What Type of Carpet Is Ideal for Your Living Space?

Carpet Is Ideal for Your Living Space

One might think that choosing the right carpet for every room inside your home isn’t a big deal but once you take all the factors into account, you will change your opinion. From children’s safety to preventing heat loss during winter, you stand to gain a lot if you start shopping for the right type of carpet for your living space needs.

What goes on in each room

Apart from its location inside your house or apartment, the unique thing about each and every room is its main purpose. Carpets (or better to say mats) in the bathroom are going to have a different purpose than the ones in the bedroom or the living room.

In this sense, choosing a white carpet for your living space that sees a lot of foot traffic, such as the hall isn’t the best of options. Furthermore, a thin carpet is not the best of options for the nursery or the children’s room, as kids spend a lot of time playing on the floor so you don’t want them to catch a cold.

If we were to break down these factors into points of consideration while choosing a carpet for your living space, then you should ask yourself the following questions:

– Does a particular room open up to the outside where there is dirt?

– What is the main purpose of each room?

– Is the room a place where people stay for longer periods or it mainly serves as a corridor?

Think of the children

Since adults don’t spend that much time lying on the floor, the children’s needs are among the most important factors to consider. We have already pointed out that the carpet in the children’s room needs to be thick but you should also consider more colorful patterns.

For instance, you can order a carpet with a print of a city map, so kids can play with toy cars on it. Also, the children aren’t particularly careful where they set their drinks and food, so the carpet should be easily cleaned, ideally using just a wet cloth. Also if you have pets you need to take care of how you clean your carpets.

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Size does matter

When it comes to the size of the carpet, it doesn’t have to match the shape, color, and size of the room it is placed in. In fact, you can make any room appear bigger or smaller by selecting the right size of the carpet.

If you live in a small apartment, then a lighter colored carpet will open up the room, making it appear stately. On the other hand, large rooms can be made homely and cozy by introducing a darker colored carpet.

Room lighting

All of the advice we have given so far is concerned with daylight conditions. However, the carpets you choose have to fit in the home’s décor after dark as well. The shade of the carpet needs to match the hue throughout the room, so the carpet doesn’t stand out when the lights are turned on. Quite the opposite, a well-selected carpet should blend in with the rest of the room.

Furthermore, interior spaces with plenty of natural light tend to bring out the color of the carpet while rooms on the north side of a house or an apartment building will need a lighter shade of carpet to prevent them from feeling darker than they really are.

Yes, carpets are installed, not just placed

How many times have you left the shower and stepped outside the cabin only to lose your footing on a slippery mat? Well, a mat in the bathroom isn’t fixed to the floor but larger pieces of carpet have to be installed properly to be safe for use.

You can buy the prettiest carpet in the store but unless you hire a carpet installation service the carpet in question might move from its place. This is especially important if you intend to install wall-to-wall carpeting which needs to be cut to an inch’s precision.

Quality concerns

Now that you know what shape, texture, and color of the carpet should be, it’s time to turn your attention to the quality of the fiber. There were excellent carpets in the past centuries, especially from the Middle East but modern carpets are good quality as well.

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The most popular technology is nylon. These carpets are resistant to crushing, color fading, and abrasive wear. Polyester, polypropylene, and other carpets made from nylon are ideal for keeping soil and dirt from penetrating the interweaving of the carpet.

As a result, it is extremely easy to remove stains from nylon carpeting. You don’t have to wash them often, as a simple vacuum cleaner will remove all stains easily. The less you clean the carpet, the longer it will last.

An extra benefit: Anti-Static technology

You should use the opportunity to purchase a new chapter that comes with anti-static technology. These carpets are made from carbon compounds that are basically thousands of miniature lighting rods, deflecting all static shocks. Although this compound wears off over time with all the foot traffic and cleaning, it can still extend the carpets’ lifespan.  

Since the electronic devices are expensive and elaborate these days, you don’t want the carpet to emit any static electricity. If you stand barefoot on the carpet and turn on the TV, for example, you might cause a short circuit, prompting you to fix the appliance. If the carpet you buy is “equipped” with anti-static technology, this scenario will never occur.

Using underlay

Finally, if you want the carpet to last for years and decades, it should have an underlay. It covers the entire surface of the carpet, making the carpet stable. Furthermore, the underlay guards against indentations made by furniture legs, especially heavier pieces, such as sofa or the dining room table. Finally, the underlay acts as an extra layer of insulation. It can be placed by the owner but you can also hire professionals to fir the underlay.

Choosing the right type of carpet for every room in your home will improve your living conditions. The children will have a safe and fun place to play and adults will enjoy lower energy bills. From the fibers of the carpet (nylon is the best) to the right color scheme, you should be able to determine the ideal type of carpet for your living space. 

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