Top reasons why you should add steel cut overnight oats to your meal plan

Steel cut overnight oats

The trend of healthy eating seems to have dynamic growth. A food deemed to be healthy suddenly becomes unhealthy. Fat was once the primary cause of obesity, and now fat seems to be good, and the blame goes to carbohydrates. However, when it comes to steel cut overnight oats, researchers are always in favor.

Why soak the steel cut overnight oats?

Why should you soak the steel cut oats? Soaking is basically for softening it, but it also makes it easier for our body to digest the oats. Overnight soaked oats are easier to cook, more flavorful, and healthier. The best way to make steel cut overnight oats is by soaking one cup of oats in two cups of water or more. The amount of water should be more than double the amount of oats. Leave the mixture to soak for six hours or preferably overnight.

Receive high fiber from steel cut overnight oats

The steel cut overnight oats take longer to cook and digest because of the high fiber content. It is possible to soak rolled oats and enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast, but the steel cut type offers more fiber. This fiber is good for digestive health, promoting good bacterial growth in your intestine, and regulating bowel movement. High fiber content also allows you to have better control of your blood sugar level.

Low GI of steel cut oats

A low GI (glycemic index) food takes longer to digest. Since it is a natural product, it does not add too much strain on the digestive organs. The body also takes a longer time to absorb the nutrients. Thus, the body receives sugar in small amounts over a considerable period. This style of digestion does not cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Since the body absorbs nutrients slowly, your body will remain energetic for longer.

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The low GI also aids in insulin management. Since the blood sugar level rises slowly, the body can effectively generate insulin to break down the sugar, without adding more stress to the organs. Thus, steel cut overnight oats is a good breakfast choice for people with diabetes.

Steel cut oats offer iron

The importance of iron for your system is obvious. Iron is the building block of hemoglobin. The lack of iron leads to poor cognitive functioning, gastrointestinal problems, irregularity in body temperature regulation, ineffective immune system, and more. A steel cut oat serving offers 1.8mg of iron. However, the iron in the oats is a non-heme type, which makes it difficult for absorption.

Lose weight with steel cut oats

The steel cut oats are high in resistant starch, which helps in reducing weight. Moreover, the high fiber content makes you stay full for longer, thereby reducing cravings. If you are planning to reduce belly fat, steel cut oats are a good choice. Moreover, the consumption of steel cut oats can reduce the cholesterol level in the body.
The brand you choose should not contain sugar, milk additives, or other fillers. Adding sugar or other high-fat content to your oats would still increase your weight. Just plain oats with healthy fruits or other healthy recipes are the best way to reduce weight.

Soaked steel cut oats and heart health

The steel cut oats high beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is a type of fiber that helps in better nutrient absorption and reduces bad cholesterol levels in the body. Reducing blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels will allow you to enjoy a healthy heart. A regular meal with overnight soaked steel cut oats will reduce the risk of experiencing stroke or heart attacks.

Overnight steel cut oats and your liver

High cholesterol in the blood can lead to fatty liver disease. Diabetes and obesity are also some of the causes of liver problems. Since oats reduce bad cholesterol and keep blood sugar level in control, it is possible to reduce your liver’s stress. However, oats do not help heal liver diseases caused by medications, alcohol consumption, and other problems.

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Fight cancer with steel cut oats

The antioxidant content in steel cut oats helps to reduce the probability of colon and rectal cancer. According to a study, regular consumption of oats every day can reduce cancer by 20%. A fiber-rich diet also helps to reduce bowel cancer risk. Steel cut oats contain avenanthramides. The avenanthramides are compounds produced by oats as a part of its natural defense, and this compound helps to reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Regular consumption can treat hypertension

Regular consumption of steel cut oats can reduce the systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 7.5 and 5.5 points. This reduction in blood pressure also helps to maintain a healthy heart. Regular consumption can also reduce the need for antihypertensive medicines in the future. Oats also reduce the stress hormone level in the body by improving the serotonin level. Better serotonin levels can help to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Improve your immunity level

The beta-glucan in steel cut oats improves your body’s natural immunity by stimulating the white blood cells. The zinc and selenium content in oats improves the body’s ability to attack pathogens. If you are consuming antibiotics, oats can improve the medication’s efficiency by improving the body’s ability to heal.

Deal with your insomnia with oats

Steel cut oats have amino acids, which improves the production of melatonin. Melatonin helps to induce sleep. Better insulin regulation improves production improves tryptophan, which helps in a healthy sleep cycle. If you wish to use oats for treating insomnia, choose to mix it with honey or milk, and consume before bedtime. Remember that the steel cut oats need 6-10 hours of soaking. Thus, prepare in advance.

Beyond these, steel cut oat is good for the bone formulation, skin health, PMS management, and avoiding fatigue. Remember to choose healthy and natural steel cut oats to enjoy all these benefits.

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