All you need to know about chemotherapy and its cost

Chemotherapy is the most preferred cancer treatment. It is referred to medicines that help in stopping dangerous cells of cancer which further grow. It basically kills the cells which divide with great speed. Generally, the chemotherapy costs in India are exorbitant and depend upon the treatment given. The efficiency of the process depends upon the stage of cancer. Sometimes, in the last stage, the speed of cancer cells growth is uncontrollable. Thus, the treatment like chemotherapy is important as cancer needs to be cured or it may prove fatal to anyone. There are some adverse effects of the treatment as it also targets healthy cells in addition to dangerous cells. The proper scheduled plan is recommended by doctors for cancer treatment according to the stage of cancer.

Various blood tests are conducted to check if the patients can cope up the treatment notIn the case of lower counts of red blood cells, treatment will be delayedRegular tests are conducted to make sure that no infections occur in the future. The dosage depends upon the patient how to give him orally or through veinsIn case, health permits tablets can be taken at home along with some liquid medicines and regular hospital visitsProper care should be taken for visits to hospitals and timely consumption of medicinesThe drugs can also be used as an injection in arm or injection directly to the parts affectedThe drugs can also be given through a pump or various other devices can be used

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The chemotherapy costs in India range from Rs56000 to Rs2 lakhs per session. This includes a minor surgery which is quite costly and medications are also very expensive. The costs also depend upon the stage of the patient.

Normally medicines doses are high for a heavy weighted person as compared tolight weighted personVarious drugs depend upon the height and weight of the patientCosts also include various appointmentsbiopsyCT scanXrayMRI  scanetc.

Sometimes various additional treatments are required like bone marrow transplantetcIn India, costs are lower as compared to nations like USAUKetc. Differences lie on the basis of currency, cost of living index, competition, doctor fees, etc. People in nations like India curse god for such problems or curse karma for diseases, then curse pharmaceutical companies, and in the end, curse government whereas the other people, who survive thank god, karma, pharmaceutical companies, and government. In case, a poor citizen is diseased with cancer, he cannot afford such an expensive treatment in comparison to per capita income. Even maximum coverage of insurance policies cannot cover the treatment expenses in nations like India. Another problem is those differential pricing policies adopted by various companies. Also, the government has no control over centralized pricing policies. Pharmaceutical companies in coordination with government should devise some new plans and policies so that effective and measurable steps can be taken in order to help the people of the nation. More and more practical ideas must come in order to make the various policies effective and implemented in such a manner that goals are achieved efficiently and effectively. 

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The costs are expensive because of the fixed equipment and establishing hospitals involve huge expenditures which involve land expenditures, government taxes, etc. In case cancers are detected early, it can lead to cost savings, further in case of insurance policies various tax deductions can be claimed of. Awareness needs to be created at a large scale so that more and more people are aware of the issues regarding cancer and other health issues and benefits in the form of insurance policies. Due to technological advancements, early detections help to find out any issues in healthcare and lead to timely and proper solutions. More and more people are now getting aware of insurance benefits and are adopting them as a measure to safeguard against various health issues. People should avoid polluted areas as maximum cases of lung cancer are about people living in areas with high air pollution. Yearly check-up of everyone above the age of 25 should be made compulsory by the government so that people don’t neglect this. Some income tax reductions are offered by the government to promote check-ups.

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