Best Tips to Boost Your Fashion Jewelry Website through Instagram


If your fashion jewelry website is not making the mark and losing on sales, you need Instagram marketing for the same. The photo-sharing site’s stunning visuals, striking filters, and bright updates will keep your shoppers hooked. Studies show that the top 100 global brands are on Instagram, then why not you? To cut the long story short, your fashion website needs a traffic boost via Instagram.

According to an article published on, you can build a thriving brand presence using Instagram. It is imperative that your fashion website should have a powerful brand presence online, but not just any presence. Your jewelry site needs to stick out from the rest. How? Here are some of the best tips to boost your fashion jewelry website via Instagram:

Use a creative and unique bio

Use your creative skills for your Instagram bio because you have only 150 characters to make the first good impression on your followers. Get direct to the point. Tell your audience who you are and what your brand sells. You are free to tweak what appears in your Instagram bio, as you like. You can use your fashion jewelry in the bio and use the relevant hashtag associated with your brand.

Use your bio to promote your product launch or special events. In short, you need to pique audience interest with the 150-character limit.

Attract followers with engrossing content

There are two aspects of quality content, the copy, and the visuals. On Instagram, visuals are more than the copy. The photos, videos, stories, and vertical-format videos are some of the things you can use to your benefit. When it comes to copy, you can use smart, catchy captions to make your mark. These elements will help in driving traffic to your fashion website provided you do it like a pro.

Instagram photos drive 36 percent more engagement than videos. Therefore, you need to strike a perfect balance between the two. Use photos of your fashion jewelry products, lifestyle images, behind-the-scenes videos of your business, product review videos, user-generated content, and so on. Use photos that drive value to your Instagram followers. You can read up about Instagram marketing on platforms such as Stormlikes or similar ones.

Ensure that your jewelry photos are bright and shot in proper light without any blurry background or distractions. If the images do not complement your goals, your effort becomes futile.

Tap into the Power of User-Generated Content

Future anthropologists will affirm that we are presently well-and-genuinely in the Age of the Sulfide, with over 69% of grown-ups professing to transfer selfies to web-based life (that number increments to 87% on the off chance that we exclusively take a gander at twenty to thirty-year-olds). What’s more, individuals love simply to share a photograph of themselves in an adorable outfit, which means attire marks conceivably approach many bits of client created content (UGC) that they can impart to their group of spectators and reward clients for self-recognizing.

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Yet, UGC isn’t only for praising purchaser driven pics, it additionally drastically supports transformations. Truth be told, UGC is 5x bound to change over clients than non-UGC. Take Fashion Nova’s Instagram account, for instance. Their feed incorporates a curated blend of pics initially transferred by clients, who themselves become smaller scale influencers and are urged to make all the more free UGC — seems like a success win circumstance, isn’t that so?

Influencers Goanna Influence

A stage above substance made by clients is the space of Influencers. Brands bring these well-known industry figures and innovators on board to share their most recent product offerings. This methodology gives the attire brand access to an effectively settled and pertinent crowd, boosting their introduction in the design world.

They have an astounding 80,000 influencers (known as “Pura Vida Reps”) who routinely do showcase efforts in return with the expectation of complimentary wrist trinkets. This costs the brand by nothing contrasted with the profits.

Go Behind-the-Scenes

There’s nothing we adore more than getting a look into what goes on “behind the stage,” behind our preferred image’s gleaming facade. Enabling your image’s supporters to become familiar with your identity and what goes into your procedures — the untold story behind making new lines, causing your garments and any occasions you to visit — extends your fans’ associations, assembles trust and sustains a dedicated network.

This is actually what Kate Spade NY does with their Instagram account. Notwithstanding styled photos of their most recent lines, they likewise share photographs from honors, occasions, their stores, and non-garments related happenings.

Make Your Personality Pop

Instagram is, as most internet based life stages, a narrating instrument on a fundamental level. Brands that have the most achievement aren’t simply posting arbitrary pictures to a great extent without a conspicuous association; they cautiously create a story that uncovered their image character and assembles trust.

Rather than simply flaunting your items, why not develop a story around them, and your image, and offer those pictures? Character is the thing that separates you from your rivals, so utilize it. They still exhibit their items, however, such that connects to their vibe. They offer pictures of dynamic individuals wearing their most recent apparel things, however, we likewise get rousing previews of nature and scenes that resound with their crowd.

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Make Use of Instagram Features

Instagram has discharged a whirlwind of new highlights over the recent years, including the enormously famous Stories component that gives clients a chance to partake in-the-minute depictions of their lives that vanish following 24 hours. Be that as it may, for attire marks, the fun doesn’t stop there.

Brands with more than 10,000 supporters can open the “Swipe Up” include, which means clients who are viewing a Story can essentially swipe the screen and be guided directly to a significant deals page. This connects to the “see it, need it, presently” culture that we have going on, and it means brands can take advantage of the moment satisfaction that the present customers pine for.

Mona style has utilized the Swipe Up highlight to give watchers a chance to go to their fresh introductions page where they’ll (ideally) make a drive buy. Stories (and Swipe Up) are incredible for reporting your new lines and discharges, advancing deals or occasions, and boosting transformations straight from your Instagram profile. The Story Highlights include now enables you to bunch comparative Stories, keep Stories around for longer than 24 hours, and make substance hinders that let new devotees get arranged.

Smart use of tags

Use your jewelry business hashtags wisely to connect with your followers as well as other users who search using the tags you use. Though Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags, using the whole lot is not a smart thing to do.

Based on studies,you should use 5-10 tags to ensure results. Studies also show that branded hashtags are popular and used 70 percent of the time. Therefore, your unique tags will help your prospects find your fashion jewelry website and products. Did you know that even a single hashtag drives 12.6 percent user engagement?


Now that you have these tips ready, use them to drive traffic and sales to your fashion jewelry website. Good luck!

Author Bio: Kristen Smith is a blogger, social media buff, and worked with Stormlikes for a couple of years. She writes articles, blogs, and manages corporate social accounts. She likes horse riding and computer games.

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