Indian Automobile Market: From Quantity to Quality

Indian Automobile Market: From Quantity to Quality

There was a time when only a limited variety of cars were available in the Indian market. Since then the Indian automobile industry has covered a long way with a large array of cars. Today, there is n number of top automobile companies from Maruti Suzuki to Hyundai Motors to Mahindra and Mahindra, are running their operation and making a good amount of money from the Indian market.

During its early days, more than half of the Indian automobile companies relied upon foreign technologies, but this scenario has completely changed over the past few years. Now the Indian automobile companies have their own technology. With the growing pace of the Indian automobile market, local as well as global automobile manufacturers have locked horns in the Indian market.

After the global recession occurred in the year 2006, the Indian automobile market again started to grow. The major changes were experienced in Sept 2009, when the market encountered buoyant sales. During that time period,

  • The retail trade started soaring up.
  • Auto sales saw around 9% rise with a sale of around 1M units.
  • Passenger vehicles sales increased by 20.3%.
  • The 2-wheeler market was escalated by 7.6% with more than 8,30,000 units sale.
  • The 3-wheeler market experienced a growth of 13.5% with a total sale of 41100 units.

State of Automobile Technology in India

Automotive technology or automobile technology refers to technologies which are incorporated in vehicles or automobiles. With the constant advancement in the technologies and new inventions in this automobile technology field, there are a lot of opportunities and expectations from technologically superior vehicles. Today, automobile technology is considered as one of the most important parts of the automobile sector.

Transition in the Automobile Technology

The most important change took place in the Indian automobile market is concerns with engine development. In the petrol-cars, Multi-point Fuel Injection engine replaced the carburetor engine. In the same way, engines running on diesel experience a complete transformation from the TRD, Time Rudolf Diesel to CRDI common Rail Direct Injection.

MPFI- Multi-point Fuel Injection

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This sticks to the uncompromising auto emission norms. It also manages to take maximum benefits of the fuel by using the last drop of diesel or petrol, providing cars with great mileage.

CRDI – Common Rail Direct Injection

If you have fitted Common Rail Direct Injection to your car then you can ensure your money is in the right hands. CRDI allows for better fuel and power consumption along with efficient emission control. It offers 25% more power than the normal engines and comes up with a mileage of approximate 24 km to 1 liter of diesel.

As we have discussed state and transition of the Indian Automobile Industry, let’s have a look at the changes in vehicle technology.

Apart from engines, vehicles have also undergone a lot of improvements in the form of:

1. Autopilot Cars:

Autopilot, also known as driverless cars, auto-driver, or autonomous vehicles are considered as smart cars due to a simple fact, i.e. they are their own drivers. In other words, they drive themselves. These vehicles are able to navigate roads on their own and give you a native taxi experience.

2. Automotive Engines

The automobile engine has covered a long journey from the first steam engine built in 1769 to the latest 4 strokes internal combustion engine. With the continuous power and determination of the human mind, steam engines are being kept improving and excelling in making themselves as much fast and smooth as possible.

3. Suspension Technology:

A suspension system of a vehicle is consists of shock absorbers, springs, and linkages connect with the wheels. However, the key function of the suspension system is to minimize jerks as well as provide a smooth journey to the riders.

4. Emission Standards:

With the continuous advancements in the automobile industry, the government is able to put a check on the emission of various harmful pollutants such as NO2, soot or a particular matter, volatile hydrocarbons, or carbon monoxide which can help them plan a full-proof strategy to fight against global warming and several such issues.

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Apart from these technologies, safety and steering technologies have also enabled the automotive sector to achieve great height.

Automobile Maintenance in India

In India, automotive maintenance is considered as one of the most essential services of the Indian automobile market. To increase the vehicle’s longevity and performance and keep them secure, regular maintenance is a must. It should be in every vehicle owner’s to-do list.

From checking the auto-parts regularly to taking care of car paint, everything comes under the Automobile Maintenance policy. The performance of a vehicle is directly related to the working of automobile components. Here are some of the regular process that should be in the automobile maintenance checklist:

  • Batter checking
  • Changing the automobile oil
  • Checking electrical system
  • Keeping a check on the engine

To Conclude,

The automotive industry market in India is on the edge of a major transformation. There are a lot of opportunities coming ahead due to the disruptions caused by the automobile sector. There is a golden chance for the players who are willing to take challenges, go beyond their traditional role, and connect with the customers in this new, digital environment.


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Indian Automobile Market: From Quantity to Quality

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