9 Essential Mobile App Development Tools For 2019

9 Essential Mobile App Development Tools For 2019

With the ever-growing technology, most of the organizations are switching to designing mobile apps for their businesses. And the good news is that whosoever business is efficiently making the use of a mobile app in their marketing strategies is expanding.

The fact behind switching from desktop to mobile sites is the increase in the number of mobile users. All the digital space is flooded with mostly mobile users and it becomes crucial for all business owners to count on it as designing the mobile apps help the enterprises to seek the maximum engagement of their targeted audience.

Besides the importance of a mobile app, the framework used to design it also plays a very significant role and is the key to a successful mobile app. Ultimately, just designing a website and leaving it to engage the customers isn’t enough. It’s the time to work according to the latest trends and opt for the perfect platform that looks after your business goals.

There are a plethora of mobile app development platforms and tools that can help you design the apps multitasking app.

So, if you are also looking forward to creating the mobile app for your brand then here are some awesome mobile app development frameworks and tools offering cross-platform advantages. Let’s get started.

  1. Appcelerator

Appcelerator from its name itself showcases that it helps in speeding up the app development procedure. Moreover, this platform works well with Ruby, PHP, JAVA, and more other platforms which makes it one of the best choices to design apps of your desires.


  1. i) Improves the speed of app development
  2. ii) Supports mobile app development with all the operating systems

iii) Appcelerator framework supports for the multi-region deployments

  1. iv) Also offers real-time analytics for determining the performance and finding the problems


  1. Xamarin

One of the preferred mobile app development tools for native applications is Xamarin. It is a cross-platform tool that is based on C#. But the best trait about Xamarin is it allows the communication with the APIs, IDEs or mobile devices. Moreover, this tool is widely used to create apps for different platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows.


  1. i) Provides testing and QA features to build scalable and robust mobile applications
  2. ii) It generates less bugs

iii) Xamarin tool allows performing the linking and indexing

  1. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a versatile app development tool from Adobe that is advised by most of the developers because of its abundant advantages. PhoneGap tool allows you to design the app that supports almost all the mobile device platforms like Windows, iOS, and more. The apps designed with PhoneGap are compatible with Javascript, HTML, and CSS3. Moreover, the immense flexibility of PhoneGap tool save the efforts and extra money on creating the good-quality apps.

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  1. i) Offers fast, incomparable, and competitive performance
  2. ii) Allows developers to shape the apps using plug-in architecture

iii) Provides a library of plugins that helps to craft the competitive functionality for the apps

  1. Sencha

Sencha is a Javascript tool that basically performs designing, development, and tests enterprising of mobile applications. Mainly, Sencha focuses on providing the high-level of responsiveness to the designed mobile applications. With Sencha, the development of mobile apps becomes very easy and faster. Moreover, it also helps in offering a great customer experience.


  1. i) Supports touch events and animations
  2. ii) One of the useful tools for developing native applications

iii) Basically is supported on Android, Windows, and other Web Kit browsers

  1. Ionic

Interestingly, Ionic is a remarkable framework from HTML5 tools for mobile app development. Moreover, whenever there is a need to build more intricate design then the Ionic tool can also be integrated with the Javascript. This is a framework that is mostly used to design hybrid apps along with the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS. The incomparable features and services of the Ionic tool make it one of the best frameworks to build the most responsive and attractive mobile apps.

  1. NativeScript

It is an open-source framework that allows the developer to create native apps for mobiles with Javascript. It further allows to position and writes mobile apps using a single code base for various mobile platforms like Android or Windows. All in all, the variety of distinct features offered by the NativeScript tool can be utilized by all individuals with proper app development expertise.


  1. i) Supports a variety of plugins to empower the app functionality
  2. ii) Make use of distinct web skills like CSS and Angular


  1. Flutter

Flutter is a mobile app development tool from Google that makes the cross-platform development procedure simpler and convenient to execute. Basically, Flutter platform suits best for designing the hybrid mobile apps that is the one reason why mostly the developers opt Google’s Flutter framework.

If we talk technically, then Flutter makes use of Skia – 2D rendering engine that helps in forming the visuals that more likely looks like material design.

  1. LongRange
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LongRange is another native app development tool that is comprised of various components like tabs, commands, views, and more. The best part of using this tool is it easily and quickly executes the native apps. Moreover, it also offers the infrastructure for apps and builds the same using RPG/CL. It is also perfect in making the ultimate use of GPS, camera, SMS, and more. Another advantage of this platform is it can be developed without the need for having any knowledge regarding Javascript, CSS or more.

  1. XOJO

Last but not least, XOJO is another great mobile app development tool for iOS platform. It allows developers to design apps with better efficiency and fast loading speed. In addition, it supports graphics, IPs, and more which further allows to bring the creativity of your dreams.


Ultimately, it is clear that every mobile app requires a strong framework to drive more customer engagement and sheer performance too. So, if you are confused or looking for the best mobile app development tool then counting on these essential frameworks can help you find the best one to design the mobile app with great efficiency and agility.

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