6 Amazing Tips To Keep The Carpet Clean With Dogs

keep carpet clean with dogs

Having a dog is one of the biggest joys for most people. Studies have shown that keeping a pet can improve your mood and mental health immensely. It is because even an act like petting your dog can reduce the presence of cortisol, the stress hormone, in your body. Hence, it can leave you feeling happier and more at peace. It can also help reduce the risk of heart attacks and other stress-related diseases. For animal lovers and children alike, growing up with a pet can also have several other benefits, including improved relationships with parents and siblings, being more active, etc.


While most people love having a furry-friend around, they are also a huge responsibility. Dogs require immense care and grooming for healthy development. While this is all part of the process, the grooming of dogs can be an extremely messy business- especially for your carpet! Shedding, muddy pawprints, urine stains, etc. are all part of the issue. Thus, this article contains six amazing tips that you can use to keep the carpet clean.

  • Wipe muddy paws

Even the most well-behaved dogs cannot help but get mud on the carpets every once in a while. Dogs cannot control where they roam and what gets on their feet. Thus, it is a good practice to keep a towel or a mat by the doorstep. By this, you can gently wipe your dog’s paws before they enter the room containing the carpet. Furthermore, dogs may sometimes like to sleep on the rug as it protects them from the cold floor. It can be tackled by placing another rug, doggy-bed, etc. in the living room so that your dog sleeps there instead.

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  • Keep your dog well-groomed


All dogs shed their fur to some extent. However, if you have a large dog with lots of fur, this problem may be exacerbated. Keeping your dog well-groomed is one of the best ways you can tackle such excess shedding from ruining your carpet. Brushing your dog well and keeping them clean helps you tackle the fur in a controlled setting. Hence, you can dispose of it properly without getting too much on the carpet.

  • Vacuum regularly

A reliable vacuum cleaner is an essential item for all pet owners. It can significantly help control the accumulation of hair and dirt around the house. You should also ensure that you keep the furniture vacuumed as this is another area where fur gets accumulated; when kept dirty, fur will fall onto the carpet.

  • Stains


Stains can come from a variety of sources. However, most often, they can come from what your dog likes to eat or treats that you provide them. Many doggie treats contain added colours or flavored items, which can easily stain the carpet as your dog chews on them. Thus, mind what your dog eats to see if this is an area that needs your attention.

  • Cleaning up after your dog

Elaborating from the point above, you must clean up any stains or accidents that messes up the carpet immediately. Leaving soggy treats or not cleaning up urine fast enough can leave nasty smells and stains. Thus, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. Having simple items, such as stain removers, a steam cleaner, etc. can significantly improve your reaction time. Apart from this, everyday things like baking soda can also help you deal with the odor temporarily. Thus, they remain prepared for all situations.

  • Professional help
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While you can smoothly perform regular cleaning, nothing beats an excellent deep clean for a rug or carpet. You should call professionals to assist you with carpet cleaning to remove pet urine, fur or accumulated dirt. They have select chemicals and sophisticated equipment that remove any foul odor without damaging the carpet. Even some pests may damage your household goods like bed bud, fleas, flies, termites and so on, so you have to very carefull about these things.


In conclusion, even the best pets are prone to accidents now and again. If your dog is growing old, they may also be unable to control a lot of their bodily functions, meaning they could get a lot messier. Thus, we hope that these tips help you properly take care of your dog as well as your home.

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