Chic Shirt Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

Personal style can take a myriad of forms. And sometimes the options can be positively

We love a chic shirt because it can be dressed up or dressed down. A statement shirt can be
paired with jeans, slacks, or a skirt depending on the vibe you’re trying to set.

We’ve collected our absolute favorite ideas for chic shirt styling that will inspire you to dive back
into your wardrobe. And we’ve broken it down into classic styles: tee-shirt, button down, peasant
blouse, tank top, and sweaters.

A Classic Tee-Shirt

Tee shirts are a staple of anyone’s wardrobe. They range from tasteful cotton basics to logo
tees emblazoned with a favorite band, team, or life event. Tee shirts may seem like they’re best
suited for a casual event, but these tops can be styled in a variety of different ways. And when
you’re in a clothing boutique, these options may seem overwhelming. So let’s make it a little

● For the Office

It may seem that tee shirts can’t fit into the idea of ‘business casual’, but they absolutely
can. Try pairing a solid tee shirt with a cute blazer or contrasting cardigan. A smart solid
tee shirt, perhaps made of rayon or another nice fabric, can even look formal when
paired with a well-tailored suit. Opt for well-made and fitted designs devoid of graphics or

● For Everyday

The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling a tee shirt for everyday wear. Try a
faded classic band tee with some colorful overalls, or your favorite sports team with a
patterned mini-skirt. Tee shirts don’t have to be overly casual. We recommend tying up a
shirt to create a crop-top effect when you’re looking for a playful shape. Layer a well-
loved graphic tee with your favorite jean jacket for the perfect casual look.

● How to Layer

When the weather turns cold it may seem like it’s time to retire your tee-shirts for the
season. But layering can be an excellent way to keep your favorite pieces in the rotation.
The 90s and early 2000s have been back in a huge way. Look at Olivia Rodrigo’s
styling, she invokes 90’s grunge punk riot grrls with her casually edgy style. Layer a
sheer mesh top under a beloved band tee, or go for full coverage with a lightweight
turtleneck. Pile on the statement necklaces and you’re ready to show off your personal
style in any weather.

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Tee-shirts can be the most common element of an individual’s wardrobe, and the most easily
written off. But with a bit of styling, they can become a casual or formal fashion statement all on
their own.

The Boho Peasant Blouse

Boho chic style is coming back. Ever since the locked-down days of the pandemic, fashionistas
have been embracing the cottage core aesthetic. The boho chic look can be accomplished in a
lot of different ways, but certain style elements define the style.

● Lace

Elements of lace on a top instantly elevate the style to something folksier. Lace sleeves,
a well-placed trim, or a classy overlay can take a basic outfit and turn it into something
timeless and boho chic.

● Bold Patterns

Boho chic styles imitate the fashion of traveling musicians and artists. These folks
usually clashed patterns, dressed for both style and durability, and had signature pieces
that were passed down. A boho peasant blouse can be found in beautiful colors and
patterns. Try mismatching these pieces with long flowing skirts or patterned vests.

Boho peasant blouses can come in a plethora of different designs. This look is often categorized
by loose fits, earthy patterns, and quirky elements. With this style, you can truly let your
imagination take over.

The Versatile Button-Down

The button-down shirt may invoke the image of a crisp white shirt with impeccable tailoring, and
it absolutely can be that. But we love the button-down’s more casual cousin, the flannel. Let’s
break down the ways these versatile shirts can be fashionably styled.

● Classic Elegance

Few things invoke a timeless sense of elegance like a crisp button-down shirt. But
something plain white may look a bit too work-like. We recommend mixing it up with a
cool blue color and a silky fabric. When paired with some well-selected necklaces this
look can invoke the old-money elegance that has dominated everyone’s FYP.

● The Cozy Flannel

We love the cozy flannel. Throwing it on can take an outfit in so many different
directions. Maybe you are looking for that classic New England vibe, or trying to get that
edgy look. For the former pair it with a classic henley tee, some well-worn jeans, and a
cute beanie. And for the latter pull out your favorite tights (the more ripped the better)
and a miniskirt.

A button-down can be so many things: an elegant statement piece, a grungy statement piece, or
just an extra layer to keep you warm. Button-down shirts are a staple for everyone’s wardrobe.

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The Tank Top

The tank top is another classic basic that comes off as deceivingly average but can be a fashion
statement. A tank top can be elegant or casual, let’s break it down.

● Dressed Up

When looking for a dressy tank top we recommend opting for more elegant fabrics. Silk,
satin, and linen can all elevate what is normally a very basic silhouette. Try a loose-fitting
silk tank top with some elegant layered necklaces and a pair of well-fitted pants.

● Dressed Down

In the warmer months, tank tops look great when tucked into some high-waisted shorts.
Be on the lookout for fun graphics, patterns, and colors. Tank tops can also be excellent
layering pieces. Wear one under an open button-down shirt and you have a versatile

Basics are the cornerstones of any wardrobe. Having a good collection of basics will help you to
mix and match and build out multiple outfits. The clean lines and effortless style of a tank top
make them a perennial fashion favorite.


Sweaters can come in a variety of diverse textures and styles. You can pull on a sweater for a
touch of elegance, coziness, a relaxed vibe, or more. The elements that define sweaters are
fabric, knit, and cut.

● Fabric

The fabric of a sweater can make all the difference in your look. Wool, cashmere, and
cotton all have different personalities in their weight and texture. We love cashmere for
an elegant event, wool for a cozy outing, and cotton for relaxed everyday styles.

● Knit

The knit of a sweater can also define its character. Whether chunky or lightweight, cable
knit or classic ribbed, these styles can define your look. Opt for a complicated
fisherman’s knit for a bold statement look, or keep it classic and minimal with a clean
stockinette stitch.

● Cut

The cut of a sweater can take the garment from casual to formal. Turtlenecks,
boatnecks, v-necks, mocknecks, and cardigans are all great and versatile options when
it comes to selecting a cut of a sweater.

Sweaters can be one of the coziest and most adaptable pieces in a wardrobe, and they’re not
just for the colder months. A thin lightweight knit sweater can be an amazing fashion choice

Chic Shirts For Every Style

When it comes to fashionable tops, the possibilities are endless. Chic style comes in many
different cuts, fabrics, and patterns. There are so many ways to define your style. Use these

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