Does The Contact Lens Make Eye Cylinders Worse?

Cylinder Contact Lens

Contact lenses are thin laces that placed directly on the eyes surface. There are so many people around the world use contact lenses. Are you one of the contact lens wearers? Whether you wear them to move on from glasses or to try a new look for your eyes, it is essential for you to know the two types of contact lenses, the hard lenses and soft lenses. The soft lenses are the more popular one. People also tend to use the soft one instead of the hard one.

Contact lenses are made as comfortable as possible for their users, so they feel as if their eyes don’t wear anything. Because contact lenses meet the eyes directly, it’s important to take a good care while using them. If you find the right contact lenses, then it will help your visions get brighter. Thanks to the latest improvement of vision technology, you can easily find high quality contact lenses online nowadays.

As the contact lens wearers, you need to know the information below.

Contact Lenses’ Types based on Length of Wear

There are daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly contact lenses. The daily contact lenses should be removed at night before you got sleep and are least recommended. The weekly contact lenses should be cleaned for a night after one or two weeks (depends on your usage period). The monthly contact lenses also need to be put in solution over a night after a month of use. If you wear the extended type of contact lenses like weekly or monthly, you have to follow the specific rules that applied for those contact lenses.

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The Material of the Contact Lens

It’s important to know and understand your contact lens’ materials. There are two types of materials that commonly used nowadays; a hydrogel contact lens and a silicone-hydrogel contact lens. The second type is more popular than the first type. The Hydrogel contact lens is too soft and almost fragile, while a silicone-hydrogel is sufficient for your eyes with the good oxygen permeability.

Cylinder Contact Lens

Wearing a cylinder contact lens is riskier than wearing a cylinder glasses. If a cylinder glasses can stay put in one place, cylinder lenses can freely move in your eyes. Therefore, you have to be very careful, when you choose a contact lens for cylindrical eyes. Cylinder is caused by astigmatism, a condition where the cornea is elliptical, when it is supposed to be round. It causes the light that passes through the cornea doesn’t focus on one point in the retina and creates a distorted image that our eyes received. The cylinder lens helps to correct the distortion and create a focus image on one point.

Many people who wear a cylinder lens prefer to visit the store directly and choose the lens by themselves. The retailer usually provides multiple lenses that are specifically designed for cylindrical eyes. This will help you to pick the most suitable and comfortable cylinder lens to have a better vision. Choosing an improper cylinder lens may damage your visions for a long term.

Those are the basic yet important points that you need to know as the contact lenses wearers. Contact lens won’t cause any harm to your eyes, as long as you take a good care of them while using, particularly for cylinder lens wearers.

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