Tips to paint a home like a professional painter

Tips to paint a home like a professional painter

When you paint your home, you need to understand how to do it effectively, and in a way that will get the job done well. But, what are the best means to do it? Well, you’re about to find out. Here are the top tips to paint your home like a pro, and why they matter.

Wait till it’s dry Outside

You shouldn’t paint your home after a rainstorm or the like.  Why/ well, humidity means that the paint will drip, and the drying will be slow.  If you don’t have any other time to do this, you should take it slow, and if there are any issues, you should definitely take your time.  You will want to do it in spurts too and don’t overwork the area, because it shows.

Handle the Visual Inspections and Prep Beforehand

The last thing you want to do is do the visual inspections and the prepping before you paint, and then paint in the same day.  If you have paint that is cracked, flaking, or peeling, you should be ready to lightly scrape and sand it, and from there, rinse it, before you put the new primer and paint on there  that’s because the new coat will weigh a whole lot more, and the old paint will come loose.  You need to do this early on. Why’s that? Well, you’re about to throw money down the drain otherwise.  you’ll definitely want to make sure that everything is cleaned down, and use a damp cloth so that there isn’t any excess dust or specks that might get on the new paint.

Knowing the Nap

The nap is the amount of texture there is on the walls.  You will want to make sure that you have a thicker nap if you need to get the crevices and the complete coverage. But too thick can create textures you don’t want.  The best thing to do is go in, and talk to the salesperson before you begin.

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Have the Right Tools and know how they Work

The one way to really paint like a pro is to have the tools on hand and know how they work. Now, I’m not saying you should go in with a fully professional idea of how to paint, but you should know how these tools work before you do anything. For example, did you get the high-quality brushes that you need in order to get the right coverage, so you don’t need to re-apply? Did you get good roller covers with the correct nap? Do you know how to use it?  Do you need painters tape for the drips and the blurs? You should know every single one of these, and if you have questions, remember that the sales reps probably can help you a lot. They know more than they usually let on, so you should definitely consider potentially using this, and from there, see for yourself whether or not you’re fine, or if you need to add more.

Protect the Surroundings

This is something that you won’t’ want to regret. Covering the floors, furniture, and anything else that you deem valuable before you even begin painting is definitely a good thing. After all, paint is very hard to get out of fabric, and this is usually quite frustrating if you do it wrong, so it’s in your best interest to really make sure it doesn’t get anywhere.  You want to get drop cloths if you haven’t yet, and you should use sandwich bags with tape to secure small appliances and doorknobs.  You also need to remove the outlet covers and the light switches. Yes, I know that it’s boring and annoying, but you’ll regret it if you don’t.  Lots of people tend not to do that, but there is always that chance you’ll get paint on it, which is never fun.

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Paint and Primer

Primer and paint combination is okay if you already have the smooth surface that’s clean, but if you have issues in the wall, or it’s been at least 8 years since you’ve painted it, get that separate cover.  This is really important as well especially if you’re covering an area that requires high gloss paint.  A bonding primer is usually your best bet for those higher gloss paints.

And always remember to box your paint.  You should make sure that you combine your paint into a container and mix it.  This will maintain consistency from here till the end.

If you’re struggling with painting, you can always count on house painters Sydney in order to help you. But, with the right tools, and the right consistency of printing, you’ll be able to paint like a pro in no time. And plus, it provides much more satisfaction when you finished the job, and it looks great. 

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