7 Easy Decluttering Tricks For Your Home Office Space

7 Easy Decluttering Tricks For Your Home Office Space

Your home office should feel homey enough to fit in with your home scheme but professional enough that you can focus on your work there. A lot of times, though, people use their home offices as storage space when they start out.

Once they get settled in, they find that it is now difficult to settle into the office space because of all the clutter

When you have a clean home office, you are more focused and productive. Don’t miss the chance to have that going for you by decluttering your home office as soon as possible.

If you find yourself in a similar situation right now then you’re in luck. Below are some easy decluttering tricks that you can use for your home office space.

  1. Clean off your desk

Your desk is your headquarters and where you will do a majority of the work that you do. It can be tempting to do a lot of non-work related things on the desk. It can also be quite easy to leave objects on top of it that are unrelated to the work that you do because of convenience.

The first step to decluttering your home office space is to clean your desk. If you start with your desk, you can operate much better even if the rest of the office isn’t up to par.

Remove any items unrelated to your work. After removing all of it, make sure that you’ve got a trash bin within arm’s reach from your desk. This way, you won’t be too lazy to leave trash sitting on top of the desk and be able to throw it away as soon as possible.

2. Convert your documents to digital files

In this day and age, if you don’t have a majority of your files digitally-made, then you’re wasting a lot of paper and a lot of time, too. All the paperwork can contribute to the mess in your office so it’s high time you got that in order as well.

Scan important documents so that you have a digital version of them. Keep the papers in safe places that won’t get damaged. Make sure that you have a backup for all of these files.

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The good thing about digital files is that you can access them anywhere if you’ve got them saved via cloud-hosted storage. It is also advisable to use flash storage to save your digital files.

3. Invest in organizational supplies

Organizational supplies were created so that each item in your office will have a home to put them in. When every office supply has a home set in place, the act of organizing your supplies becomes much easier because you know where they are kept.

Having organizational supplies is especially important for small office supplies such as paper clips, staples, and more. If you have paperwork, make sure you have organizers for those as well. It’s also a good idea to invest in a label maker so you know where everything is.

The cool thing about having organizational supplies is that you can try and match it with your room design too.

4. Label everything

When people have their mess pointed out to them, a lot of people may say that what they have is an organized mess. This is because even though it looks like a mess, they claim that they know exactly where everything is.

Although that’s a nice touch to have, you can have both: A clean room and knowledge of where everything is. All you need is a nice label maker and you can have an organized room without the consequence of not knowing where everything is.

Besides, if you are the one who does the organizing yourself you should be able to label the storages as you go. Therefore, you wouldn’t have an excuse for why you don’t know where everything is.

5. Organize your cable cords

According to Maid Sailors, leading commercial cleaning New York provider, one of the things that a lot of people have issues organizing are their cable cords. This is understandable given the fact that no one likes to have to start all over when moving heavy electronic devices.

Cable boxes are a great way of containing the numerous cables that you may have in your office. You can also buy cable organizers everywhere, even through online shopping. There are lots of solutions for you.

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Leaving cables tangled and not taken care of can reduce their lifespan and can damage them. It doesn’t look attractive either, that’s why it is better to detangle your cables.

6. Make sorting be part of your daily routine

The best way to reduce the amount of decluttering and cleaning in your home office is by preventing the mess from piling up in the first place. Prevention is better than cure, as the old saying goes.

Make it habit to keep your home office clean, neat, and tidy. Don’t get into the habit of eating on your home office desk. After all, you’re at your own home where you most likely have a dining room or kitchen to eat at. Why not eat there instead?

Also, make sure that you get into the habit of putting everything back where they belong so that you will know where everything is. Plus, it makes the place look neat and tidy too.

7. Maximize your home office space

Your home office may hold a lot more storage space than you’d expect. This may be because you aren’t utilizing the free space available to you all around. For one, there is a vertical space available for use.

You can hang items at the back of your home office door. You can also add hooks at the back of your cabinet doors. Recycled materials also add a nice touch.

With the decluttering tricks above, you will have a cleaner and less cluttered home office space in no time. Reap the better focus and increased productivity as soon as you accomplish and follow through on cleaning your home office.

Respect your home office space as the professional sanctuary that it is and you’ll find that it will fulfill its purpose quite well for you. Good luck!

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