Solar lamps – everything you need to know

Outdoor solar lighting is not only the original decoration of our gardens. Its operation is also environmentally friendly. The advantages of external home lighting are much more – it does not generate electricity costs and works perfectly in hard-to-reach places. Curious? Let’s take a closer look at this solution and take advantage of the offer of the solar company!

Solar lamps – what is it?

Outdoor solar lamps are a great way to economically illuminate the area. They operate based on solar panels and convert solar energy into electricity. Solar garden lamps are systems that are increasingly mounted outside single-family houses, larger residential buildings, housing ornaments, and even sports and industrial facilities. Solar lamps on the balcony, next to the gazebo, terrace or garage lighting are also a good idea. Lamps of this type are increasingly replacing traditional electrical systems, and at the same time, they are safer and do not require wiring.

What’s more – there is such a wide range of lamps on the market that certainly everyone will choose the right external solar lighting to arrange their garden. Solar lamps, globes and hanging solar lamps are extremely universal – they fit perfectly into places decorated in glamor and classic style. Also, solar ball lamps, which are also available in the solar company’s offer, are particularly easy to clean, and hanging solar lamps prove themselves as a decoration of terraces and gazebos.

The solar company explains how solar lamps work

The external lighting of the house, to work properly, needs the sun and the elements contained in the lamp: battery, solar module, as well as the photovoltaic effect. During the day, the module absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy by using the photovoltaic effect. The energy generated is stored in the battery and waits for darkness – then the solar lamps in the garden begin to shine. This is due to the automatic dusk detector that switches the equipment from standby mode to light mode.

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 So if you are wondering how external solar lamps work, you can answer the simplest – thanks to charging with solar rays. An interesting solution is also a solar lamp with a motion sensor. Such solar garden lighting is activated when it senses some movement nearby, so it is an ideal ‘detector’ of uninvited guests. What’s more, a lamp with a motion sensor is also economical because it doesn’t waste light if you don’t need to illuminate the surrounding area. Find out why it is worth having a solar lamp with a motion sensor in the garden and check how our solar company can help you!

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