Spy App for Android without Knowing target Person

Spy App for Android without Knowing target Person

If you are one of the people who are in the search of such types of high –tech tools that empowers you to spy for android that works under complete secrecy without knowing the target person. The Android cell phone technology over the years has come with the best cell phone all across the world. The android has a huge fan following worldwide and today 85% of the digital cell phone is of Android operating system.

People from all ages such as kids, tweens, teens, adults and even the older ones are using the cell phone and gadgets running with Android OS. In addition, even employers these days love to provide their employee’s cell phone and gadgets of android OS.  Therefore, the moment you are going to choose the mobile phone spy app for android you should remember it should remain sneaky.

So, first and foremost you have to have such a high –tech tool for Android that empowers you to put it under surveillance without them knowing. Let’s get to know how you track a cell phone secretly with cell phone monitoring software for Android.

Install mobile phone monitoring app for android

You can monitor someone’s android cell phone without them knowing using spy app for android but first and foremost you need to perform few steps to get the best phone spy app for android and then install it and hide it on the target device. Following are the few steps that you need to perform to get the job done.

Step1: Use your phone or PC browser

Get your hands on your personal cell phone or PC connects it with the cyberspace and further visits the web page of the Android surveillance software.

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Step2: Subscribe for mobile phone monitoring software

Now you need to subscribe for the cell phone monitoring spyware and in return, you will get an email at your given email ID. It will provide you the credentials such as passcode and ID.

Step3: Get physical access on the target device

It is the time to take a target cell phone device into your hands. Once you have the physical access on the target device then instantly get started with the process of installation. Moreover, the moment you have completed the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device.

Step4: Hide android spy app on the target phone

Furthermore, when you are about the start the process of installation you will see a pop –up message. Simply you need to get the instructions of this particular pop –up message. It will help you out to hide the mobile phone tracker app for android on the target device to perform monitoring without them knowing.

Step5: Get access to the electronic web portal

In addition, you need to use the passcode and ID and get access to the electronic web portal where you can perform all the spying activities on android using the powerful tools that I am going to brief you fully about in the following.

Use cell phone tracking app tools to monitor android without them knowing

Live screen recording

You can easily record the screen activities happen on the target android device screen. It certainly empowers you to record short back to back videos of the screen and further you will be able to see all the lively recorded videos having access to the electronic web portal. You can record screen in real –time activities of chrome, SMS, YouTube, social media, email and applied passwords.

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IM’s logs without rooting

The end user can get the logs of all the social media apps running on the target device running with Android OS. User can get the logs of text messages, text conversations, shared photos, videos, audio video conversations and last but not the least Voice messages.

Secret call recorder

You can record incoming and outgoing cell phone calls in real –time on the target cell phone and further you can save the recorded calls data to the web portal.

Email monitoring

You can monitor sent and received email sent and you can read the content to know the nature of the email using email monitoring app.

Text messages spy

Read text messages sent receive, SMS, MMS and heads up notifications using text messages monitoring app.

GPS location tracker

User can track a phone GPS location of the target device using GPS location tracker software. In addition, you can monitor location history and mark safe and dangerous areas for the device.


The end user can use spy software for android on the target cell phone and you will be able to monitor cell phone without the target knowing. It means you can use this high –tech tool for digital parenting and as well as for employee monitoring to the fullest.

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