5 things you can highlight in your LC5 Daybed Sofa

5 things you can highlight in your LC5 Daybed Sofa

The LC5 sofa daybed is a modern masterpiece designed by one of the most renowned and iconic pioneers of the movement. Its elegance, simplicity, and to-the-point articulation is not only inspired but also instantly statement worthy. Although it does not consist of many individual parts that make up its whole, it still has a few components that can be dramatized and highlighted despite their carefully blended formation. If you’re curious about what they are, here are 5 to get you started:

     1. The upholstery

5 things you can highlight in your LC5 Daybed Sofa


The LC5 sofa is available in a variety of different colored upholsteries including black, cream and caramel brown leather. Its 3-seater division is quite charming and utilitarian, but that doesn’t stop it from making a statement. All three of its neutral-hued upholstery choices are specifically determined to complement its large modern surroundings. It’s a sofa that was designed by a radical modernist for a modern audience to complement the modern era. Therefore, its clean sophisticated upholstery is definitely something that you can highlight in your home interiors.

     2. Its back framing

5 things you can highlight in your LC5 Daybed Sofa


Back in the day, when modernism was at the height of its popularity, the main concept behind every space or product designed in its vein was to bare its structural integrity. The LC5 sofa is no different. Its unique structure is perfectly bare for everyone to look and enjoy. It’s become a part of the whole sofa aesthetic and does not hinder its clean visuals. In fact, when you feature it in an open floor plan, the back frame of the LC5 daybed can be considered a design element in its own right.

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     3. The unique legs

5 things you can highlight in your LC5 Daybed Sofa


The legs of the LC5 sofa are as unique and minimalist as the rest of its body. What truly sets them apart from typical sofas is that they have a very homogenous outlook. Their curved edges, wholly metal build, and fluidity makes them instantly eye-catching. Despite their simplicity, they are the perfect design element that you can bestow a modern masterpiece of a sofa such as the LC5 with. They’ll definitely add to the chic ambiance of contemporary interior design.

     4. The metal base frame

5 things you can highlight in your LC5 Daybed Sofa


While the back frame of the LC5 sofa has a structural beauty, it’s base frame stands out because of its understated filigree. It’s not a component that instantly attracts the eye. You have to look very carefully at the overall sofa to even point it out. Its chrome finish definitely stands out starkly against the buttery upholstery and makes the whole daybed feel very wholesome.

     5. Holistic visuals

5 things you can highlight in your LC5 Daybed Sofa


At the end of the day, each and every design aspect – be it structural or otherwise – of the LC5 sofa is something that catches the eye. Its minimalist aesthetic and artfully simple articulation is something of a holistic component of its own. Therefore, no matter how or where you put this sofa, it’s going to feel like a timeless classic despite its very historic roots.

As you can see, there is a lot of stuff that you can highlight in the LC5 sofa daybed. It’s a wholesome masterpiece and its clean aesthetic offers a uniquely sculptural beauty that will blow you away.

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