12 tips to save money while building your own dream home

12 tips to save money while building your own dream home

There is no comparison of the happiness of seeing your house being built. Whenever we think of building our dream home, hundreds of designs start wandering in our mind. When we do not have the problems related to the budget, then there is also no limit of your dreams in building the most stylish home. But in the case we have a limited budget, then the ideas that can save our money can be so helpful in building a dream home.

There are 12 great tips to save money while building your own dream house:

     1. Pre-decide a budget and go accordingly: It is impossible to save money until we decide to set a budget for the money we want to spend on the construction of our dream home.  If we are sure about the total amount we can spend then only we can decide about the expenses and savings.  This budget will help in taking a decision on additions and removing the expensive and avoidable expenses. So before you start, first prepare the budget for your dream home.

     2. Finalize a frame for your home: A set mind is the best thing to build any building. Especially if you really can’t afford an extra expense. My friend Monika (imaginary name) was building her house. Monika and her husband did not decide any frame image in advance for their house. Their views were also not matching to each other. Because of this, they have faced repeated construction, wastage of material, time, and money. If you do not want to face such a situation, then after deciding the budget, please set an image of the design framework for your dream home. This idea will save your money and precious time.

     3. Visit some best designs to take cost-saving ideas: Visit few budget-friendly homes to get a few cost-saving ideas. By visiting a few houses you will get an idea and knowledge of what is going on with the trend. This tip will support you by providing knowledge on the use of which architectural material will be costly while using some of its substitutes will save your hard earned money.

     4. Negotiations with an architect or contractor: Before you hand over the project of your dream house to any contractor or architect, it’s your responsibility to don’t just settle down with the money charged by them for constructing your home. This is a trick of contractors, they know the people generally ask for negotiation that’s why they already demand more than the amount. So do negotiate with the contractor to save your money, as this saved amount can be used for further requirements during your construction project.

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     5. Source material by your side: Contractors charge too much for material.  This is a fact that they use low-quality material and show top quality material in the bills. Also, they use less material to save their expenses. Try to convince your contractor to source your own material.  This will be a great step to save money while building your home. You will buy the genuine quality material that will serve the durability and safety to your home. We build a dream house once in our life, and we invest all our hard earned money. Some smart decisions can save us from extra expenses and cheats.

     6. Prepare the compare list of quotations: after convincing your contractor for your personal sourcing of material your next step towards saving would be arranging quotations for building material. After receiving the quotations, prepare a comparing list to understand which material suppliers are supplying the best quality material at the best prices. Also, pitch your supplier to give some discount or addition of free delivery of the material. Go through all the terms carefully and then finalize the quotation to order the material.

     7. Mode of transport for the material: If you will order the material and allow smaller vehicles, for example, autos with a trolley, then it will run multiple times to deliver the required quantity of the material. Also, you will have to arrange one or two labors for loading and unloading of the material. Which is going to be the worst idea. You will waste your time and money in such a way. The best idea is to use dump trailers to order material. Today we have advanced technology in these types of trailers. The advanced technology of automatic functioning of moving floor trailers does automatic unloading on the site. So you don’t need to hire extra labor to unload also these trailers can deliver enough quantity of material in a single run. Use of rendering trailers is also common for moving the heavy scrap material from the construction site.

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     8. Avoid making several walls: Do not push your contractor to make several walls as it is only the wastage of time, material and money. This is also outdated as these days open kitchens and halls are in trend.

     9. Say strict no to numerous cemented shelves in the rooms: You can buy a pocket-friendly ready-made shelves according to your requirement. Cemented wall shelves take too much space and also cost a lot.

     10. Use of waste material: If possible, then re-use your waste material in building your home. You can re-use old tiles, racks, and some other things to save your money.

     11. Regular visits to site:  If you really want to save your money, then you have to invest your time. Give some time by regular visits to the work site and you can save money and material from wastage. This tip will work to get your dream home built under a given time period.

     12. Simple and clear designs: Choose simple and sober designs for your dream home. Complicated designs may raise the possibilities of reconstruction due to confusions. Simplicity looks awesome and costs less.

Remember all above-mentioned tips before starting the construction part for your dream home. Don’t let the happiness of building your home become a burden on you due to over expenses. Take a look at the above-mentioned cost-saving ideas to enjoy this precious moment, happily.

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