The Importance of Getting a House Professionally Cleaned Before Selling it

professional house cleaner

It’s a known fact that a clean house will sell quicker and for a higher price than a messy one. As a professional cleaner the high quality of your service will protect the sale price of your client’s property. Make sure you are protecting your own business by comparing competitive online quotes.

The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) report that only 10% of houses shown to potential homeowners are in top nick. First impressions are very important to show home buyers the potential home that they could create in your house.

This is because many sellers are still living in their homes whilst they are on the market. It’s almost impossible to juggle selling your old house and moving into your new house at the same time. An added headache is the pressure to keep your house spotless. Though understandable, this means that prospective buyers inspecting your house will see many off-putting elements. These can include scummy showers, smudged walls, grubby carpet or muddy children’s footprints.

The only way to have the house in tip-top shape is to deep clean it. Deep cleaning goes above and beyond what you would ordinarily do in a quick tidy-up and most people do not have the time, equipment or know-how to execute the perfect deep-clean. This is where hiring a professional cleaner or cleaning service is recommended as they have skills and equipment that the average house owner doesn’t have.

People want to buy a clean, tidy home

Location, property size and floor plan layout influence buyer’s decision making. However, the state of the house contributes significantly to the buying decision. You might be accustomed to dishes drying in the kitchen, dusty windowsills and smudged windows but these features will definitely jump out to prospective buyers. It is imperative that a house on the market is impeccable.

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Your goal is to make your house look as if it is newly built or renovated. A professionally cleaned house creates a positive atmosphere. This is where a professional cleaner proves invaluable. They will work their magic and make your house look brand new.

A satisfied buyer will save you money

Even after your buyer has decided to purchase your house, it’s still wise to keep it in perfect order. No one wants their new house to be messy or have the perceived notion the property needs a lot of maintenance work. People moving into a disorderly house might demand a discount on their purchase price. This discount will cost you a lot more money than simply hiring some professional cleaners.

Leave a lasting impression

There is no legal requirement to clean a house before you sell it. Nevertheless, sellers should go the extra mile to wow the buyer. It will ensure a quick sale, shorter negotiations and less hassle!

Hiring a professional cleaner is the best way to leave your house on a high note.

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