‘5’ Different Types Of Rugs Used For Home Decoration!

‘5’ Different Types Of Rugs Used For Home Decoration!

Rugs are known to be one of the first decorative elements that adorn the homes. These are beautiful and warm to create comfort and functional convenience in apartments and office buildings. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the colour scale, dimensions, patterned component, and also to observe the qualitative entry into the harmony of home comfort. 

With the development of machine production, different types of rugs are manufactured to emphasize some functional areas of the room. In order to elevate the interior with several types of rugs, it is necessary to choose a quality rug that fits in perfectly with the surroundings around your home. 

There are many good types of rug options with different rug fibers are available in the market for your home. These rugs range from eco-friendly rugs for the environment, high-end rugs for that special finish, to more durable rugs for high traffic areas. Moreover, rugs are designed from natural or synthetic materials like wool, silk, polyamide, acrylic, and more, which differ in softness, elasticity, and colour. Here this write-up will explain these rugs types in detail:

‘5’ Different Types Of Rugs Used For Home Decoration!


The structure of the woolen rug is soft, supple and preserves the appearance for a long time. They have the ability to absorb moisture and prevent shock by static electricity. Wool pushes away water, dirt, various liquids, thus remaining clean for a long time. Wool does not change its structure, whether the furniture is placed on a rug or not. This means, the structures of wool fibers always take on their original appearance always.

Material Advantages:

  • Good texture, elastic pile, rich colour. 
  • The rug will not lose its appearance even after 10 years of operation, and the service life of such a product is calculated in decades. 
  • Not prone to rapid fire. 
  • It tolerates changes in humidity.


‘5’ Different Types Of Rugs Used For Home Decoration!

The rugs made up of silk materials are expensive and costly in maintenance so it would be better to place them at the corners of the living rooms. It differs in softness, gentle natural gloss, and a big variety of patterns and colouring. Such rugs are incredibly beautiful and aesthetic because of the sheen of the fleece and bitmap. In addition, silk is very soft and pleasant to the touch. These silk rugs are sensitive to moisture and comparatively less sturdy than a wool rug. 

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Material Advantages:

  • Durability
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Extremely soft
  • High strength
  • The lightness of the material
  • Provide a luxurious surface, very fine fiber and offer great design to the living room


‘5’ Different Types Of Rugs Used For Home Decoration!

Jute is a fiber produced from the plants of the same shrub. Jute rugs are an environmentally friendly, natural and very durable product. They make sacks and ropes, which in itself speaks of the quality and strength of the material. The only drawback of jute is the fear of water because the effect of moisture interferes with the damping properties of the rug. Jute rugs are an environmentally friendly, natural and very durable product.

Materials Advantages:

  • Eco-friendly, very inexpensive and durable
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Well absorbs moisture and is also able to pass air


‘5’ Different Types Of Rugs Used For Home Decoration!

Viscose is an artificial fiber, but it is made from a natural material called cellulose, which is produced in turn from spruce and pine wood. Therefore, viscose rugs are inherently a very good substitute for natural material. It is worth noting that viscose in its appearance is similar to silk, so it is often called artificial silk. Viscose threads are easily dyed, so they create colourful and very bright coatings with a slight sheen, which are able to retain their original colour longer.

Material Advantages:

  • The threads are well painted to find a huge amount of a wide variety of coatings of viscose in any colours and patterns. 
  • rugs are soft and give a pleasant tactile sensation. 
  • The material is hypoallergenic, does not electrify, weighs little.
  • Hygroscopicity
  • Air permeability
  • Comfort
  • Does not accumulate static electricity
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‘5’ Different Types Of Rugs Used For Home Decoration!

Synthetic rugs provide softness and warmth of your floor, which is easy to clean and easy to maintain. High pile rug gives the room a beautiful and rich look. It further divided into acrylic, polyacrylic, nylon, polypropylene, and polyester. Externally, synthetic coatings are virtually indistinguishable from natural, while their cost is low. In everyday care they are simple, they do not cause allergic reactions. Such type of floor covering looks simply luxurious. It can be used in any room where beauty and thermal properties are important. 

Material Advantages:

  • It is resistant to dirt and easy to clean, which is important for the children’s room
  • These are soft and light.
  • It does not deform and wrinkle and dry quickly.
  • These are easy to clean from stains of different origin and are relatively inexpensive.

Overall Takeaway

The above-mentioned types of rugs are best for home decorations. Other types of rugs are jute, bamboo, and leather, which also have their individual characteristics for providing comfort. These rugs are great for the interior with antique furniture. For classic living room interiors, it is better to choose a rug with a pattern, original floral arabesque motifs and baroque ornaments. While choosing the type of rugs for the home, it is better to hire a specialist for a better option.

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