How to make homemade carpet cleaner? 

homemade carpet cleaner

Let’s face it, spills on our home carpet make them dirt and make you irritated too. Whether it is a coffee stain, wine stain, or tea stain, also it is a task to roll up the carpet, take it to the dry cleaner, spending money for removing the stain, and then lay it back in its place. Moreover, it is more irritating when the pigment is small but is noticeable pretty easily; you do not have a choice in that case rather than giving an amount to the cleaner for removing the stain. However, what if there was a solution to our problem without all the bothering in the way? Is it even possible? Yes, it is possible now. Here are some tricks to remove stain from your carpet at home with this homemade carpet cleaner without all the bothering in between. 

Before using the methods, do remember the material of your carpet and choose the technique only according to your carpet material. Else you can end up damaging your carpet. Let’s jump on the topic without any further delay and help you remove stains from your carpet.  

Homemade carpet cleaner for the synthetic carpet

In case your carpet is made up of synthetic cloth. Here are some DIY methods that you have to follow to make homemade carpet cleaner. Remember to try the following ways by sprinkling the solution on the area stained and then rubbing it using a cotton cloth. And not any other material or the area stained can be damaged. Without any delays, let’s start:- 

homemade carpet cleaner

  • Solution 1:

Take a teaspoon of dish wash liquid such as vim, April, etc., in a bowl. Also, remember it should be translucent in color instead of a colorful one. Now add lukewarm water into the bowl with which you have already taken dishwash. Mix the two ingredients well. Now apply it on the stain and rub the stain with a white cloth using the solution. You will see the stain removing after some time.

  • Solution 2:

Except for using the above method, you can also use the following procedure. Here you have to take a cup of white vinegar and two cups of water. Boil the water to lukewarm temperature and add a cup of white vinegar to it. As said above, use a white cloth to remove the stain and do not use the solution directly on the carpet, or it can damage the carpet.

  • Solution 3:

Solution three is a gentle and non-hard work solution. All you have to do is take oil or a nail paint remover and use it as a solution to remove the stain with the help of white cloth.

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Homemade carpet cleaner for natural fiber

Suppose your carpet is made up of natural fiber. There are different cleaners to be used on it. Here are some lists of cleaners that can be used on natural fiber carpets. Also, remember not to use any of these solutions directly on the carpet, or it will damage your carpet. Instead, fill the solution in an empty spray bottle and spray it lightly on the area stained and then rub it after a while using a cotton cloth. 

homemade carpet cleaner

  • Solution 1:

Take a teaspoon of dish wash such as vim, April, etc., into a bowl. Now boil a cup of water till it becomes lukewarm, which is neither cool nor hot—a temperature in between. Now add the dish wash in the bowl to the lukewarm water in the pan. Spray it on the carpet as mentioned above, and you will notice the removing stain.

  • Solution 2:

For solution 2, you will have to take a tablespoon of ammonia. Furthermore, remember the ammonia you are using should lie in the household category and not in the industrial type. Also, the ammonia solution to be used should be clear. Now boil the water till it reaches the lukewarm stage and then switches off the stove. Now add the household ammonia solution you have to the lukewarm water. And spray it using a spray bottle, leave for some time, rub using a cotton cloth after a while. And you will notice stains removing from your carpet.   

  • Solution 3:

For solution three, you require one-fourth cup of vinegar. Moreover, remember to use white vinegar as it is not harsh on natural fibers. Now boil one-fourth cup water to lukewarm temperature. Which is neither cool nor hot and some temperature in between. You can check the temperature using your finger; if it is a bit warm, it is the right temperature.

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Now add the vinegar solution to the lukewarm water and pour it into an empty spray bottle. Spray it onto the stained area on the carpet, rub it after a while, and you will notice stain removing from your carpet. 

  • Solution 4:

For preparing the following solution, you require oil or a nail paint remover. The nail paint remover or oil is not harsh on fabrics and thus removes the stain from the carpet gently without damaging the rug. Moreover, remember to use the solution using a spray bottle.

Spray it on the area stain, leave for a while, and then rub it using a cotton cloth, and you will notice stain removing from your carpet. In Addition, do not use any other cloth material except for cotton, or you can end up damaging the carpet. 

homemade carpet cleaner

Conclusion – how to make homemade carpet cleaner?

These were all the methods you can practice at home for removing stains from your carpet. The techniques shown above are not at all expensive. Instead, all the material used in the above methods can be found at home easily. Also, do not add any other ingredient from yourself; only use the component told above. In Addition, do remember to follow the procedure sincerely as described and not to add any step by yourself. Also, do check the carpet’s material before trying any method on it, or it can damage your carpet if you use the technique for synthetic carpet on natural fiber carpet or vice versa. 


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