Worthy Resources to Learn About Cryptocurrency and Improve Your Trading

Learn About Cryptocurrency

If you knew a lot about the cryptocurrency market 2 months ago and were a confident trader, it doesn’t mean you remain such right now. The world of cryptocurrency never lets you sleep. It is ever moving and developing so you can’t afford to stop learning unless you don’t care about the results of your purchases.  Educational resources go hand in hand with crypto trading tools as they all are important for profitable outcomes. This short read will cover several reliable platforms to Learn About Cryptocurrency so if you are excited about the sphere, come on in. 

What Tools Can Help You Understand Crypto Trading in 2022? 

Below you can see our list of worthy instruments to boost the awareness of the cryptocurrency market. They are super useful and productive; still, do not expect to become a pro overnight. Read and learn all the time, let it become your habit. In reality, better comprehension will come gradually. 

Tool 1. Coinbase Learn. 

Ever fancied learning crypto mining with flashcards?

Besides the more widespread use of Coinbase as the trading platform, it is also a brilliant educational resource. The ‘Learn’ section teaches cryptocurrency in a very easy and playful way. 

Tool 2. The Crypto Mastermind.

This platform is a perfect way to increase the general knowledge about cryptocurrency with the help of interactive video materials. The good news is that many of them are totally free. The place has a super convenient process of selecting these videos – they are labeled ‘beginner’ or ‘pro’ to match your current level.

Tool 3. Stoic.ai

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The use of Artificial Intelligence for crypto trading is not a surprise, right? But Stoic. ai is not just a crypto trading AI bot. It is rather a blend of an instrument for the ground-breaking AI analysis and making fast trades across many markets. Expert advice is also available here so stoic.ai is both great for theory and practice.

Tool 4. EdX. 

If you didn’t know, the huge vasts of EdX now also contain the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies section by UC Berkely. This thing is perfect for anyone desiring to have a more profound knowledge of how cryptography works and where the era of Bitcoin can lead us further. A bit philosophical course though. 

Tool 5. Tokentuber.

Again, moving down the line with more practical tools, we would like to introduce Tokentuber. The tool is unique as it successfully combines educational purposes with crypto exchanges. They also give certificates to anyone finishing quizzes on digital assets. What is more, a 10,000 USD prize can be won by any quiz participant. 

Tool 6. Earn.com by Coinbase. 

A bit similar to Tokentuber, this platform teaches a big number of courses aimed at a specific cryptocurrency. But the reward is not only the knowledge user get; every tutorial pays a learner a certain amount of this cryptocurrency as a bonus for the successful completion of all modules. It really makes learning a lucrative experience, – what a motivation! 

Wrap Up 

As you can clearly see, without knowing the theory you can’t perform good trades and win the race in the long run. Still, with the crypto learning and advice platforms, we have enlisted, studying the sphere can be quite competitive and even rewarding.

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