How Realtors Can Generate More Leads by Social Media Optimization


Social media becomes the top platform with a very large number of users so that it is able to reach a wider market. 

That is why the proper application of digital marketing needs to be done so that the strategies implemented can be on target. One strategy that is currently believed to be able to maximize the reach of online marketing is to use social media optimization (SMO).

If you’re in the construction industry, marketing is probably the furthest thing from your mind —

Whether you own a business or have a dedicated construction marketing team, the industry presents itself with unique challenges. 

It is important not to leave your marketing strategy behind while your competitors are able to catch all the local projects.

There are several steps you can do to optimize your business’s social media and give the best results to increase your business brand awareness and engage with customers.

Tips on Social Media for Realtors

#1. Choose your Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, Social media has become popular in marketing strategy. You might feel pressure to be present on all platforms. 

However, Have you ever wondered which social media is the right one for your business? Which one is the most appropriate option to enhance your business branding? 

So, let’s break down the most popular platforms below:

  • Facebook: This is the largest platform with over two billion monthly active users. This site is ideal for businesses looking to generate leads and build relationships. Obviously the best platform for real estate agents. 
  • LinkedIn: Leveraging your business networking on Linkedin provides incredible chances to connect with real people and find the right audiences. You can use B2B and B2C businesses techniques to create trust, build authority, and engage audiences.
  • Twitter: This platform is perfect for businesses whose main audience is under 50 years old and whose audience needs to be updated with the latest information such as news, announcements, and trending topics.
  • Instagram: This is one of the most popular social media amongst millenials and younger generation. A photo-based content platform that is becoming one of the fastest growing social networking sites. Your business can take advantage of this by offering promotions, providing personalized content, providing exclusive access, and building relationships with influencers to drive brand recognition and brand loyalty.
  • Pinterest: Photo sharing sites are fantastic platforms for businesses with visual appeal. Plus, this site is great for driving sales because so many users visit Pinterest to plan purchases.

#2. Optimize your Profile

This part might sound simple and far from your mind but it is actually essential to give a good first impression to your audiences. You may attract audiences and increase the number of leads with a great and appealing profile page.

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Optimizing profile views is one technique that can help drive more users or potential customers to a business’s social media pages. If you want to have a competitive social media campaign, complete the profile with some of the basic keys, including profile photo, username, contact detail, address, biography and most importantly website URL. 

Thus, If your audience visits your page or profile and is looking for a way to get in touch with you, also trying to learn about your business. The information you set up in your profile is there to do so.

People love to dive into the details. Those information that you provide for your audiences will help to guide them to know further about your business and might have the possibility to purchase your products. 

#3. Make Schedule For Daily Content

Social media optimization also involves choosing the right time to post content to maximize engagement with your audiences. 

If someone posts content that is considered to be great and sufficient content but the results are not satisfactory, it could be because the posting schedule does not match the audience’s schedule for activities on social media.

The schedule will depend on the platform and your target audiences. These two factors also affect post frequency. Some social sites are better suited for posting several times a day such as Twitter and Instagram, while others may work better if posting only once or twice a day such as YouTube.

#4. Posting Content Consistently and Strategically

Creating and executing a successful real estate social media strategy is a lot like building successful relationships. It takes consistent contact and the ability to provide value to keep audiences coming back.

When it comes to social media marketing for realtors, real estate agents, the goal is to interact with your audience enough to let them know who you are as a realtor and as a person. 

Plus, it is best to keep your posting content consistent and strategic by creating a schedule for your content to post on social media.

It’s a fine line to stick to, but luckily, you have complete control and can always make adjustments along the way. Statistics from your social media network can help. They will tell you how many followers you gained, how long they stayed on your page, which posts they liked, and more.

#5. Do Collaboration with Social Media Influencer

Do collaboration with Influencer is the popular strategy for social media marketing to generate leads in a fast way. Influencer has a considerable effect and works well for increasing business sales. 

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The use of influencers in promoting brands and products has also proven to be effective in increasing business sales. A study also found that the amount of trust people place in influencers is proportional to the trust in their followers. 

All you have to do is to find the right and suitable influencers for your business and make sure they have your target audiences as their followers. 

Thus, it is essential to filter and select the right influencers because if you get the wrong influencers and targeted audiences that they have, it will affect the results of your business’s campaign. 

After that, influencers will conduct promotions through their page in the form of reviews of your business products, providing tutorials and content on how to use or product instructions.

#6. Do Competitors Research

Optimize social media as a means to conduct competitor research. Since competitors are also active in making posts that are relevant to your business.

This can help your business to know what marketing strategies are being carried out by competitors, or what types of content that might interest your target audiences. It will help a lot in improving your business campaign plan and might guide you into the right direction.  

Firstly, you can start with a summary of the research results, then identify which areas can still be adapted and look for gaps that have not been implemented or are not provided by competitors. 

Adding certain variables specifically that are not found in any account can bring new value from managing social media itself. 

So, this can be a win-win for your business to take a deep research about your competitors which will help you understand customer behavior better and get a closer view of your competitors strategies.

#7. Invest in Social Media Ads

The next strategy to increase your business sales is to invest in media advertising. This is the best way to increase audiences within a second. 

Each platform has different options when it comes to creating ads or promoting content. You can customize your ad type by showing products that users have recently viewed on your business website.

All social media is the most effective way to increase sales. The use of social media can gain brand awareness and trust from customers. However, this still needs to be done with great content that may include information that educates and entices customers to try or buy your products.

This has proven to be effective to use social media as your marketing strategy in generating leads and increasing sales for your business. However, Managing all social media might be overwhelming. Therefore, its best to know well which social media is right for your business.

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