How To Get Accurate Scans Without Watermarks?

Accurate Scans Without Watermarks

Are you looking for a free scanning app? Do you want accurate scans of your documents without any app’s watermarks? Finding out such an app will be so frustrating seeing all the free offerings on the play store. 

No one wants a clear big nasty watermark on their scanned documents. Most of the document scanner apps automatically include nasty watermarks when users scan their documents. It not only looks ugly but also sounds completely unprofessional.

Why Free Scanner Apps Add Watermarks?

If your scanning app for Android is adding an awful watermark to your scanned results you must think twice before sharing such documents to clients and customers.No one wants an impression of a freeloader in the market. Here are the reasons why scanning apps use watermarks.

  1. It helps them to market the app for free.
  2. The ‘paid’ upgrade to remove watermarks may offer watermark-free high-quality scans.
  3. Companies want you to remember their brand and logo.

Users Can Remove Watermarks In PDF Documents Anyway

To get rid of ugly and unprofessional watermarks users can anyway use PDF erasers. After using such apps most of the users are going to go online and search ‘how to remove watermarks in a document.’

They will remove the watermark anyway. There are thousands of online means available that work as a free PDF eraser without any watermarks. Instead, we should use an app that gives us an option to upgrade for a watermark-free scanning experience.

This way, those users who have endless professional documents for accurate scans will upgrade,and individuals who use an app for non-professional needs will have access to free PDF scanning apps.

Which Is The Best Free Scanning App For Android?

Out of the many free document scanner apps, one should choose an easy-to-use app that can generate clear and accurate scans. Also, the app should offer upgrade options so all the users who use the app for business purposes can upgrade and opt for watermark free scans.

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FlashScan is one such free app that generates clear, sharp, and water-mark free scans. This app is one of the fastest document scanning apps of 2020. The developers of the app understand that no-one wants watermarked scans. Thus, it works as a scanner app without a watermark.

What Are The Benefits Of  Using  A Free Scanner App-FlashScan ?

A few benefits of successful Android scanner apps are that they let you locate documents easily, have powerful editing filters, and can even come with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) assistance.

Consider FlashScan as one of the highest-rated apps loaded with all the above-mentioned characteristics. It’s user-friendly and scans all sorts of papers.Check-out the features of the FlashScan.

Primary Features Of The FlashScan-

  • FlashScan is a complete document scanning app. All types of documents such as old photos, bills, receipts, files, ID cards, official papers, Business contracts, invoices, and even study material are scan-able with FlashScan.
  • This app is user friendly and offers a straightforward interface.
  • Often users also want OCR after scanning. So that they can translate scanned files in other languages. FlashScan comes with built-in expert OCR. It extracts text accurately and also gives translation assistance.
  • Users do not need any translation app, FlashScan can translate the extracted text from English to many other languages. Uses can save such results as plain text as well.
  • FlashScan is your one-stop scanning solution. It also gives QR and Barcode scanning. It decodes all types of codes and generates accurate results. Users can further share or save these results.

Value-added benefits Of FlashScan

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Apart from the primary basic features, there are many added benefits of using FlashScan. Let’s explore the app.

  • There are many document scanning apps in the market but the most reliable free mobile scanner app scans your documents safely. Often we scan important documents and want it to be scanned safely. Developers and other users of FlashScan can never see your documents and hence you get safe scans in no time.
  • FlashScan offers professional post-scan filters that help to enhance the scanned documents. Grey Mode, Magic Color, Black, and white 1&2 are fantastic filters that you can use as per your document’s needs.
  • With Sort By feature, you can keep your documents well-organized.
  • Users can easily share, delete, save, and rename any file and folders.
  • With the pro version, users can also access the ad-free and watermark-free scans. You can anytime update the app and enjoy watermark free scans.
  • In the free version you will only see watermarks when you save or share your scans as PDF.

On concluding notes, we will suggest you to download the FlashScan app now to resolve all your scanning issues. We understand that watermarks are ugly and unprofessional. Use FlashScan-a free scanner app  for clear, sharp, and water-mark free scans.

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