Harmless Ways to Eliminate Bed-bugs and Flies from House

Harmless Ways to Eliminate Bed-bugs and Flies from House

Bed bugs and houseflies are surprisingly common in homes. They bother more than anything else while you are enjoying a movie on your couch or having a good time reading your favorite book in the bed. If you are lucky enough to end up to this article, we have listed out some basic harmless ways to help you banish them in no time, once for all.

Below are the four ways each to get rid of bed bugs and house flies and make your home a better place to live comfortably.

Four ways to get rid of bed bugs

1. Pre-treatment necessities

Remove clutter: get rid of excess clutter before getting started. Put cardboard boxes out and seal all your clothing linens in plastic bags.Choose your rugs carefully to make your room less accommodating for bugs.

  • Deep clean items that could be infested:Heat treat clothing, curtains, and sheets. Vacuum all corners of furniture carpets.
  • Make your bed isolated: Bed-bugs don’t live in the mattress alone. They migrate to your whole room. Move your bed away from furniture, walls, and everything else to reduce the contact and prevent them from getting spreader.
  • Vacuum the area: Vacuum all ins and outs – not only the mattress but also the slats and headboards.

Harmless Ways to Eliminate Bed-bugs and Flies from House

2. Home remedies

  • Starve the bugs by getting hold of Ziploc bags for your mattress. Leave them for a week. This will prevent bugs from getting out and starve them to death.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth as it is a cheap natural bed bug killer. Sprinkle the powder to every corner and crack of furniture, and you will see the result in few days. Soda of bicarbonate can also be used with the same application method.
  • Tea tree essential oils can also help to mask the human smell while killing the bugs. Dilute the oil and spray them to the affected area.
  • Vinegar may have the strongest smell, but it is also effective in banishing bed bugs. Unfortunately, it is not useful for bug eggs.
  • Borax is used to suffocate the bugs. Sprinkle it on the mattress then spray water to fix it up. It will wash off the whole colony.
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3. Use a harmless pesticide

A pesticide is the easiest method for killing bugs, but it may cause family members allergy and bad odor. Spray pesticide all over the mattress and corners and cracks. Must include drawers, slats, and headboards then leave the room for a couple of hours. Vacuum the area to clean up the dead bugs and follow the instructions on the label.

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4. Prevention methods

Prevention is always better than cure. Keep the below three things in mind to make your home bug-free.

a) Vacuum regularly

b) Check your second-hand furniture

c) Take precautions when cleaning

Four ways to get rid of house flies

“A clean house results in ultimate peace of mind and soul” Says-Paul Carter, Writing ConsultantCrowd Writer. Below are some useful techniques.

1. Homemade DIY fly traps

Home fly traps are simple and easy to make. It is the cost-effective way to combat them.You can make them with commonly available household items.

Soda bottle traps:Take two clean empty soda bottles. Cut one-third from the top and pour a sweet liquid up to bottom one-third. Turn the bottle upside down making a cone shape and place it on the larger opening of another bottle. Flies will get in but will not get out.

Vinegar and dish soap fly trap:Place vinegar and sugar solution with dish soap in a bowl and place it covered with plastic wrap and poke holes. Flies will get in but will not get out.

Harmless Ways to Eliminate Bed-bugs and Flies from House

2. Tackle outside flies

Garden plants can do wonder to repel flies. These may include bay leaves, basil, lavender, mint, and Nasturtiums. They will give an elegant look to the lawn while keeping pests away from the house. Proper waste management is the best way to prevent accommodation of flies.

3. Repel flies naturally

Use environmentally-friendly solutions indoors to keep flies away by placing a jar of apple cider openly into the house. The scent will repel flies. Also embossing cloves in lemon and placing in corners of the home or near windows and doors can prevent pests coming in.

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4. Gets rid of flies on whole

ERDM approach is the best approach to get rid of house flies with long-term protection and complete removal.

  • Exclusion:It is proofing of entrances such as doors, windows, roof vents and chimneys. This will prevent flies from entering the house.
  • Restriction:It is a general related to a good housekeeping practices to remove possible fly breeding sites and keeping out attractions.
  • Destruction: It is referred to the use of the fly control treatments customized for individual needs.
  • Monitoring: Inspect your house regularly both indoors and outdoors for the source of attraction.


There are plenty of ways to make your home pets free. DIY methods are cheap and easy to apply. We recommend that if infestation continues for weeks even after repeated treatments, or it fails to be effective against the pests. It’s time to call a professional. An expert pest control service provider may help you with every possible way to make your home free for pests and help your family to get rid of copious bites of bugs and bothering murmuring of flies.

Bed bugs and houseflies are a nuisance to your family than anything else in the environment. They are unwelcomed guests that stay in your home hidden and feed on you as well. However, a smart play to get rid of them while regularly checking for preventions can help to keep them out of your premises.

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