5 Reasons an Aquarium is The Ideal Decor

An aquarium is far more than just a fancy box for your pet fish. 

Aquariums can be integrated into the overall look and feel of any room in your home. If you follow just a few tips from interior designers on how to incorporate an aquarium into your home, you can take your home decor to the next level with a thoughtfully placed aquarium. 

If you’re skeptical, here are a few reasons why aquariums are the ideal home decor. 

1. They add color to otherwise dull rooms

You probably have at  least one room in your home that is, well, boring.

It could be a room painted in a neutral color that looks uninviting no matter the time of day. Or, the room could be relatively empty, with little furniture or decor to make it stand out. In any case, a fish tank can completely change the vibe of the room. 

To put it simply, aquariums add color. From the assortment of fish to the blue-green color of underwater plants, an aquarium can completely change how you think of any room in your house. It’s a great first step if you’re looking to fix a room’s quirks (or, in the case of a boring room, lack thereof).

2. Aquariums can fit in any space

With most home decor, you’re limited by the size of the room. 

There are, for instance, only a few bookcase sizes available. Plants can only grow in well-lit rooms in your home. And with artwork, your selection is limited by the space available in your home. 

But aquariums are available in all sizes. If you have a large room with plenty of open space, you can find a large aquarium to fill most of it. Likewise, if you have a small room with only a tiny amount of space to play with, you can find an aquarium that fits it perfectly. 

Whether you live in a closet-sized apartment or a sprawling mansion, you can always find an aquarium for your space. 

3. Aquariums can be updated as the look of your room changes

Most decor becomes dated quickly. 

Take a glance at any picture of your parents’ home from when they were growing up and you’ll see this firsthand. Light fixtures, furniture, and even artwork can quickly become out of date as styles fade and trends pass. Aquariums, on the other hand, aren’t subject to fads. 

As time passes, you can update the look of an aquarium by changing the plants inside and adding new fish over time. And, unlike other home decor, you have some level of control over deterioration. If you pay attention to any wear and tear and update all aquarium equipment regularly, your tank can last a long time. 

4. It adds calming sound to your home 

After a long day at the office, it can feel great to decompress at home. But, unfortunately, it’s not always that easy 

If you live on a busy street, the sound of passing cars can make it difficult to relax. Sometimes, even the normal sounds of our homes, such as fans, sliding chairs and air conditioners can make the home a less than inviting atmosphere. 

You should, of course, take steps to cut down on annoying sounds in your home. But, studies have also shown aquariums can reduce anxiety and stress. The relaxing sound of filtered water returning to the tank from the water filter is reminiscent of water rushing over rocks in a creek. Fish peacefully swimming through the water adds an extra layer of ambiance. All of these factors make aquariums the perfect addition to any room you’d like to designate as your space to unwind after a long day. 

5. It can light up a dark room 

Many of us have one or two rooms in our home where it’s impossible to strike the right balance between brightness and darkness. 

Rooms without windows, for example, can often fall victim to this. Since you can’t use natural light to brighten the room, you need to instead turn to artificial lighting. It’s rare to find a room lit solely with lamps and recessed lighting that feels comfortable. It’s more of the aesthetic of a basement or an attic that makes the room feel off. 

Luckily, aquariums can add subtle illumination to an otherwise dark room. While you obviously can’t use an aquarium as the only source of light in a room, you can use it to complement the lamps or lights already in the room. This works especially well if you’re able to dim the other sources of light in the room, making your tank the illuminated feature piece.

Find the aquarium for your home

Whether you’re an adherent to the mid-century modern aesthetic or are more faithful to the farmhouse rustic look, you can find an aquarium that fits the look of your home. Find the aquarium seller closest to you and pick a day to check it out. We’re confident you’ll find one you like!


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