will improve as well.

Can increase the body’s serotonin levels

If you are suffering low serotonin levels or depression, finding a cure should be your first priority. Research has shown CBD Oil can increase the body’s serotonin levels. Increasing your serotonin levels in the body is one way of dealing with depression.

Final Word

CBD Oil has received a lot of attention because it has many health benefits. It can treat a number of health conditions such as acne, depression, anxiety and even cardiac issues.

It is particularly beneficial to people battling cancer, as it is a natural painkiller and the best alternative to conventional analgesics.

Further research on the benefits of this elixir is ongoing because scientists believe it has many more uses that are beneficial. While more work is needed to understand the safety and efficacy of CBD Oil, available data seems to suggest it is a powerful and safe natural remedy for a number of health issues.

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