What Is the Success Rate of Automated Trading and the Best Tools to Perform It? 

Rate of Automated Trading

The chances to make a profitable trade have increased since rate of automated trading appeared. It gives trades greater freedom as they don’t have to check their devices to monitor the market of digital currencies anymore. 

And not only this – it has given us the opportunities for effortless and more consistent trades where emotions don’t play a role. Instead, your investment plan and logic prevail. 

Here are its other benefits, Rate of Automated Trading. 

  • balancing a crypto portfolio and keeping your focus on multiple relevant crypto coins at the same time
  • managing liquidity automatically
  • using proven algorithms to perform big trades
  • adjusting settings according to your own trading needs
  • working well with lots of trading strategies 

Automated trading tools have become increasingly popular for day trading. Since more and more people speculate on tiny crypto price fluctuations, it makes sense for them to use automated trading tools that give a chance to buy and sell assets on the same day. 

As a rule, this is done through interacting with a bot and using a crypto trading platform to make trades. Such bots let you choose the strategy, and some of them can function as APIs. For instance, platforms like Binance and Kraken use API bots to help clients trade; these bots act as intermediaries between exchange services and traders

Top Tools to Perform Automated Crypto Day Trading In 2021-2022

When you look for a place to trade safely, you should consider a lot of factors such as:

  • Compliance with the laws and regulations
  • Platform’s reputation
  • Commission fees
  • Chartings and market analysis tools
  • Transaction speed
  • Client support 
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This is the necessary minimum for every decent auto trading instrument. To exemplify and show you where to find these features, look at these tools. 

  • Cryptohopper.

Over a hundred cryptocurrencies are available here for fast and automated trading and education materials such as courses, tutorials, and lessons. 

If the round-the-clock portfolio monitoring is what you want from a service, Stoic has something to impress you with. Here you can set up the settings and forget about them – they will work for you as planned. 

  • Botsfolio. 

Best for bot trading, this hands-off tool requires practically zero cryptocurrency trading knowledge and still is capable of excellent results. Moreover, it allows involving various trading strategies, not only day trading.  

It seems that automated trading is both the present and the future of the sphere, and it will stay at the top for a long time to come. 


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