8 reasons behind AC not cooling and how to get rid of it?

AC not cooling

The worst parts about a hot summer day are when your air conditioner is working, and you have to spend the rest of your day sweating because you didn’t take care of your air conditioner well, and you are no expert. However, there can be many reasons behind AC not cooling properly. You never know what’s the problem, is it something technical or basic, and how you would have avoided it. Well, here are some reasons why your air conditioner might not be cooling and solutions on how you can avoid the situation. 

AC not cooling due to Stuck air.

Your air conditioner may not be cooling because of the air stuck in its filter. The dust filter is one of the most common for a non-cooling AC. When an AC passes cold and hot air through it, air particles in it get stuck in the filter of the air conditioner. One solution to this problem is that you should call an expert who can check your air conditioner. If you know how to clean it, you can clean it yourself too. 

Incorrect setting

In case your air conditioner is blowing cold air and suddenly starts releasing lukewarm air, your air conditioner is definitely facing some problems. The solution to this problem is either service for the air conditioner, but wait does not hurry! There can be a change in your thermostat setting. The thermostat setting should always be on auto mode and not ‘ON.’ you can check the thermostat setting yourself if this is the case and resolve it yourself. If not, if your AC needs a service. And your AC will be back to cooling properly.


Dirty outer unit

To understand why the outer surroundings of the AC fitted in your house affect its working, you must know how an air conditioner works? The evaporator, which is an inside unit, absorbs heat and transmits it to the outer unit. Further, the outer unit converts the heat into cool air and passes it to you. However, the transfer of heat from the inner unit to the outer unit is not possible if dirt is stuck in between. 

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Wondering how to fix it?- to clean the condenser or the outer unit, you need an expert. Moreover, you should always clean your rooms with ACs to avoid the problem.

AC not cooling due to damaged inner parts.

If the motor of the air conditioner is not working or broken, it won’t be possible for the air conditioner to convert the hot air into cool air. So, you will face the problem of your AC not cooling. Also, there is nothing you can do to avoid the situation rather than delicately handling it when you remove or fix it. 

Moreover, In this case, you do not have an option rather than to call an expert and make him change or repair the damaged or broken part. Further, you can notice such issues by not-so-common issues such as bubbling, noises, building up of ice, or any other uncommon issue. 


Damaged compressor

A compressor is a major and vital part of the outer air conditioner unit. It plays a major role in the flow of the cool and hot air. Therefore, if the compressor of your air conditioner is damaged, you will notice a wrong flow of air or will notice your air conditioner releasing warm air. In the following case, you will have to contact an expert and let him change or repair the compressor will have to give your air conditioner for service for the same. 

Moreover, to avoid the situation, service of your air conditioner id necessary every 3 months even if you aren’t using it. This will help you maintain your AC easily. An unmaintained AC can increase your electricity consumption and electricity bills. Also will show problems now and then.

Refrigerant level

The air conditioner is filled with a vital fluid called Refrigerant. It plays a major role in absorbing the heat from the surrounding air. If the fluid in your air conditioner is on a leak, your AC may not be cooling properly as it is unable to absorb the heat and convert it into cool air. You will be able to identify and know the problem. If you’re AC building up ice, hissing, making noise while working, or bubbling. Air conditioner services at regular intervals without delays would help you ward this situation off.

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Fan problem

Your air conditioner has 2 fans. One is at the inner unit that blows over inner air and makes it cooler—the other blows over the outer unit condenser to release the air out of the air conditioner. In case either of these fans is not working in your air conditioner. You will notice a warm air release from your AC. In addition, you should not neglect the problem as it can lead to more inner damaged parts of your ac, which can cost you even more. 


AC not cooling due to clogged drains.  

Moisture absorbed by your air conditioner while absorbing heat from the air has to be removed from the air conditioner. Else it will damage other parts. So, AC removes through a pan and then finally released through a drain line. In case the drain line is blocked, or the pan is full. All the moisture will be backed into the system. It will damage other parts apart from the air conditioner’s surroundings, such as ceiling, wall furniture, furnishing, etc. It’s better if you maintain your ac properly. 


These are the most common reasons why an air conditioner stops cooling. If you are facing any of these problems, you should immediately call an expert. And let him do his job after. However, you can take a few steps to avoid these situations. Such as cleaning the holes occasionally and replacing dirty filters every 3 months. Installing a high-quality thermostat and maintaining it regularly would also help.


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