How to use anonymous chat telegram bots

anonymous chat telegram botscan be used on all devices

How the anonymous chat telegram bot functions

An anonymous chat telegram bot works when you begin your search using command research. For instances where you initiate a command within a guild, the search will begin over the guild alone. However, when you initiate a command to the bot directly, it will begin a worldwide search. The bot will now seek for you an interlocutor from other users.

When the bot successfully finds a user who is compatible with you, you can then initiate a conversation with the user. When you send a message, it goes to the bot directly. You will then receive the message automatically. The same concept applies to the other user.
Both of you have the option to reveal your nicknames to each other. You can do thing through the command !deanon.

When you feel that the other user is abusive, creepy, or does not adhere to the set chat rules, you can take a precautionary action. You will need to report them through the n!report command.  You can also terminate the conversation by using command !stop. Do not use command n!stop for this process. This is because all command having the ! prefix, can only be put to use in the anonymous chat.

How to use the anonymous chat telegram bot

The anonymous chat telegram bot can be used on all devices

There are several steps that you need to follow in order to use anonymous chat telegram bots.

  • To begin a search, you need to use the command n!search. In the case where you want to conduct a worldwide search, send to the bot directly. This type of search is not carried out in the server.

You need to note that prefixes may be different across various servers. This search will only be carried out for users wit who you share the same language.

  • Next, you need to be patient for the search to be complete.
  • When the interlocutor is finally found, a message will be sent to you. The maximum amount of time for searching for an interlocutor is usually 15 minutes.
  • You can then begin the conversation. You can do this by sending a message to the bot. The bot will then send the message to the other user at the end of the line.
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Activities that you are able to do with anonymous chat telegram bots

anonymous chat telegram bots protect identity

  • You can send documents and other files.
  • You have the option to edit or delete your conversations.

Every time you type a message, the interlocutor is notified, just like in the case of a real chat. You can agree amongst yourselves to share your nicknames. You can do this by using the !deanon command.

The prefix ! command is only applicable in anonymous chat. In the event your interlocutor breaks the set chat rules, you have the option of reporting them. You will use the !report command. You can end the chat session using the command !stop. When you would like to terminate the conversation and begin a search instantly, you need to use the !stop-search command.

Languages that are supported by the anonymous chat telegram bots

These languages are:

  • English (en)
  • Русский (ru)

In order for you to change the language of the bot, you will need to use the command n!language.

Supported functions for telegram bots

  • A user can look for interlocutors, either on the server or globally.
  • You have the option to delete conversations
  • The option to edit messages is available
  • You can participate in the chat while still maintaining your anonymity. This is thanks to the bidirectional notification of text typing. The user on the other end will receive a notification that “Anonymous Chat is typing”.
  • You have the choice to attach documents, applications, and other files to your messages.
  • The use is able to change the prefix for their server.
  • You can change your search settings. At the moment, you only have the option to change the “search over the guild” setting alone. However, when the bot attains 100,000 users in the search, an option of search by gender will appear.
  • You are able to change the bot’s language using the set commands. This is thanks to the availability of the internationalization feature.
  • There is the auto-moderation feature. With this, the bot can omit links and support an auto-ban. This is especially when the number of complaints is rising.
  • In the incidence where a user cannot be found within 15 minutes of searching, the search is terminated. This is due to the search timeout feature available here.
  • The chat timeout feature cancels the chat automatically when it has been inactive for 5 minutes.
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The anonymous chat telegram bot allows users to be able to chat with other users either over the server or across the world. The users are able to maintain their anonymity since when a user is typing, the audience will receive a notification that “Anonymous user is typing”. You may choose to reveal your nicknames to each other if at your own consent. Each time a user is typing, the bot is notified.

You need to know the several available commands so as to successfully use telegram bots. They usually have the prefix!. The various commands that are available have been discussed in the sections above. Users can also launch a complaint report on the event that they feel their interlocutor is inappropriate. The bot can additionally take more stern action when the complaints keep on rising.

There are two languages available on the bot. Users have the option to change these languages so as to suit their preferences. Users also have the ability to attach documents, applications, or other files in their messages. This is essential for users who like to send additional information to their interlocutors. The bot also has several features that are activated when users are chatting. There is the search time out feature, auto-moderation feature, and the chat time out feature. All of these have been discussed above.


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