Fastest Way to Lose Weight – 20 Tips for Ultimate Weight Loss Goals

fastest way to lose weight

Like everybody, you too must have made losing weight your new year’s resolution. Almost every individual takes this New Year’s resolution very seriously. People make strict workout plans that are difficult to adhere to. There are ample ways through which you can lose weight quickly. In most cases, experts advise you to lose weight gradually. If you tend to lose weight too fast, you will lose your muscles and bones instead of body fat. If you want to lose weight fast, you should consult a doctor, to make sure you get all the nutrients. Consulting a dietician always helps in the long run.

If you are looking at how to lose weight fast naturally, then you can find tons of information on the internet. But, that does not always help. Weight-loss is a process-oriented journey that can be achieved by bringing subtle changes to your lifestyle. It requires determination to stick to those rules if you want to lose weight quickly. In your weight loss journey, every step counts.

Fatest way to lose weight

Are you thinking about how to lose weight fast naturally? Try these mentioned-below ways that will help you in losing weight faster.

1. Quit rice

This is the foremost advice that you will hear from everybody. But rice is not fattening. It is quite low in fat and can be digested very easily. If you cannot enjoy your meal without having rice, here’s what you can do. Instead of gorging on a plate full of rice, take only one serving of rice once in a day. You can pair the rice with other vegetables such as capsicum, onion and chicken to make your meal healthier. Another method is to boil the rice in water to make it starch free.

2. Lift weights to improve metabolism

Lifting weights helps in burning calories and prevent your metabolism from diminishing. You can go to the gym thrice in a week. If you do not prefer doing weight lifting, then doing cardio workouts such as jogging, running and swimming can be helpful. If you are looking at how to lose weight fast with exercise, then, you should inculcate the habit of walking in your life, like going to the store or climbing stairs instead of using lifts every time. A regular walk shows good results as it helps you in losing weight and become stronger.

3. Reduce the intake of sugar and starch

Another fastest way to lose weight is to cut back the intake of sugar and starches in your diet. By doing this you control your hunger level and you tend to eat lesser calories. Now, instead of burning carbs for energy, the body starts nurturing on the stored fat. Reducing the intake of carbs also helps in reducing the insulin levels that cause the kidneys to reduce excess sodium and water from the body. This helps in reducing bloating and water retention. Taking sugar in any form is harmful, be it in the form of beverages or liquid. This also applies to fruit juice.

Avoid taking processed foods as they are rich in sugar, fat, and calories. Processed food is likely to cause addictive eating.

4. Drink caffeine and tea

If you are a coffee or a tea person, then it is advised to drink as much caffeine you want as it helps in increasing the metabolism.

Caffeine intake may reduce your hunger levels and your desire to eat for some time. It helps in increasing your energy while you are resting. It increases thermogenesis-one way the body generates heat and energy from digesting food. You can also drink black coffee that helps in improving your metabolism. It is advised not to add sugar to your drink. If you are going to the gym regularly, then drinking a cup of black coffee can really show some quick results.

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5. Try different flavors of tea

Are you a tea person? Then, here’s a piece of good news! Drinking green tea has been linked with many health benefits, such as it helps in burning fat and improves your immune system. This is because green tea has anti-oxidant, known as catechin. Apart from weight-loss, drinking green tea can be beneficial for your overall health. It also helps in improving kidney and liver function and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You can also try jasmine tea for variety.

6. Perform strength training

When you are doing strength training, you tend to gain muscle mass. This shows that you have lost inches, but it is not visible on the scale. Inch loss is also considered a healthier option of losing weight.

6. Sleep enough

Well, this is true, not taking proper sleep can make you fat. Sleep deprivation reduces your metabolism, disturbs your gut bacteria and upsets your hormonal cycle. Taking proper sleep is one of the easiest and fastest ways to lose weight. According to research, sleeping for lesser hours makes you eat more calories.

7. Eat as much protein as you can

Eating protein can help you in losing weight naturally. A high intake of protein in your body improves your metabolism and reduces your appetite. But eating too much protein can cause an unbalanced diet. Hence, it is advised to take a well-balanced meal.

Make sure you eat healthy and natural snacks such as yogurt, boiled eggs, and whole fruit. For lunch or dinner, you can prefer to eat khichdi as it contains protein and fiber. By following this practice, you reduce the chances of eating unhealthy food that helps you in achieving your weight loss goals.

8. Drink plenty of water

Most people recommend this tip because it definitely works. Taking enough water reduces your appetite and improves weight loss. This is another fastest way to lose weight. Make sure you drink a glass of water before having a meal and take one glass every 2 hours.

Make sure you drink a glass of water every morning. You can add a pinch of lemon or cinnamon to get benefits. If you are not habitual of drinking water regularly, then download apps that remind you to stay hydrated the whole day.

If you are feeling hungry at your workplace, then make sure you get up and go to the water cooler and have few sips. This will not only ensure that you are drinking water but also ensures that you are in the habit of taking a walk in between.

9. Take proper diet inclusive of vegetables and protein

Each of the meals should include a protein source, fat source, and vegetables. Taking your meals in this way can bring the carb intake into the range of 20-50 grams per day.

Winter days are most apt to consume green vegetables. You should include a variety of vegetables such as broccoli, bell peppers, and French beans. While, if we talk about fruits, you can find a variety of fruits such as oranges, papaya, and guava. So, whenever the hunger pang hits you, make sure to prepare a vegetable salad or grab any fruit of your choice.

10. Reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar

Taking refined carbohydrates can raise the blood sugar level instantly, which may cause hunger pangs that may cause you to eat more. If you are eating carbohydrates, make sure you eat them with natural fiber. Eating carbohydrates not only makes you eat more carbs but also provides empty calories.

Another type of carbohydrate that can make you gain weight is increased sugar. According to studies, taking sugar can lead to increased obesity, heart ailments, and type II diabetes.

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11. Use smaller plates for meals

If you are taking meals in smaller plates, then you tend to eat lesser calories. However, it does not applies to everyone. Even, overweight people may tend to eat more calories.

12. Be a slow eater

People who eat fast tend to gain weight over time. Eating food slowly can make you feel full and boost hormones that can make you lose weight.

13. Avoid dieting

Dieting is one such practice that is difficult to follow in the long-run. You do not need to go for strict diet rules or starve yourself in order to reduce weight fast. Dieting is just one part of losing weight. The main thing that you need to focus is on your diet chart, exercise plan and other techniques that will help you to lose weight.

By taking lesser carbs and reducing your insulin levels, you prepare your brain to lose weight. This can cause reduced appetite and hunger, this is the main reason that many people fail with weight loss methods.

14. Indulge in intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating plan in which you eat food containing a lesser amount of calories to set a window for 8 hours and not to eat anything for the next 16 hours. This process can be repeated frequently- from once to twice in a week to every day based on your choice. This diet is easier to follow and provide results with minimum efforts. This method not only helps in losing weight but also helps in improving metabolic health and life-longevity.

In most cases, intermittent fasting has shown effective results in men, than in women. If you are looking at how to lose weight fast for men, you can find ample information on the internet about intermittent fasting. In this fasting, you are only supposed to eat healthy.

15. Never skip your breakfast

Health experts always recommend this, and it actually works! It is advised to eat your breakfast within 90 minutes after you wake up. Remaining an empty stomach for long hours can slow down your metabolism. Make sure you something to eat in moderation every 2-3 hours.

Skipping your breakfast may make you eat more.

Make sure you include eggs in your breakfast regularly. Eating egg as the first meal helps in consuming lesser calories in the next 36 hours.

16. Refrain the habit of eating dinner late at night

Make sure that you maintain a gap of two hours after having dinner and going to sleep. Eating dinner late keeps you full and you may not wake up feeling fresh the next morning.

17. Increase the intake of fiber

It is recommended to eat fiber for weight loss. Studies reveal that eating fiber controls your weight and increases satiety. This includes food items such as bread, fruits, vegetables, and brown rice. The fiber-rich food is bulky and keeps you full for long hours, hence not making you eat frequently.

18. Reduce your portion size

If you are looking for a long-term weight loss plan, then it is advised to reduce your calorie intake. Inculcate the habit of eating little less of what you are currently eating. Once you reduce your portions-especially, sugar, fat, and other empty-calorie foods. Then, you can balance your diet and incorporate nutrient-rich food items.

19. Weigh yourself regularly

To make sure you are not gaining too much weight, make sure you weigh yourself regularly. This habit will help you in keeping a track of your weight.

If you want to lose weight, make sure you measure your Body Mass Index (BMI). Analyzing your body mass index and body fat percentage are the most appropriate ways to measure your weight.

20. Cut back on drinking alcohol

Consumption of alcohol not only gives extra calories but also slows down your metabolism. Most alcoholic beverages affect your life and may cause chronic diseases in some cases.

Final Thoughts

Weight loss is not just about exercising and eating right every day. It is a process that requires a lot of effort from an individual. No one thing can make you lose weight so quickly. Hence, the long-term key to losing weight is to create a lifestyle that you can maintain. An individual needs to bring changes in his or her lifestyle. If you are not able to figure out as to how you should start, then you should consult a dietician. However, if you just focus on any of these above-mentioned tips, you will surely achieve your weight-loss goals in no-time. But, make sure your primary focus should be to become healthy and fit, and not just losing weight.

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